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Headline News for November, 2013

November 24, 2013.  Introducing FAN MASHUPS AND RECUTS, a page for many fan-made shorts and stories made of footage from existing Professional Trek and some high-end Fan Trek. .  This page is not well organized, and I am open to handing responsibility for it to a fan who would like to organize it.  Due to the use of professional Trek footage, these films represent a greater violation of copyright laws than most Fan efforts.   Here is an example, in which footage from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek (The Original Series) are cut together to make a story: Yesterday's Enterprise (Fan Made)  Mash-up and recut of TNG and TOS episodes:
Part 1 (9:52)
Part 2 (9:52)
Part 3 (1:23)

Until somebody steps forward to work on the recuts page, or create a recut website which I can work with, I will add new recuts at the bottom of the current page.

November 20, 2013.  Newly released LINK CORRECTED THANKS TO eMBee!  commercial, Karl Urban Star Trek Pinball Custom Speech Power Pack (Nov. 2013) (1:07)  For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Comedies and Tributes, see

November 18, 2013  Crossover Film No. 2. Trek TNG/Dr. Who (3:01) For more Franchise crossover Fan Films see

November 16 , 2013.  FIND No. 25.  Gates of STo'vo'kor  Audio Drama based on Star Trek Online.  Klingons.  Active Production.  34 Episodes ready for listening as of November 16, 2013.  Website here: . For more Star Trek Fan Audio productions see

Spooftakular No. 39.  German Language Parody.   Cool Age 2. 

November 14, 2013NEWLY POSTED MAJOR Star Trek Fan Film IN FRENCH ONLY.  Star Trek: The Judge.  School project including faculty.  Golden Age. Watch it here:  (26:26).  For more French language Star Trek Fan Films see .  For more School and Church projects see .

November 11, 2013Find No. 24. A new audio series from Hidden Frontier,  Star Trek: Equinox.
First Webisode released 8/19/13.  101: Shakedown.   Download it here: (58:16).   For more information about Hidden Frontier, see .  For more Fan Audio productions see   Thanks to Camren T. Burton for pointing this release out to me. 

November 8, 2013.  Spooftakulars No. 36, 37, and 38.    Three short films about Trek Fans:
Trekkie Baby. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Trekkies with a baby carriage... or high chair, as the case may be! (1:32)
Star Trek Cat  (This Cat is a Trekkie!) (0:58)
Why The Star Trek Universe is Secretly Horrifying (from Cracked): or if you have a log-in, from You Tube: (7:58)  (Thanks to eMBee for the Cracked link).
For more films about Trek Fans see:  Trekkers, Trekkies, and general Fandom

November 6, 2013Newly released commercial, Twizzlers - The Twist You Can't Resist (0:16).  For more professional parodies, comedies, and tributes, see

November 3, 2013FIND 23, German Language Audio drama, Der STAR TREK-Hörspiel-Podcast, Listen here:  .  Follow them here: .,  Thanks to eMBee for finding this missing drama!  For more about this podcast, and more German Star Trek Fan productions, see For more Fan Audio productions see

November 2. 2013Newly Released, Star Trek Outpost, the only Fan Audio show to ever win a Parsec Award, Episode 52, "Backwash."  For downloads in an assortment of formats or online listening,  (1:03:37).  For more about Star Trek Outpost, including all its earlier episodes, and more on other Star Trek Fan Audio shows see

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Headline News for October, 2013

October 28, 2013.  . Crossover/Lego Fan FilmLego Star Wars Meets Star Trek
Attack of the Drones
Part 1:  (10:29)
Part 2:   (10:07)
Part 3:   (9:46)
Posted by:
For more Lego Star Trek Fan Films see
For  more crossover Fan Films see

October 24, 2013.  Spooftakulars Nos. 34 and 35.
Imagine if J.J. Abrams Directed Galaxy Quest (trailer) (1:21). For more parodies and comedies see

Also:  Starship Exeter Action Figures (0:27)
For the film and partial release from Starship Exeter, as well as shorts and fan films of this fan film, see

October 21, 2013.   Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek newly released  Public Service Announcement: Star Trek Logical Thinking#2: Ignorato Elenchi (Irrelevant Conclusion) (2:10)   For more information about  The Animated Series as well as new shorts and episodes in the style of TAS, see

October 19, 2013.  Find 22.     Star Trek: Final Frontier was a proposed animated series planned by professionals working for CBS toward the end of the run of Enterprise.  Since they now feel it is clear it will never be produced, they have created a website with storyboards. .  For more proposals for professional series, see

October 15, 2013.  newly releasedThe iTransporter Knockoff (2:57).  For more videos about Trek Fans in which Trek is real, see

October 12. 2013.  Newly ReleasedStar Trek Outpost, the only Fan Audio show to ever win a Parsec Award, Episode 51, "The Long Road Home."  For downloads in an assortment of formats or online listening, click .  For more about Star Trek Outpost, including all its earlier episodes, and more on other Star Trek Fan Audio shows see

October 7, 2013.
Brilliant Enterprise newly released commercial from GE (0:31).  For more professional parodies, tributes, and other video take-offs see

 Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek newly released another Public Service Announcement: Star Trek Logical Thinking#1: Argumentum Ad Populum (Appeal of the Majority) (1:59).  For more information about  The Animated Series as well as new shorts and episodes in the style of TAS, see

October 4, 2013.  NEW RELEASE FROM NEW FAN FILM SERIES FROM MAJOR FAN FILM MAKER:  (Adult fans, sets, location shoots, costumes, CGI, make-up, green screens, drama mixed with humor, Golden Age) New Trek Series: Star Trek: Antyllus

Episode 1: The Building In A Bubble
Part 1:  (20:40)
Part 2: (22:25)

Capturing the flavor of TOS, George Kayaian and his crew use resources at hand and special effects to spin a tale only he could have created!  Twists and turns I didn't see coming!  Really enjoyed this!

For more about Star Trek Antyllus, and the previous series from Up All Night Productions and the creative mind of George Kayaian, See The Multiverse Crisis and his non-Trek related work at

 Newly Released:   How Star Trek Into Darkness Should Have Ended (3:45).  For more short comedy and parody see

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Headline News for September, 2013

September 30, 2013NEW RELEASE from Star Trek: Reliant, (adult fans, costumes, green screens, (17:04).  For the first 7 episodes, plus links to more information about Star Trek Reliant, see .
CGI, Canadian)   Episode 8, "Brother's Keeper"

September 24, 2013NEW RELEASE from The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity, the second largest (by production) and among the longest-running Star Trek Fan Film groups ever. (Film students, location shoots, costumes, English) Here is Season 6, Episode 5, "Maze of Munitions"
Part 1 of 2:  (6:16)
Part 2 of 2: (7:37).  Also here, with Portuguese subtitles: (13:52), (13:51) or!dckUWDpL!RjO-uF0Jl7DgbjWvOYY8KRJsMZoy7Tqv2NZc31PoRy8 ,    Another enjoyable Unity episode! For more episodes from The Further Adventure of Star Trek Unity, and for the earlier, Kid/Teen Trek series, Star Trek Unity, see

September 21, 2013.    Featured Go!Animators Nos. 57, 58, and 59:
Idea Boys

September 16, 2013Star Trek Valkyrie, an Audio Drama, has newly released "The Nebula" Episode No. 202  Trailer: (1:52)
Full Episode: (27:56).  For all of the episodes from Star Trek Valkyrie and other Star Trek Fan Audio dramas, see

September 15, 2013Stalled Trek: Amutt Time (adult fan, 3D animation) is now elevated to be recommended as a Quick Pick Treasure  and is also now available for free viewing on the web, here: (15:55).  A friend of mine who loves comedies considers this the best of all the fan-made comedies and parodies.  For everything on this Treasure, see . 

September 10, 2013.   Spooftakular No. 33Star Trex: The Ultimate Follies (Dolls moved around by hand, parody, adult fan, silver age).  Multiple sexual references and drug references.  Five episodes posted, 17 to 27 minutes in length.  All information needed to view these can be located at

September 7, 2013.   ERROR FOUND, Ptolemy Wept, a cartoon in five acts.  was listed as a "Find" that had only three acts on August 2, 2013.  I apologize.  It will in fact be a cartoon in five acts, the forth of which was just released.  All existing Acts can be found
on this channel: .
I do not always have time to watch the films listed in these posts, and my father died later in August, and with all the surrounding issues, I made a mistake.  Please forgive me!  For more TAS style fan films from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek, see

September 5, 2013Newly Released  Star Trek Outpost, Episode 50, Best of Intentions.  Listen here:   PLEASE NOTE BENE: Star Trek Outpost won this year's Parsec Award for best Long Form Drama, the first fan production to ever win.  For all information about Star Trek Outpost and other Star Trek Fan Audio productions, including past episodes and where to download these stories in a variety of formats, including iTunes, see

September 3, 2013Newly Released Commerical for the Los Angeles County Fair 2013 (0:51).  For more professional parodies, comedies, tributes, commercials and educational videos, See

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Headline News for August, 2013

August 29, 2013  NEW MAJOR RELEASE from established fan filmmaker!  Star Trek: The Romulan Wars (live action, adult fans, costumes, limited sets, green screens, stone age), presents Episode 1 of Season 2, "A Day on the Line:" (25:30).  Their BEST episode so far!  For Season One and more information about Star Trek: The Romulan Wars see

Recently released, German Language, Mechinima, (German captions, too) Star Trek - Explorer.  Episode 1: (24:29). For more German Language Star Trek Fan Films see .

August 28, 2013Find No. 21.   1977 historic film.   Star Trek Fan Film: The Trouble with Walnuts (1977) (3:33)  For more historic Star Trek Fan Films dating from the 1960s and 1970s see

August 24, 2013Featured Go!Animators Nos. 54, 55, and 56:  
54.  bg13239
55.  Ab2
56.  ѕσggу тα¢σ ρяσ∂υ¢тισηz  For other Go!Animators work, see

August 18, 2013.  Spanish Trailer, appears to be parody, Spooftacular No. 32
Star Trek Into Lightness  (1:12).  For more Star Trek Fan Films in Spanish, see

August 13, 2013Breaking Bad Star Trek Scene AnimatedNewly released animation by Matt Czap.  Bathroom and bloody humor, Golden Age. (1:57).  For more short Star Trek parody and comedy see

August 9, 2013NEWLY RELEASED first episode of a new series, long in the works, Star Trek: Excalibur. (Adult fans, Golden Age, live action, green screens, sets, CGI, location shooting.) Episode 1, "Homecoming." (12:31)/  Or watch it on You Tube here:  (12:31)
    For more about Star Trek Excalibur, see

August 5, 2013Newly Released Star Trek Outpost, Episode 49, Double-Edged Sword.  Listen here: For all information about Star Trek Outpost and other Star Trek Fan Audio productions, including past episodes and where to download these stories in a variety of formats, including iTunes, see

August 2, 2013.  Find No. 20Curt Danhauser completed Ptolemy Wept last in January, and it's been listed since then on the blog devoted to Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek, but I didn't realize it was complete.  (Adult Fan, Flat Animation in the Style of TAS, Golden Age.). 
You can view it on You Tube:
Part 1: (7:59)
Part 2: (5:40)
Part 3: (5:06)
or it can be accessed from this page: .  For more information about this group, see

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Headline News for July, 2013

July 28, 2013Henglaar, MD (Audio series, Silver Age, adult fans), from Hidden Frontier Productions has newly released the first story (in two episodes) of Season 2,
HMD 2.01 "Graduation, Part One"
(Running Time - 37:51)
HMD 2.02 "Graduation, Part Two"
(Running Time: 47:16) 
For information on Season 1 of Henglaar, MD and other Star Trek Fan Audio productions, see

July 26, 2013Spooftakular No. 31.   Red Shirts (Star Trek Parody, adult fans, live action, golden age, location shoots, costumes, not part of Red Shirts, the Series.) (6:58).  Also a parody of the Star Warsization of JJ Abrams's Star Trek.  Excellent short parody.   For more short, one-off parodies and comedies, see

July 18, 2013, Red Shirts, the Series  Newly released, Episode 2,  "Space Cyrano" (Comedy, adult fans. live action, golden age, sets and costumes, golden age), (6:01).  For more about Red Shirts, the Series, see

July 13, 2013Starship Excelsior Newly Released Sword of Damocles, Part IX, "Graceful End." It is the conclusion of Season 3, and runs 148 minutes.  Ever wonder what happened to those nasty parasites from TNG's 1st season episode, "Conspiracy?"  Here's your answer! .  For more about Starship Excelsior, including earlier episodes and all other Star Trek Audio productions see
(Audio drama, adult fans)

July 12, 2013Featured Go!Animators Nos. 51, 52, and 53:
Channel Froggy

July 5, 2013Newly Released: Star Trek Outpost's 48th episode, On Borrowed Time. .
I have been listening to this series from the start, and can recommend it.  For more about this series, which releases many episodes each year, see Star Trek Audio Drama,

Also A Find (No. 19): A clip for Star Trek Titan: Wil Wheaton and Tim Russ: (3:58) Jonathan Frakes does not appear.  For more information about proposals for professional Star Trek series that never happened, see

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Headline News for June, 2013

June 30, 2013. Newly Released: Star Trek Invincible Mid-season finale of the live performance of "Towards Yesterday" (2:59).  For links about this live action animation, and where to find out about their upcoming performances so that you can watch them live, see

Newly Released.  In honor of the SCOTUS decision on DOMA and California's Proposition 8, Scotland's Star Trek Intrepid released a scene it had deleted from an episode:
The Wedding.   A cut scene released June 30, 2013 in honor of the U. S. Supreme Court decision in DOMA and on California's Proposition Eight : (1:50).  For everything Star Trek Intrepid has to offer, see

June 28, 2013Newly released, A documentary overview of Star Trek from the Smithsonian Institution, (47:06).  It is being kept here until I develop enough such materials to create a blog for overviews of the entire franchise.

Newly released, Ahoyager, a new parody series from
lilredhead studios.  It is a reworking of an older idea, which he was not satisfied with.  (Sexual situations, suggestive language, racial comments.  Adult fan animation, Silver Age.)
Episode 1: The Saggy Truth: (4:29)
Episode 2: The Black Hole: (4:09)
For more information about this series, and the animator see:

June 26, 2013. Newly released, video on the restoration of the shuttlecraft, Galileo, (12:50).  For more stories and features about Star Trek: The Original Series, see

Four years ago I began laying out this website.  There are now four fan film groups which I would classify has ‘highly active’... that is they produce more than one episode per year. More may be on the way.

In addition, Star Trek Continues has released its first episode, the only fan film which can be said to compete with Phase II for recreating the original TOS feel. Another very high end fan film, Star Trek: Secret Voyage, is promising, but seems to have an unrealistic financial plan. There have been a number of other exceptional efforts this year, including the short, Star Trek: Deception.

Just introduced, I have started giving new Audio releases Headlines. Headlines have been expanded since it has gotten less and less realistic for fan film fans to scan the entire website to find new, minor releases. Headlines will still not include teasers, trailers, pre-announced release dates or incomplete releases. Headlines still mean something has been released in final form. For the most part, the release also tells a complete story or finishes one. However, I have accepted the fact that audio is generally done in the form of an ongoing serial, and as long as the episode is a full story of sorts, it will get a Headline.

This year Star Trek Reviewed has primarily just added new films as they are released, old ones as they are discovered,, and reviews and commentary as they are found, and continued projects begun in prior years. An exception: A list of fan films which are based on The Doomsday Machine and placed under my listing of the TOS episode, "The Doomsday Machine." I would like to expand the links in the subwebsite on Pro Trek beyond reviews, adding links to fan films that reference a that episode. I also made many links to reviews of Star Trek Into Darkness.

The only reorganizations have been the addition of an incomplete page for fan films made with ship animations only, no people (we only hear the people... or maybe not even that) and a slight re-ordering of the listings of Fan Filmmakers who have not released films. I have marked out two-letter listing starting with A (like (AC)) to hold fan films which say they are active when asked but which show little actual results for a long time. I define ‘a long time’ inconsistently.

As always, I hope this website will continue to serve folk who would rather spend time watching Star Trek Fan Films than hunting for them. I also want to thank the many fan film makers who were kind enough to contact me about their releases, ensuring I and hundreds of others who depend on Star Trek Reviewed would not miss their work. Finally, I want to thank the many fan film makers who have provided me with posters and photos to illustrate their work.  For WHY STAR TREK REVEIWED and the three annual essays that followed, as well as the permanent home of this essay, see

June 23, 2013Newly Released.  Buckingham Palace Guards play all the themes from Star Trek. (4:54) Permanent home: (BA)

Newly Released.  Short film from Star Trek Invincible.  The Ties That Bind is a video prequel to the episode, "Towards Tomorrow." (4:34).  For more information about this live action animation, see

June 21, 2013Spooftakular No. 31Honest Trailers Star Trek (2009). (4:13).  For more commentary about J.J. Abrams first Star Trek movie, see

NEWLY RELEASED first episode of a new audio series, Star Trek: Ranger, from the producers of (The second listed) Star Trek Valkyrie  You Tube Home: .  Video Series Trailer: (0:52)
Episode 100: Prologue: (15:03)
For more audio drama and comedy, see
NOTE THIS IS A NEW FEATURE.  Going forward Star Trek Reviewed will give major audio releases Headlines.

June 15, 2013PEZ Trek Theater .  The Sprog.  Adobe Flash animation, adult fans. (16:47).  Animated PEZ dispensers make up the Enterprise crew.  It's permanent page is now here:

June 13, 2013   Spooftakular No. 30  Life Life In Space Space. Parody, live action Adult fans, obscene content, sets, costumes. For viewing instructions go to (D) (14:13) .

June 7, 2013. Star Trek Slow Jam!  Key of Awsome #72New Release from "Barely Political" (which also produced "Beam Me Up, Hottie) (Parody, Adult fans) (3:58)  Sexual subject matter.  Also recently released,  For more short Comedy and Parody see

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Headline News for May, 2013

May 31, 2013Red Shirts, the Series.  (Comedy, Slapstick, Adult Fans, Golden Age, costumes, sets, location shooting.)  Released first episode.   Part 1 of 2: (5:43).  Part 2 of 2: (4:53)  For
more about Red Shirts, the Series, see

May 24, 2013NEWLY RELEASED FIRST EPISODE FROM NEW HIGHLY ANTICIPATED SERIES STAR TREK CONTINUES by the established fan group which produces Starship Farragut. (Golden Age, adult fans, drama, costumes, sets, CGI, cast members who are relatives of the original cast.)   Their first episode is entitled, "Pilgrim of Eternity,"  was first shown on 5/24 at the Phoenix Comicon.    It was then posted on the internet later that day.  Watch it here: (51.18) or here:  (51:17)  .
Reviews: , , ,  and
Reactions (see comments for mini-reviews:) also  I watched this and found it to be enjoyable.  It is significantly better than the short films that were released prior to it.

For links to the short films and other information about Star Trek Continues, see
(1)  Star Trek Deception.  (Adult fans, live action, sets, costumes, green screens, CGI, Silver Age, Cheshire, Northwich, UK) (8:30)  With Portuguese subtitles: (8:30)  Exceptional short film. For more short films not classified elsewhere, see

(2)  Newly Released, Star Trek Commercial with tie-in to Star Trek Into Darkness (0;31) .  For more professional comedy and commercials, see

May 16, 2013Newly Released, Short school project.  (live action, middle school students)   Star Trek: The Middle School Musical    (3:39)  For more school and church projects see .

May 10, 2013Short comedy/parody new release, (animated) Star Trek Into Duckness - Intergalactic Trailer.   (2:19) .   For more short comedy and parody, see

May 9, 2013.  Star Trek Intrepid, MAJOR NEW RELEASE, (Adult fans, green screens costumes, location shooting, minimal sets, excellent writing and acting) "A Stone Unturned" is also available with Portuguese subtitles, here: (30:19)/ This story includes Jean Luc Picard, played by a different actor.  They have also released a version with commentary:  (30:20)
A review:
Another review:
Television coverage of this release: (2:06)
For everything the fan film group which was my first love has to offer, see

May 7, 2013NEWLY RELEASED professional commercial from Audi, entitled "The Challenge"  pits Leonard Nimoy against Zachary Quinto in a match with multiple references to Mr. Spock in which Audi beats Mercedes Benz. (2:44).  For more professional commercials and spoofs see

May 6, 2013Find No. 18.  forestmedic posted "The Doomsday Machine."  (Live action, adult fans, CGI) It is listed here: or watch it directly on You Tube:
This fan remake was shot in three days 2001, and completed on a Mac G4 over the next year.
Part 1 (9:41)
Part 2 (9:31)
Part 3 (10:02)
Part 4 (9:53)
Part 5 (9:52)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Headline News for April, 2013

April 28, 2013MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Star Trek: Dark Armada
(Adult fans, live action, green screens, some sets and some location shooting, CGI, Silver Age, Netherlands.) presents, "Nightfall." (29:40).  For all of the films by Star Trek: Dark Armada, See .

April 26, 2013.  The Star Trek: Invincible announcement has been moved to

April 22, 2013  TEMPORARY HEADLINE:  Project Potemkin has temporarily released a rough cut of a live action fan film made at Trek Trax Atlanta over the weekend of April 20-21, 2013.  "Closing Time."  People participated not only from Project Potemkin (Georgia, USA), but also from Starship Reliant (Newfoundland, Canada), Starship Farragut (Washington, D.C. region and Georgia) and the Audio drama, Starship Valkyrie, with makeup provided by a member of Phase II/New Voyages. (Upstate New York)  (5:16).  I do not ordinarily give Headlines to films that are not in final form, but the very unusual way this film was made (at a Trek Convention) made me decide to make an exception.  I have not, however, watched it and will not watch it until it is released in final form.

ALSO Newly released: from Improvised Star Trek, an improv comedy group from Chicago,
Hlchop! (3:11)  This is a love song in Klingon... with the appropriate attitude for Klingons.  For more Star Trek comedy from Improvised Star Trek, mostly audio, see

ALSO new comedy short release:  Star Trek - Bad Days Season 2. (3:11)  It's from Stan Lee.  Yes, that Stan Lee!  (Spiderman et al.)

April 18, 2013.   Featured Go! Animators Nos. 48, 49, 50: 
Dark Wolph Studios

April 11, 2013.  NEW MAJOR RELEASE from Established Fan Filmmaker (Film School Fans, CGI, Green Screens, animation, costumes, Silver Age, exceptional writing, and one of the few Fan Films with consistent casting. Drama, UK.), The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity, "The Oath"

Part 1 of 2: (12:51)
Part 2 of 2: (12:04)
The second longest Fan Film series in Star Trek Fan Film history continues. This episode is slower than most, focusing on crew morale in the middle of a retreat in a war after a losing battle.
For the other releases in The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity, as well as the far less technically sophisticated (Kid or Teen Trek) Star Trek Unity, See

ALSO NEWLY RELEASED TODAY... Star Trek Nature's Hunger

(Adult fans, CGI, Green Screens, costumes, Comedy, Golden Age) has produced a self-contained parody which is not part of their usual ongoing stores, "Red Shirt Survival Guide"  (11:12).  For the rest of the releases in this off-beat Star Trek Fan Film series, see

April 8, 2013   New FIRST Release from Star Trek: Valient,  (Adult fans, costumes, sets, greens screens, CGI) , Episode 1, The Artellian Gambit, (16:43).  For more about this Star Trek: Valient, see

Monday, April 1, 2013

Headline News for March, 2013

March 29, 2013   New Release fromProject Potemkin (Adult fans, live action, sets, green screens, location shooting, professional actors, CGI, Golden Age(movie era)).  The ninth film from this powerhouse fan film production group, S01-H  The Devil in the Details  You can watch it on You Tube,    (7:41) or Vimeo:  (7:40).  Hmmm... interesting, and worth your time, as are all Potemkin productions.  But I am left to wonder if there is something in that Georgia water demanding productions there mix Star Trek and the Wizard of Oz!  For all of their previous releases, and more links about Project Potemkin see

March 28, 2013.  Spooftacular No. 29.      Internal Revenue Service of the United Stated created a Trek video in 2010.  With income tax season here, it seems an appropriate time to feature it.
Watch it here:
or here: (5:22)

Read about it here: or here: or or .
For more Trek created by professionals for parody, tribute, sales or training, see

There seems to be some confusion with this much older short by fans.  I have no idea why "IRS" is in it's title, although it is called, "IRS Cutting Edge." (0:57).  That video will be placed under "Other short videos".

March 24, 2013.    Find No. 17.   Star Trek - Mystery at Starbase M-3   (Animation, Golden Age, TOS Enterprise and crew, adult fan.  (15:08).  A clear 'thumbs up' for this film.  For more information and pictures from this film, see

March 17, 2013   New Release from Star Trek Reliant (Canadian Adult fans, live action, green screens, costumes, CGI, some sets and location shooting) Episode 7, "Missing in Action," (13:56).  For everything Star Trek Reliant has to offer, see

March 15, 2013 (The Ides of March... ) Two New Releases!  First, release of the eighth fan film from established filmmaker, Project Potemkin, "Archway".  You can watch it on Vimeo,  (6:46) or You Tube,  (6:47).  A very cool short film.  For all of their previous releases, and more links about Project Potemkin see

Then, Star Trek: Nature's Hunger releases the first episode of Season 5, continuing the Star Trek Meets the Wizard of Oz saga:
Episode 1: (10:10)  For everything Star Trek: Nature's Hunger has to offer see :

March 7, 2013.    NEW release today of  A MAJOR FAN FILM from an established filmmaker!  Star Trek: Eagle, (Golden Age, Teen Fans with Adult backing, live action, sets, green screens).  It is their forth release and 3rd episode, "Past Regrets" (their last release was a short film).  (37:32).  The episode itself is over around 25:30, but has credits and a blooper reel attached.  It forms a crossover with Starship Saladin, which has not yet released it's own film, and includes old friends like the Orions and the Gorn.  Lots of action.

For EVERYTHING Star Trek: Eagle has to offer, see:

March 1, 2013.   Featured Go! Animators Nos. 45, 46, 47: 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Headline News for February, 2013

February 23, 2013.   Spooftackular No. 28:   Tribbles  Episode 1:  "Tribble Truck'n To Comic-Con"  (6:28). (Adult fan, live action film about Trek fans in which Trek is real.)  A breeder of Tribbles for sale at Comic-con goes on the road.   For more films about Trek fans, see

February 18, 2013.  NEWLY RELEASED by Star Trek Reliant, (Adult fans, green screens, costumes, CGI special effects, Newfoundland, Canada) Episode 6, "The Oath" (4:44).  I have to say, as somebody who likes a story which examines an issue... this is a great and very short episode.  Wow.  For everything Star Trek Reliant has to offer, see

February 14, 2013  Finds Nos. 15 and 16   In honor of Valentine's Day, today's two short Trek finds follow the honeymoon adventures of Trekkie couples:
Funny Wedding Universal Translator Video: (3:35)
Star Trek Honeymoon.  When two Trekkies get married, can the Gorn be far behind? (3:04)
For more films about Trek fans, see

February 10, 2013.   Featured Go! Animators Nos. 42, 43, 44: 


February 5, 2013.  Newly released, Star Trip: The ...What? Generation.   Placed in Star Trek Restricted for foul langague.  (12:12)  See  , under F. for viewing information.

February 4, 2013 NEWLY RELEASED FIRST FILM Star Trek: Rendezvous (Adult fans  from Utah, USA, live action, drama, costumes, green screens, CGI. Silver Age.)   has released their first episode, "The Game"  (11:14)   For the permanent home of Star Trek: Rendezvous see