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Headline News for August, 2012

August 29, 2012.  NEWLY COMPLETED, the Epic Trilogy of The Multiverese Crisis!  
(Live Action, College student and adult fan actors, by adult fans, Golden Age, location shooting, some sets, some green screens.)  Star Trek: The Final Darkness
Part 1  (18:46)
Part 2   (14:21)
Part 3  (15:38)
Part 4 (5:38)
Part 5  (11:33)
Part 6 (19:29)

For the first two films in this three-part series, plus links to other work by the filmmaker, George Kayaian, go to .  I have not yet watched this third film, but the second film in the series is among my favorite all-time Star Trek Fan Films other than those rated 5.

August 26, 2012.   Star Trek: ReliantNEWLY RELEASED, "Deadly Cargo" (Adult fans, live action, CGI, green screens and outdoor location footage. Silver Age) Watch it here:   (7:33).  This is their third episode.  Short, nicely written, and fun.  I enjoyed this!  For more about Star Trek: Reliant see .

August 24, 2012.   Spooftakular No. 20  Professional Crossover Comedy Fan Film.  Star Trek/Gilbert and Sullivan   That Mitchell and Webb Look (4:45).  For more crossover Fan Films see . For more professional parodies and tributes see

August 21, 2012.  Three Featured Go!Animators, and where to find the Star Trek Fan Films of each of them:
Featured Go!Animator No. 18 is  The Doctor aka SO T
Featured Go!Animator No. 19 is  Trkeller15
Featured Go!Animator No. 20 is    Daylipper

August 19, 2012.   Star Trek: Nature's Hunger has released the first non-musical "episode" of it's new mini-series, Star Trek Meets The Wizard of Oz.  NOT A COMPLETE STORY.  Watch it here:     Episode 1:  Can Dorothy Escape from Oz? (9:54).  I now watched it, and it appears to be a middle part a larger story.  The filmmaker was kind enough to explain that he will release the parts of the story that follow next, followed by the opening part of the story.
Future episodes will include "Finding Oz in all the Wrong Places," "Dorothy's Danger in Oz," "Flying Monkey Battles," and "Can Dorothy Join Star Fleet?"
For all of Star Trek: Nature's Hunger's releases, see:

August 12, 2012. NEWLY RELEASED Project Potemkim's (Adult Fans, sets, costumes, CGI, professional actors, Golden Age: Series is usually drama, but this is a comedic episode) 7th film,   "The Engineer's New Clothes" Released August 12, 2012, watch it here: (4:26) or on You Tube here:  (39:42) or here: (4:27) with Portuguese Subtitles: (4:27) or (4:26).   For all of the films Project Potemkin has released, see

August 7, 2012
Star Trek: Secret Voyage, (Adult fans, professional actors, location shots, CGI, green screens, Golden Age) a new serieshas released their first film   NOT A COMPLETE STORY.  Vimeo Viewing:  here:  (39:41) or here: (40:04) or You Tube: (39:31) or (40:05).  However, I tried both of the (now listed as second two) and found sound problems.  Then I downloaded the original file (1GB) from the Vimeo website and played it on realplayer, and the sound was fine.  I recommend viewing it after download.
IMDb listing:
Reviews: ; in Italian:
The page that will be devoted to Star Trek: Secret Voyage permanently can be found here: ,  They promise Part 2 in December.

August 6, 2012  Star Trek Phase II (Golden Age, sets, locations shooting, costumes, adult fans, professional writers and actors, green screens) has released a short film, "Going Boldly..." Introducing their new Captain Kirk. Watch it here:  Although 9 minutes would be a full length effort for many productions, I'm listing it as Vignette 4 at (9:04) and in HD at (9:04)  Here it is with Portuguese subtitles: (9:14)

August 4, 2012Star Trek Continues, (Adult fans, professional actors, sets, CGI, Golden Age) a new serieshas released their first film, a short film, which can be viewed here: (4:41)  Their page at Star Trek Reviewed which has more information on this series is here:

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