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Headline News for June, 2012

June 29, 2012. Star Trek Reviewed, Annual Mission Essay, has been posted for Year 3.  To read what is going on here at Star Trek Reviewed, see ,

June 27, 2012.  Find No. 3.     Star Trek: Nature's Hunger.  Live Action, costumes, green screens, location filming, done by adult fans.   One of the most unique of all fan film series, Star Trek: Nature's hunger mixes crossovers, music videos, and original Trek-like themes in a set of mostly very short videos, season by season.  It is just beginning to release films in its forth season.  Hard to classify.

June 24, 2012. Spooftackular No. 18, A professional spoof.
Late, Late Show With Craig Kilborn.  Jason Alexander substitutes for Craig Kilborn, guest is Stephen Collins, so Jason Alexander does his Kirk imitation and they reprise the scene from Star Trek: The Motion Picture between Kirk and Stephen Collins' Captain of the Enterprise. (3:10).  For more spoofs and comedies by professionals, see

June 16, 2012. Star Track has Newly Released their 25th and final episode, "Star Track: Recession."  (Live Action, Adult fans, partial uniforms and sets (see photo, supra), action comedy, CGI, Silver Age.)  Watch it on You Tube here and now: (40:38)
Or wait for posting at Vimeo later.
To catch up on their other 24 episodes see their dedicated webpage here: .

  June 13, 2012  Featured Go!Animator No. 16    EnjoyingLifeinSeoul  This filmmaker works out of South Korea.  He has created a variety of Go!Animate films, many quite good, including some Star Trek Fan Films (Adult fan, Animation, Golden Age).

June 5, 2012. NEWLY RELEASED Star Trek - The Next Animation (Silver Age, Movie, German Language, English subtitles, Adult fans). (26:41)

The filmmaker says: (The original German is followed by a translation into English from Google Translate)    Published on May 21, 2012 by 
STAR TREK - THE NEXT ANIMATION ist ein Fanprojekt mit einer Mischung aus Star Trek, Southpark, Family Guy, Simpsons und einer ganzen Reihe weiterer TV-Serien und Parodien. TNA gilt dabei als die erste vollanimierte Star Trek - Verfilmung aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum und zeigt auf skurrile Art und Weise die fiktive andere Seite von Captain Picard und seiner Besatzung.

Fast zweieinhalb Jahre hat die Entwicklung und Produktion des Films gedauert. Herausgekommen ist dabei ein aktiongeladenes SciFi-Spektakel mit einer guten Portion bissigem Humor, das nicht davor zurückschreckt, sich selbst und zahlreiche andere TV-Serien, Filme uvm. durch den Kakao zu ziehen.

Am 17. Mai 2012 feierte der Film auf der FedCon XXI in Düsseldorf Premiere.

Idee, Drehbuch und Umsetzung:
John Thienel

Mike Pridik, Sascha Kiss, Christiane Owsianka, Tim Gössler, Conny Mahler, Michaela Waaske, Daniel Wagner, Sarah Faust, Michael Hartmann, Kai Hartmann, Eugen Owsianka, Mathias Dettmer, Sven Matthias, Sven Vogler, René Pridik, Kevin Hütte, Jens Pridik und Ronald Martin Beyer

Tim Gössler und Deniz Akbulut

Weitere Informationen zum Film und dem Fanprojekt selbst unter:

Google Translate version

Published on May 21, 2012 by thenextanimation STAR TREK - THE NEXT ANIMATION is a fan project with a mix of Star Trek, South Park, Family Guy, Simpsons, and a host of other television shows and parodies. TNA is regarded as the first fully animated Star Trek - film adaptation of the German-speaking countries and shows a bizarre way the fictional other side of Captain Picard and his crew. Nearly two and a half years has taken the development and production of the film. The result is an action-packed sci-fi show with a good sense of biting humor that does not shrink from being themselves and numerous other TV shows, movies and much more. to pull his leg. On 17 May 2012, celebrated the film to premiere in Düsseldorf FedCon XXI. Idea, script and production: John Thienel Performed by: Mike Pridik, Sasha Kiss, Christiane Owsianka, Tim Gössler, Connie Mahler, Michaela Waaske, Daniel Wagner, Sarah Faust, Michael Hartmann, Kai Hartmann, Eugen Owsianka, Matthias Dettmer, Sven Matthias, Sven Vogler, René Pridik, Kevin hut, Jens Pridik and Ronald Martin Beyer TNA music: Tim Gössler Akbulut and Deniz For more information about the film itself and the fan project at: Website: Facebook:

A Review:
Permanent home:

June 3, 2012. TNG fan episode, NEWLY RELEASED  "Running on Empty." (Silver Age, English, Mechinima, Adult fan from Seattle, Wa) Watch it here: (55:55).  It's permanent home will be here:

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