Sunday, September 1, 2013

Headline News for August, 2013

August 29, 2013  NEW MAJOR RELEASE from established fan filmmaker!  Star Trek: The Romulan Wars (live action, adult fans, costumes, limited sets, green screens, stone age), presents Episode 1 of Season 2, "A Day on the Line:" (25:30).  Their BEST episode so far!  For Season One and more information about Star Trek: The Romulan Wars see

Recently released, German Language, Mechinima, (German captions, too) Star Trek - Explorer.  Episode 1: (24:29). For more German Language Star Trek Fan Films see .

August 28, 2013Find No. 21.   1977 historic film.   Star Trek Fan Film: The Trouble with Walnuts (1977) (3:33)  For more historic Star Trek Fan Films dating from the 1960s and 1970s see

August 24, 2013Featured Go!Animators Nos. 54, 55, and 56:  
54.  bg13239
55.  Ab2
56.  ѕσggу тα¢σ ρяσ∂υ¢тισηz  For other Go!Animators work, see

August 18, 2013.  Spanish Trailer, appears to be parody, Spooftacular No. 32
Star Trek Into Lightness  (1:12).  For more Star Trek Fan Films in Spanish, see

August 13, 2013Breaking Bad Star Trek Scene AnimatedNewly released animation by Matt Czap.  Bathroom and bloody humor, Golden Age. (1:57).  For more short Star Trek parody and comedy see

August 9, 2013NEWLY RELEASED first episode of a new series, long in the works, Star Trek: Excalibur. (Adult fans, Golden Age, live action, green screens, sets, CGI, location shooting.) Episode 1, "Homecoming." (12:31)/  Or watch it on You Tube here:  (12:31)
    For more about Star Trek Excalibur, see

August 5, 2013Newly Released Star Trek Outpost, Episode 49, Double-Edged Sword.  Listen here: For all information about Star Trek Outpost and other Star Trek Fan Audio productions, including past episodes and where to download these stories in a variety of formats, including iTunes, see

August 2, 2013.  Find No. 20Curt Danhauser completed Ptolemy Wept last in January, and it's been listed since then on the blog devoted to Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek, but I didn't realize it was complete.  (Adult Fan, Flat Animation in the Style of TAS, Golden Age.). 
You can view it on You Tube:
Part 1: (7:59)
Part 2: (5:40)
Part 3: (5:06)
or it can be accessed from this page: .  For more information about this group, see

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