Thursday, August 1, 2013

Headline News for July, 2013

July 28, 2013Henglaar, MD (Audio series, Silver Age, adult fans), from Hidden Frontier Productions has newly released the first story (in two episodes) of Season 2,
HMD 2.01 "Graduation, Part One"
(Running Time - 37:51)
HMD 2.02 "Graduation, Part Two"
(Running Time: 47:16) 
For information on Season 1 of Henglaar, MD and other Star Trek Fan Audio productions, see

July 26, 2013Spooftakular No. 31.   Red Shirts (Star Trek Parody, adult fans, live action, golden age, location shoots, costumes, not part of Red Shirts, the Series.) (6:58).  Also a parody of the Star Warsization of JJ Abrams's Star Trek.  Excellent short parody.   For more short, one-off parodies and comedies, see

July 18, 2013, Red Shirts, the Series  Newly released, Episode 2,  "Space Cyrano" (Comedy, adult fans. live action, golden age, sets and costumes, golden age), (6:01).  For more about Red Shirts, the Series, see

July 13, 2013Starship Excelsior Newly Released Sword of Damocles, Part IX, "Graceful End." It is the conclusion of Season 3, and runs 148 minutes.  Ever wonder what happened to those nasty parasites from TNG's 1st season episode, "Conspiracy?"  Here's your answer! .  For more about Starship Excelsior, including earlier episodes and all other Star Trek Audio productions see
(Audio drama, adult fans)

July 12, 2013Featured Go!Animators Nos. 51, 52, and 53:
Channel Froggy

July 5, 2013Newly Released: Star Trek Outpost's 48th episode, On Borrowed Time. .
I have been listening to this series from the start, and can recommend it.  For more about this series, which releases many episodes each year, see Star Trek Audio Drama,

Also A Find (No. 19): A clip for Star Trek Titan: Wil Wheaton and Tim Russ: (3:58) Jonathan Frakes does not appear.  For more information about proposals for professional Star Trek series that never happened, see

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