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Headline News for November, 2012

November 30, 2012.  Star Trek Continues has released a new short film, "Happy Birthday Scotty."  You can view it here: (2:42) . To view the two prior short films released by Star Trek Continues, and other information about this planned series, see:   (2:42)

November 24, 2012.  NEWLY RELEASED  Star Trekz Empire presents the second episode in their series, (and the second of their first season)  Episode 102, "Changing Tides".   (This is part 2 of a multi-part story arc) (20:16) .  For more about Star Trekz Empire, including Part 1 of this multi-part story arc, see

November 20, 2012Find No. 11:    Star Trek Christmas. (3:42).  Although arguably a parody, comedy, or crossover film with Dr. Seuss, I think the spirit of this short is in it's title, and therefore chose to place it as a misc. short film, rather than as a comedy. Under (AU), here:

November 17, 2012.  Featured Go! Animators Nos. 30, 31, and 32:
Scarbs Productions

November 10, 2012.  NEWLY RELEASED.  Star Trek Reliant, (Adult fans, live action, CGI, green screens, location shooting) Episode 5, "A Tale of Two Ships."" (11:17).  This show continues to be an enjoyable show marked by interesting ideas briefly and well presented.  This episode has better sound quality than Episode 4, although there is still room for improvement in that area.  For the first four episodes of Star Trek Reliant, and other information about this series, see

November 8, 2012    Spooftakular No. 25   Cats in Space   (2:13).  The title says it all.  I thought after the election, hurricanes in the US and China, (they call them typhoons in the Pacific, but still...) and now a Noreaster here... we could do with something that was not merely light, but furry.   For more short parodies and comedies, see

November 5, 2012.     Find No. 10:     Listed under Misc. Short Films:    Star Trek Cartoon, "None the Wiser" (TNG era) (4:46).    For more Miscellaneous Short Films see

November 2, 2012.   Featured Go! Animators Nos. 27, 28, and 29:

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Headline News for October, 2012.

October 30, 2012.     Spooftakular No. 24      Klingon Style (3:56) (It's a music video, but clearly intended as Parody).    For more short parodies and comedies, see

October 27, 2012.   Find No. 9:  Listed under Misc. Short Films: The Kobayashi Maru. (5:01).  English subtitles.  Creators says the language is Simspeak.  For more Miscellaneous Short Films see

October 24, 2012.     Featured Go! Animators Nos. 24, 25, and 26:
First Frost Films
Thumbs up films

October 21, 2012.    Spooftakular No. 23  Olympic Ticket Scalper with Patrick Stewart and Simon Pegg: (3:25).  Not exactly Trek, but pretty funny and has some of the UK's Trek actors.  For more short parodies and comedies, see

October 18, 2012. Find No. 8:  . Fan Films from Before 1980. under (F)  Star Trek 1977 (3:09)
Spoof by 4 high school friends using paper cut-outs and stop-motion animation.  Originally silent, Sound added in 2005.

Also moved to this 'group film' topic were Jr. Star Trek, Gaser's 1971 Star Trek Fan Film, and Star Trix.  Turkish Star Trek is referenced, as it was also released in the 1970s.

October 15, 2012.  Featured Go! Animators Nos. 21, 22, and 23:


October 10, 2012.   Spooftakular No. 22  It's a Halloween Star Trek (9:38).  Shot using the costumes at a Halloween party, this is better than it had any excuse for being, although it would probably have been rated as a 1 or 2 if it were rated.  Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Q, R (invented for the film), the characters from The Wizard of Oz, a security officer from the Mobster planet, Guinan, Jordy ... and it's Spock, not Kirk that turns into Elvis... you know these folk watch Phase II.   Inconsistent, but surprising.    For more short parodies and comedies, see

October 3, 2012.  Star Trek: Reliant presents their NEWLY RELEASED forth episode,

"Moriarty's Revenge"  (17:15)  For earlier episodes and other information about Star Trek: Reliant, see

For Headlines more than 1 month old see Monthly Headlines From Star Trek Reviewed..  Love Star Trek Reviewed?   Help others find it by linking to it from your own webpages and Facebook page.  Your link will also raise the profile of STR on search engines.

"Find"s will be films that do not qualify as headlines, either because they were not recently created and released, or because they are too short or fail to tell a whole story.   "Find"s will also not include spoofs (which will be used as "Spooftakulars") and are not created using Go!Animate. Featured Go!Animaters filmmakers will be featured as individuals, with their films thereafter (one hopes) caught when released.


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Headline News for September, 2012

September 30, 2012.  It never rains, but it pours.  TWO new fan films were released today, the completion of the movie-length Episode of The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity, and a short film from the new group, Star Trek Continues.   Both are below:

The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity brings you NEWLY RELEASED their latest episode, Star Trek: Revolutions.

Extended Trailer: (1:16)
Preview Clip One released Dec. 9, 2011: (1:21)
Preview Clip Two released Dec. 17, 201l: (1:14)

And now, Star Trek: Revolutions. Part 1 of a multi-part story arc, ends, "To Be Continued...":
Watch this latest episode here:
Part 1 of 2:  Part 1 of 2  (10:03)
Part 2 of 2: Part 2 of 2   (12:35)  Ends, "To Be Continued..."

Here is a preview of Part 2: (1:27)
and A Teaser Trailer: (0:32)
Star Trek Revolutions Part 2 (1 of 2) (released March 16, 2012) (9:29)
Star Trek Revolutions Part 2 (2 of 2) (Released March 31, 2012 (NY time, early April 1, London time)) (7:36)
Star Trek Revolutions Part 3 Trailer  (Released April 3, 2012) (2:00)
Star Trek Revolutions Part 3 (1 of 2) (14:26)
Star Trek Revolutions Part 3 (2 of 2) (13:32)
Star Trek Revolutions Part 4 Preview:  (2:25)
Star Trek Revolutions Part 4 (1 of 3)  (12:34)
Star Trek Revolutions Part 4 (2 of 3) (12:16)
Star Trek Revolutions Part 4 (3 of 3) (9:17)

For earlier episodes of The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity, and also the original Teen Trek series, Star Trek: Unity see
Star Trek Continues Newly Released the short film, "You've Got the Con" vis: (3:28)  For more about Star Trek Continues, see

September 24, 2012.  Spooftakular No. 21, Star Trek Reviewed acknowledges   Oktoberfest  with German parody. (2:10) (English subtitles) (Gay characters)
More from the same source: (2:13)
You Tube Channel :
also German: Voyager Parody Remix: (0:50).
For more German Language Star Trek Fan Films, see

September 21, 2012.  Find Nos.  5, 6, and 7.  In light of this political season, I offer three videos, the first of which sounds like an old election (but isn't) and the second and third are genuinely political.
1)    Al Gorn for President (not political) (1:07)
2)  Star Trek McCain (0:32)
3)  Obama Trek (1:55)
Both these, and other short films can be found here:

September 14, 2012.   Star Trek Quags at Go!Animate are being discontinued. Many of the Go!Animators are producing final films.  Newly Released by PTalmighty Soul, is the movie which concludes her series, "Girl Trek."  The entire series, ending with the new movie, are linked below.

Girl Trek
Season 1
Episode 1  (2:00)
Episode 2 (Part 1)  (2:00)
Episode 2 (Part 2)  (2:00)
Episode 3 (Part 1)  (2:00)
Episode 3 (Part 2)  (2:00)
Episode 4 (Part 1)  (2:00)
Episode 4 (Part 2)  (2:00)
Finale (Part 1)  (2:00)
Finale (Part 2)  (2:00)

Season 2
Episode 1  (2:00)

Girl Trek The Movie  (25:51)
I could never get the Go!Animate movie to load, here is a version on You Tube:  (25:36)

This is her page at Star Trek Reviewed: Go!Animate:
This is her page at Go!Animate, which  includes many non-Trek Videos:

September 11, 2012.   Star Trek Quags at Go!Animate are being discontinued. Many of the Go!Animators are producing final films.  Newly Released by Donovan448, the conclusion of Episode 1 of Star Trek: Ship of Doom.  Here is the entire episode:

Star Trek EP1- Ship of Doom (Part 1) (7:18)
Star Trek EP1 - Ship of Doom (Part 2)  (7:05)
Star Trek EP1 - Ship of Doom (Part 3)  (6:32)

Star Trek EP1 - Ship of Doom (Part 4) (7:14)
For more of Donovan448's Star Trek Fan Films, see

September 8, 2012. Star Trek Quags at Go!Animate are being discontinued. Many of the Go!Animators are producing final films.  Newly Released by Mojochi, the completion of his series, "Enterprise Life."  This is the entire series:          
Enterprise Life: Physicals  (4:07)
Enterprise Life: Down Time   (3:50)   
Enterprise Life: Training Day (4:14)    
For the rest of Mojochi's Star Trek work, see
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Headline News for August, 2012

August 29, 2012.  NEWLY COMPLETED, the Epic Trilogy of The Multiverese Crisis!  
(Live Action, College student and adult fan actors, by adult fans, Golden Age, location shooting, some sets, some green screens.)  Star Trek: The Final Darkness
Part 1  (18:46)
Part 2   (14:21)
Part 3  (15:38)
Part 4 (5:38)
Part 5  (11:33)
Part 6 (19:29)

For the first two films in this three-part series, plus links to other work by the filmmaker, George Kayaian, go to .  I have not yet watched this third film, but the second film in the series is among my favorite all-time Star Trek Fan Films other than those rated 5.

August 26, 2012.   Star Trek: ReliantNEWLY RELEASED, "Deadly Cargo" (Adult fans, live action, CGI, green screens and outdoor location footage. Silver Age) Watch it here:   (7:33).  This is their third episode.  Short, nicely written, and fun.  I enjoyed this!  For more about Star Trek: Reliant see .

August 24, 2012.   Spooftakular No. 20  Professional Crossover Comedy Fan Film.  Star Trek/Gilbert and Sullivan   That Mitchell and Webb Look (4:45).  For more crossover Fan Films see . For more professional parodies and tributes see

August 21, 2012.  Three Featured Go!Animators, and where to find the Star Trek Fan Films of each of them:
Featured Go!Animator No. 18 is  The Doctor aka SO T
Featured Go!Animator No. 19 is  Trkeller15
Featured Go!Animator No. 20 is    Daylipper

August 19, 2012.   Star Trek: Nature's Hunger has released the first non-musical "episode" of it's new mini-series, Star Trek Meets The Wizard of Oz.  NOT A COMPLETE STORY.  Watch it here:     Episode 1:  Can Dorothy Escape from Oz? (9:54).  I now watched it, and it appears to be a middle part a larger story.  The filmmaker was kind enough to explain that he will release the parts of the story that follow next, followed by the opening part of the story.
Future episodes will include "Finding Oz in all the Wrong Places," "Dorothy's Danger in Oz," "Flying Monkey Battles," and "Can Dorothy Join Star Fleet?"
For all of Star Trek: Nature's Hunger's releases, see:

August 12, 2012. NEWLY RELEASED Project Potemkim's (Adult Fans, sets, costumes, CGI, professional actors, Golden Age: Series is usually drama, but this is a comedic episode) 7th film,   "The Engineer's New Clothes" Released August 12, 2012, watch it here: (4:26) or on You Tube here:  (39:42) or here: (4:27) with Portuguese Subtitles: (4:27) or (4:26).   For all of the films Project Potemkin has released, see

August 7, 2012
Star Trek: Secret Voyage, (Adult fans, professional actors, location shots, CGI, green screens, Golden Age) a new serieshas released their first film   NOT A COMPLETE STORY.  Vimeo Viewing:  here:  (39:41) or here: (40:04) or You Tube: (39:31) or (40:05).  However, I tried both of the (now listed as second two) and found sound problems.  Then I downloaded the original file (1GB) from the Vimeo website and played it on realplayer, and the sound was fine.  I recommend viewing it after download.
IMDb listing:
Reviews: ; in Italian:
The page that will be devoted to Star Trek: Secret Voyage permanently can be found here: ,  They promise Part 2 in December.

August 6, 2012  Star Trek Phase II (Golden Age, sets, locations shooting, costumes, adult fans, professional writers and actors, green screens) has released a short film, "Going Boldly..." Introducing their new Captain Kirk. Watch it here:  Although 9 minutes would be a full length effort for many productions, I'm listing it as Vignette 4 at (9:04) and in HD at (9:04)  Here it is with Portuguese subtitles: (9:14)

August 4, 2012Star Trek Continues, (Adult fans, professional actors, sets, CGI, Golden Age) a new serieshas released their first film, a short film, which can be viewed here: (4:41)  Their page at Star Trek Reviewed which has more information on this series is here:

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Headline News for July, 2012

July 30, 2012.  Star Trek: Reliant, NEWLY RELEASED, "The End Begins Again" (Adult fans, live action, CGI, green screens and outdoor location footage) (7:33).  This is their second episode.  Watch it until the very end, there's a surprise twist ending!  For more about Star Trek: Reliant see .

July 26, 2012, Project Potemkin NEWLY RELEASED (Adult fans, professional actors, sets, green screens, CGI, original music) has released "Miscommunication" the latest in their short films, which you can watch here: Vimeo: (8:00)  You Tube: (8:01).  Or with Portuguese subtitles: on You Tube or on Vimeo: (8:01)  For everything else Project Potemkin has to offer see .  Viewing by download will follow.  This film series keeps getting better.  I really enjoyed this one.

July 22, 2012  Find No. 4: Earliest Star Trek Fan Film yet located. A silent, music added fan film from 1967.
Star Trek: The 8mm movie: (2:59).  No plot.  For more Star Trek Fan Films produced before 1980, see

July 15, 2012. NEWLY RELEASED.  from Star Trek: Nature's Hunger, "Star Trek Meets the Wizard of Oz:  Somewhere Over the Universe" Beginning of Season 4, (9:58)  For the prior 3 seasons of Star Trek: Nature's Hunger, see

July 12, 2012.  Spooftakular No. 19   Spacekisser. posted by
Arabic with English subtitles.  Comedy, Green Screen, Live Action by adult fans.  This film is made in the Bollywood film style, with no touching between the sexes, which is also in accord with Islamic law.   Instead, the actors dance.  I have been whining like a high speed drill that there was no Arabic Trek.  Now, I'll have to content myself with whining that there is insufficent Arabic Trek.  Posted as a Comedy or Parody short here: .  Also as a non-English Star Trek Fan Film here: . 

July 5, 2012Newly Release, NEW SERIES.  Star Trek: Reliant. Thumbnail Thumbnailfrom Hand Made Productions.  Adult Fans, live action, silver age, CGI, mostly green screens.  Some location indoor filming.  Episode 1, "whatever it takes" (5:29)  Characters include Miles O'Brian, 7 of 9.  This is the first of at least four planned episodes.  Permanent webpage on this series will be here:

July 2, 2012  Featured Go!Animater No. 17,  isLeckiepup Productions, whose Star Trek fan work can be found here: .  Perhaps the most interesting work he has done is Star Trek Amez, which uses non-Trek crews (and species) as his Trek crew.

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Headline News for June, 2012

June 29, 2012. Star Trek Reviewed, Annual Mission Essay, has been posted for Year 3.  To read what is going on here at Star Trek Reviewed, see ,

June 27, 2012.  Find No. 3.     Star Trek: Nature's Hunger.  Live Action, costumes, green screens, location filming, done by adult fans.   One of the most unique of all fan film series, Star Trek: Nature's hunger mixes crossovers, music videos, and original Trek-like themes in a set of mostly very short videos, season by season.  It is just beginning to release films in its forth season.  Hard to classify.

June 24, 2012. Spooftackular No. 18, A professional spoof.
Late, Late Show With Craig Kilborn.  Jason Alexander substitutes for Craig Kilborn, guest is Stephen Collins, so Jason Alexander does his Kirk imitation and they reprise the scene from Star Trek: The Motion Picture between Kirk and Stephen Collins' Captain of the Enterprise. (3:10).  For more spoofs and comedies by professionals, see

June 16, 2012. Star Track has Newly Released their 25th and final episode, "Star Track: Recession."  (Live Action, Adult fans, partial uniforms and sets (see photo, supra), action comedy, CGI, Silver Age.)  Watch it on You Tube here and now: (40:38)
Or wait for posting at Vimeo later.
To catch up on their other 24 episodes see their dedicated webpage here: .

  June 13, 2012  Featured Go!Animator No. 16    EnjoyingLifeinSeoul  This filmmaker works out of South Korea.  He has created a variety of Go!Animate films, many quite good, including some Star Trek Fan Films (Adult fan, Animation, Golden Age).

June 5, 2012. NEWLY RELEASED Star Trek - The Next Animation (Silver Age, Movie, German Language, English subtitles, Adult fans). (26:41)

The filmmaker says: (The original German is followed by a translation into English from Google Translate)    Published on May 21, 2012 by 
STAR TREK - THE NEXT ANIMATION ist ein Fanprojekt mit einer Mischung aus Star Trek, Southpark, Family Guy, Simpsons und einer ganzen Reihe weiterer TV-Serien und Parodien. TNA gilt dabei als die erste vollanimierte Star Trek - Verfilmung aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum und zeigt auf skurrile Art und Weise die fiktive andere Seite von Captain Picard und seiner Besatzung.

Fast zweieinhalb Jahre hat die Entwicklung und Produktion des Films gedauert. Herausgekommen ist dabei ein aktiongeladenes SciFi-Spektakel mit einer guten Portion bissigem Humor, das nicht davor zurückschreckt, sich selbst und zahlreiche andere TV-Serien, Filme uvm. durch den Kakao zu ziehen.

Am 17. Mai 2012 feierte der Film auf der FedCon XXI in Düsseldorf Premiere.

Idee, Drehbuch und Umsetzung:
John Thienel

Mike Pridik, Sascha Kiss, Christiane Owsianka, Tim Gössler, Conny Mahler, Michaela Waaske, Daniel Wagner, Sarah Faust, Michael Hartmann, Kai Hartmann, Eugen Owsianka, Mathias Dettmer, Sven Matthias, Sven Vogler, René Pridik, Kevin Hütte, Jens Pridik und Ronald Martin Beyer

Tim Gössler und Deniz Akbulut

Weitere Informationen zum Film und dem Fanprojekt selbst unter:

Google Translate version

Published on May 21, 2012 by thenextanimation STAR TREK - THE NEXT ANIMATION is a fan project with a mix of Star Trek, South Park, Family Guy, Simpsons, and a host of other television shows and parodies. TNA is regarded as the first fully animated Star Trek - film adaptation of the German-speaking countries and shows a bizarre way the fictional other side of Captain Picard and his crew. Nearly two and a half years has taken the development and production of the film. The result is an action-packed sci-fi show with a good sense of biting humor that does not shrink from being themselves and numerous other TV shows, movies and much more. to pull his leg. On 17 May 2012, celebrated the film to premiere in Düsseldorf FedCon XXI. Idea, script and production: John Thienel Performed by: Mike Pridik, Sasha Kiss, Christiane Owsianka, Tim Gössler, Connie Mahler, Michaela Waaske, Daniel Wagner, Sarah Faust, Michael Hartmann, Kai Hartmann, Eugen Owsianka, Matthias Dettmer, Sven Matthias, Sven Vogler, René Pridik, Kevin hut, Jens Pridik and Ronald Martin Beyer TNA music: Tim Gössler Akbulut and Deniz For more information about the film itself and the fan project at: Website: Facebook:

A Review:
Permanent home:

June 3, 2012. TNG fan episode, NEWLY RELEASED  "Running on Empty." (Silver Age, English, Mechinima, Adult fan from Seattle, Wa) Watch it here: (55:55).  It's permanent home will be here: