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Headline News for May, 2012

May 28, 2012.  The Multiverse Crisis's first Episode is NEWLY RELEASED  and complete and ready for viewing!  (Golden Era, Adult Fans, Live Action, costumes, sets, location shoots, and green screens, good acting.)  Filmmaker is George Kayaian, an artist and part-time teacher.   Star Trek: The Infinite Chain can be viewed here:

Trailer for Star Trek: The Infinite Chain, which is Part 1 of this three part series: (1:56)

Star Trek: The Infinite Chain (Just over one and three-quarters hours)
Part 1 of 9 (9:48)
Part 2 of 9 (9:36)
Part 3 of 9 (9:40)
Part 4 of 9 (14:17)
Part 5 of 9 (13:51)
Part 6 of 9 (12:16)
Part 7 of 9 (10:42)
Part 8 of 9 (13:03)
Part 9 of 9   (14:26)

This is the First part of this Epic 3 part series.  The second part is also complete and ready to watch.  For that, and for links to other films by George Kayaian, see

May 23, 2012"Find" No. 2,   Star Trek: Return To Triskelion .  Animation in the style of TAS, this episode is a sequel to The Origional Series episode, "The Gamesters of Triskelion." (30:23)
Filmmaker is Tommy Bunny.     Adult fans, mixes live action cuts from the Original Series show with animation.  Tightly written story, good voice acting.

A Review:  Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: ‘Return to Triskelion’

May 20, 2012.   Spooftackular No. 17  Captain Kirk: Space Rapist  (Star Trek Spoof)  (Adult fans, live action, green screens).  This is a one-main show with a very different interpretation of Kirk.  As the title implies, this is not for young children, but I decided the presentation of 'date rape' was valuable enough to keep here and not move to Star Trek Restricted. (9:30)

To view other Star Trek parody and comedy shorts and one-shots, see
May 17, 2012. Video4Butch brings you NEWLY RELEASED Episode 1 Season 1 of the Star Trekz Empire series, NOT A FULL STORY, only PART 1 of a multipart adventure) (Adult fans, animation, using Xtranormal and State Plus, developed with the creator of another series, Fem Trekz.).    Season 1 Episode 1, Rendezvous with Fate #101 On You Tube: (18:38) and on Vimeo: (18:38)
For more about Video4Butch, see Star Trekz Empire

May 13, 2012 Ten  Featured Go!Animators  (each working in English with one or few short videos) together make up the new Feature about Go!Animators.
Featured Go!Animator No. 6    Nicolas
Featured Go!Animator No. 7    Tymber
Featured Go!Animator No. 8    The Verily
Featured Go!Animator No. 9    Glenn
Featured Go!Animator No. 10  Anime Monster
Featured Go!Animator No. 11   tubemaker41
Featured Go!Animator No. 12   Giggy9200
Featured Go!Animator No. 13   Night fang
Featured Go!Animator No. 14   RobertJG
Featured Go!Animator No. 15   Bяadl3Y W3sTgarth 1999

May 10, 2012, Star Trek Andor-Phoenix from USS Venture, NEW RELEASE
Brazilian Portuguese.  Second part does not yet have English Subtitles.  Brazilian Star Trek Fan group (animated, adult fans, major film release) Brazil has it's first MAJOR Star Trek Fan Film, with the release of this now complete animated epic.

Following is the address on YOUTUBE.
Here are the details on this major film, not yet available in English or with English subtitles:

May 8, 2012 Star Trek Dark Aramada, (Netherlands, adult fans, live action, costumes, usually uses CGI this short notwithstanding)provides us with our "Find" No. 1,  entitled "Promotion" ,

The film was shot and completed in just a few hours for the "Elf Fantasy Fair", and does not match the rest of Star Trek Dark Armanda in quality.   Watch it here: (4:17)  The film was posted in April, 2012.   See for the rest of the Star Trek Fan Films produced by Star Trek Dark Armada.   

May 4, 2012.   Spooftackulars Nos. 15 and 16
for this week's Spoofs, I am turning to two short films,

Star Trek - Worst/Best Fan Film Ever.  (TNG era, live action, almost as bad as they claim) (4:32) and

Patrick Stewart goes to McDonald's (2:19)  Both shorts are permanently linked to from Short Parodies and Comedies, located at Blog 208 .

May 1, 2012   Featured Go!Animator No. 5,  Superdm64 .  He offers a range of Star Trek films, including both Golden and Silver age films.  Among the Golden Age films, a remake of "Alien," entitled, "Star Trek: Infestation" with Kirk's Enterprise discovering the aliens.  Links to "Star Trek Infestation" are set out below, but for the rest of what Superdm64 has to offer, go to .

Star Trek: Infestation (Main Menu) (0:54)

Trailer : (0:36)
Part 1: (1:59)
Part 2: (1:59)

Part 3: (1:47)
Part 4: (1:37)
Part 5: (1:49)
Part 6: (1:46)
Part 7: (Finale): (1:43)

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