Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Headline News for July, 2012

July 30, 2012.  Star Trek: Reliant, NEWLY RELEASED, "The End Begins Again" (Adult fans, live action, CGI, green screens and outdoor location footage) (7:33).  This is their second episode.  Watch it until the very end, there's a surprise twist ending!  For more about Star Trek: Reliant see .

July 26, 2012, Project Potemkin NEWLY RELEASED (Adult fans, professional actors, sets, green screens, CGI, original music) has released "Miscommunication" the latest in their short films, which you can watch here: Vimeo: (8:00)  You Tube: (8:01).  Or with Portuguese subtitles: on You Tube or on Vimeo: (8:01)  For everything else Project Potemkin has to offer see .  Viewing by download will follow.  This film series keeps getting better.  I really enjoyed this one.

July 22, 2012  Find No. 4: Earliest Star Trek Fan Film yet located. A silent, music added fan film from 1967.
Star Trek: The 8mm movie: (2:59).  No plot.  For more Star Trek Fan Films produced before 1980, see

July 15, 2012. NEWLY RELEASED.  from Star Trek: Nature's Hunger, "Star Trek Meets the Wizard of Oz:  Somewhere Over the Universe" Beginning of Season 4, (9:58)  For the prior 3 seasons of Star Trek: Nature's Hunger, see

July 12, 2012.  Spooftakular No. 19   Spacekisser. posted by
Arabic with English subtitles.  Comedy, Green Screen, Live Action by adult fans.  This film is made in the Bollywood film style, with no touching between the sexes, which is also in accord with Islamic law.   Instead, the actors dance.  I have been whining like a high speed drill that there was no Arabic Trek.  Now, I'll have to content myself with whining that there is insufficent Arabic Trek.  Posted as a Comedy or Parody short here: .  Also as a non-English Star Trek Fan Film here: . 

July 5, 2012Newly Release, NEW SERIES.  Star Trek: Reliant. Thumbnail Thumbnailfrom Hand Made Productions.  Adult Fans, live action, silver age, CGI, mostly green screens.  Some location indoor filming.  Episode 1, "whatever it takes" (5:29)  Characters include Miles O'Brian, 7 of 9.  This is the first of at least four planned episodes.  Permanent webpage on this series will be here:

July 2, 2012  Featured Go!Animater No. 17,  isLeckiepup Productions, whose Star Trek fan work can be found here: .  Perhaps the most interesting work he has done is Star Trek Amez, which uses non-Trek crews (and species) as his Trek crew.

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