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Headline News for February, 2019

February 28, 2019. Finds, In 1996, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of STAR TREK, the German television station Sat.1 invited its viewers to send their own or produced videos to the station. The best contributions, in the opinion of the editors, were broadcast in partly shortened form during the "Big STAR TREK night" as so-called "galactic greetings". Much of it was worth seeing, it was amusing, if unwittingly. It is also noteworthy that all contributions were made before Michael "Bully" Herbig's STAR TREK parody "Traumschiff".

The videos shown here are the ones shown at that time and we do not know any other details about them. If anyone can give us any information, we will gladly update our listing.

Star Dreck VII: The return of the Hermsdorfer (4:32)
Kirk's Party (1:52)
The intergalactic traffic light (1:46)
Borg War II: The Romulan Factor (2:43)
Star Track: The Next Degeneration (3:45)
STAR TREYL XIX: A Beam Movie (0:46)
Earmatic 4000 (0:43)
Spaceship FanTeeCi (2:39)
Galactic Greetings from Weich & Blöd (1:01)
Spaceship Enterprise - The toy century (2:46)
Star Wars greets Star Trek (00:17)

For more fan films in German, see

February 27, 2019New Release Orangedale in the 25th Century Directors Cut Short Version Greetings from Valeria from Starfleet Studios. Parody featuring four Princess models from planet Valeria who land in Iowa looking for a way to replenish their supply of yellow crystals and end up facing their most deadly enemy. They think. (16:03). For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy, see

February 26, 2019Major New Release and Major FindRPG Storytime: Star Trek Adventures from Bandwagon Games. This is a recreation of a role playing game, Star Trek Adventures, produced by Modiphius. The video actually looks like an RPG game played out on a 3D CGI table - Tabletop Simulator?

FindAdrift 17 March 2017. Space... the final frontier. This is the maiden voyage of the Starship Lexington in an alpha test of the upcoming Star Trek Adventures game by Modiphius. (25:14).
FindAbyss Station Part 1 31 August 2017. Space... the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Lexington. In this, their second mission, the crew of the Lexington arrives in an unusual system with a black hole at its center. A Federation star base, Abyss Station, is studying a pre-warp civilization on a local planet, and an ancient alien star base. Both are mysterious and have secrets hidden within. (24:52).
FindAbyss Station - Part 2 08 September 2017. In this second part of a two part webisode, the crew has split into two parties; one trying to convince people of a pre-warp civilization to abandon their planet, and the other has gone to explore an ancient alien space station to figure out how to control it so they can turn a black hole away from devastating the planet. (29:35).
New ReleaseThe Hydran Menace 14 February 2019. These are the voyages of the starship Gurtak. Its mission, to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life, and new civilizations... AND MURDER THEM! This special episode of Star Trek Adventures features the Klingons as they go on their first adventure into the Hydran border to find the ultimate weapon which will help them conquer the galaxy! (25:40).
New ReleaseSecret of the Kzinti Part 1 17 February 2019. The USS Armstrong has been sent into Kzinti space to help with an outbreak on one of their planets. However, there is a secret hidden within the borders of this former enemy that they are about to find out. (22:44).
New ReleaseSecret of the Kzinti Part 2 21 February 2019. The crew of the Armstrong has helped find a cure for a major disease spreading across a Kzinti planet, and have made diplomatic inroads with the feline race. But now they have something much bigger to deal with; something the captain has been keeping secret from his crew. (24:01).

For the latest news on  RPG Storytime: Star Trek Adventures see

February 25, 2019, New Release from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star TrekStar Trek Logical Thinking #21, "Argumentum Ad Nauseam," (3:11).  For links to all of  Curt Danhauser's currently available Star Trek Fan Films, see

February 24, 2019FindThe Amanda Show-star drek the full movie one of a series of sketches on The Amanda Show the popular TV series from 1999 - 2002, which are meant to be rip-off home movies at Blockblister, "a store which is owned by the foreign Blokey family with weird accents and always give the customers homemade spoofs of the actual movie made by the family." (0:48). For more Professional Star Trek Parody, Tributes, Commercials, and instructional videos see

FindStar Drek from TheCosmospolitans. A very nice animation released on 4 Jun 2013 at (12:36). He doesn't do them any more and has archived them on his website here The creator has a Facebook page here For more Short Films (not listed elsewhere), see

February 23, 2019FindStar Drek from Laku noć, Hrvatska (Good night, Croatia) a Croatian adult animated series produced by Croatia Film of Zagreb between 2005 -2008 on Nova TV. (1:24:26). For more Non English Star Trek Fan Films see

FindStar drek from Tomislav Katalinić. a recut with original, comic Croation dialog over Star Trek TNG video from 2008 (1:11). For more Non English Star Trek Fan Films see

February 22, 2019, FindStar drek from shaken67150 on15 Feb 2007. Not related to the Dr Demento audio drama, this French language video is a parody of the TOS episode, The Devil in the Dark with a comedic voice track overlaid. (5:46). For more French language Star Trek fan films, see

February 21, 2019The Dr. Demento radio show had a skit called Star Drek that can be heard on Youtube here It was produced by the Tellurian Enterprises label for the Star Trek Convention in NYC in 1976. and has been the inspiration for different videos that use the soundtrack as their base, a few times since then...
  • CptEeyore used the script with original voice & video actors for his original fan film from around 1988... (8:03)
  • Misterdavep has released a rather good video that he says "was created way back in 1992 using two VHS VCR's, an old cassette tape recording from the Doctor Demento Show, and a handful of Star Trek episodes recorded off the air." (5:06). An apparently identical version, posted by vson8, is here (5:06) and a slightly shorter version has been posted by Bubster 1969 at (4:53)
  • Captain Robert April, who is still a major Youtube producer today, released his first four videos in 2009, simple videos using the audio track in varying degrees of finish culminating in this "Final Cut
For more Historic Star Trek Fan Films of the 1960s and 1970s, see

February 20, 2019Olde Fan Film Find Produced by Stan Papulkas for MTV/Roger's Media in Toronto, Canada, M Trek or "The Wrath of Shan" is a parody of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan from shortly after it was released in 1982. (13:07). For more Professional Star Trek Parody, Tributes, Commercials, and instructional videos see

February 19, 2019Find from The Russ Abbott TV Show - English comedy show, 1986-1981, Star Trek: The Sketch (4:23). For more Professional Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

February 18, 2019Major New Release from Starship Mojave, Animated Golden Age by adult fans, Episode 9, Cygnus X-1, (17:22).  For links to all of Starship Mojave's prior releases still available for viewing, see

February 17, 2019New Release from Potemkin Pictures set aboard the Starship DeimosDiplomatic Relations (8:46). Captain Gabriel and the Deimos have been assigned to assist in negotiating a peace treaty with the Corsairean forces, but some of her senior officers have concerns about the arrangements. For other adventures involving Starship Deimos, see  For all Star Trek Fan Film offerings from Potemkin Pictures, see

February 16, 2019New Release & Find from The Bitter IT Guy. FindTrouble With Users (2:08). 29 Jul 2018. There are a slew of computer related issues, but maybe it's actually trouble with users. Either way these are like nothing he has ever seen.
New ReleaseBlast From the Past (2:41). 13 Feb 2019. A group of computer users from the 21st century have been unfrozen, brought on board and have NO idea how to use the advanced technology.
For IT Guy's previous Star Trek Fan Films, see

February 15, 2019New Release from Random Nerd of Doom, Franchise crossover, Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien, Lost in Space, Marvel Universe (Wolverine), and Canadian musician Les Emerson in a Mego Fan Film titled Random Sci Fi Stuff Stop Motion (1:37). For more Franchise Crossover Fan Films, see

February 14, 2019New Release uploaded to Youtube by Alain Paré on Feb 5. 100 Limite Star Trek Doublage is a professional comedy skit from "100 limite" a French-Canadian TV show broadcast between 1988 and 1992 using new dialog over Star Trek The Original Series footage in French. If you want to hear French with a Scottish accent, listen to Scotty here! (1:08) For more Star Trek fan films see the French language page,

February 13, 2019,  New Release from Jake Davis, (live action, single actress, costumes, special effects, by adult fans) Star Trek Opener (5:03). For more Short Films Not Listed Elsewhere, see

February 12, 2019New Release from comte dylantagnan, a Plotagon Animation,
A Star Wars Fan And A Trekkie ... EXCHANGE THE WRONG REFERENCES (2:38).  For more Plotagon Animations, see  For more tales about Trekkers, Trekkies, and General Fandom, see

February 11, 2019Major New Release, An educational video for the sales force for a medical device company.  SCIMED Star Trek Spoof & Final Game tells the benefits salespeople can use to contrast their medical device product with others on the market. Sounds pretty dry but they had some fun making this! (35:50). For more Professional Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

February 10, 2019New Release from Sides Studios, a parody by Dylan Sides, Red Shirt ttps:// (4:12).  For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy, see  

February 9, 2019,  Major New Release and Find, from Elias SikavitsasStar School
FindEpisode 2, The Law of Syllogism (3:41) This episode is arguably NOT a Star Trek fan film.  However, it is part of this series as it follows and illustrates mathematical and logical thinking.
Major New ReleaseEpisode 3, The Congruency of Triangles, with costumes and rudimentary special effects (11:33). For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek, see

February 8, 2019New Release,  Parody Animation in French, A LA CONQUÊTE DE L'ESPACE AVEC SPACE FOX (dessin animé), (2:40).  For more French Language Star Trek Fan Films, see

February 7, 2019New ReleaseAd using DISCO cast and music from RENT, (1:00). For more professional parody, tributes, commercials, foreign imitators, and educational videos, see

February 6, 2019,  New Release from Dreadnought Dominion, (Adult fans, costumes, sets, CGI, subtitled, use of sign language), Technical Difficulties (5:05).  For all of Dreadnought Dominion's prior releases, see

February 5, 2019,  New Release, a collection of Star Trek references from Married ... with Children (7:34).  For other Professional Parody, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

February 4, 2019Major New Release, from Avalon Universe a Star Trek alternate universe based on the original series but with subtle differences to give the makers, Victoria Fox & Josh Irwin, creative freedom. "Avalon LOST A simple shuttle mission changes the course of two Captains' lives. For more releases in this series, see Avalon Universe at

February 3, 2019,  New Release from Caution: May Contain Nuts, professional Canadian Comedy troop, Space Trek: Laugh Track (2:27). For more Professional Star Trek Parody, Tributes, Commercials, and instructional videos see

February 2, 2019Major New Release, "Temporal Anomaly" a one-shot film from Power543 Films, produced by Samuel Cockings, an adult from Northampton, UK. The film is both golden and silver age, includes costumes, (one of which was used on-screen for Voyager), CGI & green screens. They have a custom arrangement with CBS which allows for its release with its longer run time. This project was started in 2013 and created long before the fan film guidelines, to allow its release they got a separate arrangement with CBS.
Part 1: (26:46)
Part 2: (24:19).
For more about Temporal Anomaly and its history, see its permanent home on Star Trek Reviewed at

February 1, 2019New Release from Joe Hallmark, a well-produced video performed by kids, Star Trek Skit (4:15).  For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek, see

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Headline News for January, 2019

January 31, 2019New Release from Caitlin Burt with her nephews as her special guests having fun on a spaceship, bossing around the galaxy. Commanders of Star Trek. Comedy/Parody (2:42). For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy, see

January 30, 2019New Release from Bloodwolf, "Crash," (6:26).  For all of Bloodwolf's previous Star Trek Fan Film releases, see

January 29, 2019Find, long-running YouTube channel FBE, used high quality action figures to create LOST Parody #9 - Star Trek: The LOST Generation (4:20), part of their series which is a parody of the popular TV series of the time. Playlist of the series here For more Franchise Crossover Films, see Probably the best known professional use of Star Trek action figures would have to be Robot Chicken which can be found here

Find, in many cases action figures are used for risque parodies, such as Star Trek: Data's Bad Day (1:12).(July 23, 2009). For more Comedy and Parody Star Trek Fan Films see Star Trek: The Mego Picture is even more ribald and can be found here,

January 28, 2019Find: Some action figure films can be quite artistic, such as Fourteen59, a stream of consciousness film using action figures of Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner as Picard and Data (15:01) Released Nov 29, 2016.  for its permanent home, see

Find, most are just done for fun, such as Trilithium Quest from Freddy's Star Trek, action figures with ship shots from the TNG TV show and voices lifted from the TNG TV show, to make an original story. Done in college, released March 23, 2008. (8:42) For more assorted short films, see

January 27, 2019FindCrier In The Emptiness, Mego movie based on the soundtrack from one of the Peter Pan Records by a media and film student at Eastern Michigan University released Sep 1, 2012. Done the old school way by taking a couple of thousand pictures then using Windows Paint to make mouths and Windows Movie Maker to put it together, picture by picture... (13:09) 
A film using the same record with the original comic book can be seen here (12:02).
Dyna74's "Toy Movies" also use read-along-books as the audio track combined with action figures
For more assorted short films, see

January 26, 2019,  Olde Fan Film Find which has just surfaced on Vimeo from Kevin Carney, titled simply, Star Trek (10:16). No props, sets or costumes, just teenagers role-playing. For this and other Historic Fan Films see

January 25, 2019New Release from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star TrekStar Trek Logical Thinking #20, Appeal to  Emotion (2:28).  For links to all of Curt Danhauser's Star Trek Fan Films, see

January 24, 2019Find, from SCTV (Canadian TV Show), Star Trek skit, "Check Please (1:11), (1:10), or (1:18). For this and more Professional Star Trek Comedies, Parodies, Tributes, Commercials and Instructional Videos, see

Find, from Saturday Night Live, Dec 20, 1986 - Star Trek V: The Restaurant Enterprise For this and more Professional Star Trek Comedies, Parodies, Tributes, Commercials and Instructional Videos, see .

January 23, 2019FindStar Trek 2409 Audio drama based in the Star Trek Online universe with two episodes completed...
Hail The adventures of the U.S.S. Wisconsin and her inexperienced crew as they tackle the forefront of an Earth-Klingon War, and the reemergence of the Borg. (05:56) 17 May 2012
Sickbay The away team from the ill fated U.S.S. Sterling fight their way to sickbay to confer with the EMH. (05:13) 29 May 2012
For more information about this production see For links to dozens of other audio dramas, see

January 22, 2019Recent Release: Our apologies for missing a special festive gift from the cast and crew of the British-made Audio Drama series, USS DefenderComing Out For Christmas (09:43) In this minisode, Bolton, Peers and Reeaht meet in the Ship’s Lounge for a discussion. What will the topic of today’s chat be?
For more information about this production see For links to dozens of other audio dramas, see

January 21, 2019Major FindStar Drag - And yet another Generation. Two early German fan films (in English) from 1994 & 1995 have been posted on Youtube by TotallyASMR on 17 Jan 2019, copied from VHS cassettes.

01 Hollow Time Warp (40:23). This was produced by "Qapla Productions", members of the Trekdinner Munich, entirely on the grounds of Neubiberg Military Academy and included a cameo with Robert Amper reprising his character from Raumschiff Highlander, Captain R Norad. It was shown at the FedCon II Convention at the Arabella Hotel München, April 1-3 1994.

02 Above Purple (Subtitled in German) (58:03) This too was produced by "Qapla Productions", members of the Trekdinner Munich. It was shown at the FedCon III Convention at the Sheraton Hotel München, Jun 30-Jul 2 1995.

For the permanent home of these productions on Star Trek Reviewed, see For more fan films in German, see

January 20, 2019Major Find, from MEEZ2, films on his Youtube channel from 2006 - 2008

Golden Age:
Star Trek: The Ecology Syndrome (3 scenes only) (10:17) (Sep. 25, 2006). Based on a prior breaking of the prime directive by Kirk.
Star Trek at Universal Studios (10:21)(April 21, 2007).  This was a fixed script run through by many fans with Shatner & Nimoy.

Silver Age:
Star Trek v. Star Wars (A Nerd's Fantasy) (11:16) (Sep. 26, 2006)
Another Nerd's Fantasy (The Rebels are the Alpha Quadrant fighting Star Wars' Empire)
Part 1 (8:35)(June 24, 2008)
Part 2 (7:36)(June 1, 2008)
Part 3 (7:00)(June 24, 2008)
For the permanent home of MEEZ2 on Star Trek Reviewed, see

January 19, 2019New Release, from SpacialKatana: Star Trek: The Taranko Incident, appears to be opening for a film, in which Klingons attack a planet.  The filmmaker says this is a standalone film, not part of a film to come.  No visible living things except the women of the USS Booty in the credits. (3:23). For more Short Films Not Listed Elsewhere, see

January 18, 2019New Release from Scragnogs Den.  The 'action' here is hearing what is happening over the com from other ships in the bridge, in which all the people have already died, as they fight the Borg.  Stardate 44002.3 - Fan Art, (1:54).    For other short films not listed elsewhere, see

January 17, 2019,  Major FindFrom Star Trek Phase 3 3 Mego Films, Silver Age. One person does all the voices. The dolls are moved around, but this is not stop-action animation. The first film is in German, but the next two are in English.

(1) Star Trek Generations The Action Figure Short Version (7:32) (In English)
(2) Star Trek Light "I, Q" Action Figure Movie English)
(3) Star Trek TNG: A XXX Parody (In English. In spite of the name, this is at most PG13, if that.)
Part 1:
Part 2:

For the permanent home of Star Trek Phase 3, see

January 16, 2019, BREAKING NEWS! Walking Bear, Running Wolf, the second live action film directed by Glen Wolfe of The Federation Files has won two awards at the second annual IndieBOOM Festival, in the fan film and sci fi categories! You can see it online on YouTube at or stream it on the festival's Roku channel (9:40). For information about all Glen Wolfe's live action films see For more about Glen's animated films, see

January 15, 2019New Release from FS Film, Czech with English subtitles.   High-quality Silver Age production, sets, greens screens, CGI, adult fans, good writing.   The First Federation takes action during the Dominion War. Gambit of the Ancient Ones, (9:40).   For links to all Star Trek Fan Films from FS Films, see  For more Czech language Star Trek Fan Films, see

January 14, 2019,  New Release, from JW Chronicles, a Plotagon animation in which the TOS Enterprise crew encounter a variant on The Borg, "Star Trek Meets JW Borg" (4:22).  For more Star Trek Fan Films made with Plotagon, see

New Release from In The Mind of Roy (Silver Age, horror animation) using Plotagon: "Captain Picard Does The Bloody Mary Challenge" (2:35)
For other Plotagon animations, see

January 13, 2019Major Recent Release, from Star Wre'k, an action comedy Star Trek animation of indeterminate era...
Episode 1 ( (10:28) December 10, 2018
Episode 2 ( (9:07) December 10, 2018
Episode 3 ( (13:42) December 11, 2018
Episode 4 ( (8:22) December 12, 2018
Episode 5 ( (7:37) December 12, 2018
For more releases in this series, see Star Wre'k at

January 12, 2019,  New Release from Cameron J. Smith, a short film set on a planet after Voyager has returned, live action, props, decent acting, and an interesting concept, "The Emergence Protocol," (4:31) or . For more short films not listed elsewhere, see

New Release from Bloodwolf, (Adult fan, green screens, costumes) The Battle (5:52). For all of Bloodwolf's previous Star Trek fan films, see

January 11, 2019New Release from Caution: May Contain Nuts, (professional comedy team, sets, costumes, CGI), Space Trek: The Bored (makes fun of software updates), (2:01).  For all Star Trek skits from Caution: May Contain Nuts, and other Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

New Release of a Historic Star Trek Fan Film,  "Through Poetry of Melchizedek," (1:43).  A Fan-Made film trailer from 1975.  First posted (released) January 9, 2019.  For more Historic Star Trek Fan Films of the 1960s and 1970s, see

January 10, 2019,  Major New Release from TaVork (professional costumes, shot at a theme park by the actors playing roles in the theme park) Star Trek: The Fake Generation (Complete  Film): (30:47). The Summer of 1995 at Paramount's Great America produced a weird assortment of Star Trek characters, and this adventure parody of a group of mismatched aliens trying to survive a theme park (and each other) is worth remembering... For all of TaVork's prior releases, see

January 9, 2019New Release, from Spoof Trek"DeLightsaber - Alternate Endings - Animation" ( For more releases in this series, see Spoof Trek at

Olde Fan Film Find from Sleeping Lion Productions Teen Trek from the 1990s, live action, TNG era costumes, games and screen capture for ship views. "The three of us were huge Star Trek fans but realized pretty quickly that without lots of money we would have to show our affection for Trek by poking fun at it.  Please enjoy this little parody from 1996.  It's one of my favorites and was just a pure hoot to make." - "The Return" (13:41) For more from Sleeping Lion Productions see

January 8, 2019,  New Release from Joss Cossaboom, Part 3 of his story about the Starfleet Crew member who No One Likes who is Abandon In Space, (2:51). For links to the previous segments and more Star Trek Fan-Made Parodies and Comedies, see

Olde Fan Film Find although it is technically a New Release from TaVork, Star Trek TFG Finger Wars (0:47).  Finger Puppets are identified as different types of Star Trek Aliens and fight.  For all of TaVork's Star Trek Fan Films, see

January 7, 2019New Releases from Guest Ensigns, a new comedy or parody animated series in which famous people play themselves as bridge ensigns on the TNG Enterprise.  Guest Ensigns...
Season 1 Episode 1 (2:47)
Season 1 Episode 2 (3:59)
For more Star Trek Fan-made Comedy and Parody, see

Olde Fan Film Find Alternative Victory was a failed attempt to make a Star Trek Fan Film in the late 1980s, here is a film about that attempt, Hindsight: The Unmaking of Alternative Victory, (1:05:31) and a montage of shots from the attempt to shoot Alternative Victory, (18:37). For more films about Trekkers, Trekkies, and General Fandom, see

January 6, 2019,  New Release from special owl, episode 3 of "Star Plunge", The Black Hole (Golden Age, costumes, adult fans, limited special effects, parody) (7:58).  For Star Plunge's prior releases, see,

Olde Fan Film Find Shortened reenactment of the TOS episode, "Arena": ARENA 2006 CalArts cut Not a last century cine film but check out the old school camera at 7:57! For more School and Church Projects, see

January 5, 2019New Release, a crossover Fan Film from Ken Lewis, appears to be machinima or combined machinima and animation,  Star Fleet v. The Empire Star Wars, (7:47).   For more franchise crossover films, see

Olde Fan Film Find of early cine film, actually an modernized version of  Ray Gasser's 1971 Star Trek Fan Film, "My College Star Trek Production from 1971", (6:02). For this and other Historic Fan Films that we will be featuring over the next few days see

January 4, 2019,   New Release from Midnight's Edge After Dark, Rookie Critic Animation Cameo, (0:42).  For more Star Trek themed Commercials, see

New Release from Dafter Things, (Mego) "IT'S A CRACKER," (5:16).  For more Mego Star Trek Fan Films, see

New Release from Jordan Graves,  his third short film about Captain Pike, "Captain Pike Orders Lunch," (1:10) and (1:10).  For more short films not listed elsewhere, see

January 3, 2019,  New Release from BloodwolfAlien Monster (costumes, one-man show) (8:05).  For all of Bloodwolf's previous Star Trek Fan Films, see

January 2, 2019,  Multiple Major Finds and a Major New Release from Joe Olson, Series, "Enterprise E" Captain Esso is played by Alex Olson.
Major Finds:
The Klingon Incident (12:10) 1 child, child-level rudimentary costumes. Posted June 10, 2011.
The Romulan Incident (13:34) October 2, 2011.
1 = 11 Tribbles (10:18), October 14, 2011.
The Incident Back in Time (16:13), November 10, 2011.
Back to History (16:25). December 25, 2012.  There are now more crew members and more actors.
Paradise Lost (25:43) January 31, 2015.  More people, make-up and costumes, starting to look like a real fan film.
Major New Release:
Assimilation (costumes, CGI, Rudimentary sets) It looks like a further leap forward from Episode 6. (15:57)   This is Part 1 of a multi-film story.
For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

January 1, 2019,  New Release from R.G.A. Club, "Star Trek" Lego-based silent film, (0:37).  For more "Legos" or "Brick" Star Trek Fan Films, see

New Release, from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, a Star Trek mash-up opening (The Late Show is on CBS which owns Star Trek).  The Star Trek footage is used to discuss US Vice President Pence's announcement of Space Command, (1:29).  For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign imitators, and Educational Videos, see

New Release from MrBonk85, (One man show, costumes, make-up, green screens) Star Trek The Doomsday Machine Stunt Doubles (2:42).  For MrBonk85's previous Star Trek Fan Films, see

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Headline News for December, 2018

December 31, 2018Major New Release, a crossover fan film from Calvin Romeyn, "Galactic Battles 2018,"  Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effects and Halo.  All original footage, no recuts, quality live action with recognizable characters, ships, costumes, and CGI from all Four Francises.  Adult fans did an unusually good job on this crossover film. (17:46).  For more franchise crossover films, see

December 30, 2018,  Major New Release from long-running, high-quality Silver Age Audio Drama, Outpost, Episode 78B, Which is Episode 4 of Season 8, "Man in the Shadows," (released December 25, 2018), (12:51). The Enclave is being threatened by a nefarious group calling themselves The Core…and there’s only one person who can help them…an unknown council member…but who is it? A few brave souls are willing to sneak into the Council’s chambers to hack the computers to find out…
This minisode was recorded live at Fort Collins Comic Con in Fort Collins, CO in August 2017. For all prior releases from Outpost and more than four dozen other Star Trek Fan-made audio dramas, see
December 29, 2018, Major New Release from MrBenetV, the third and final installment in the Survivor series, Last Survivor Released December 30, 2018, (15:00). An away team must investigate a destroyed ship, a missing crew, and the mysterious Aliens at the center of it all in a place where time, space, and thought converge. For the earlier episodes of the Survivor series, see

December 28, 2018, A Find and Major New Release from Glen Wolfe and The Federation Files

Find Robot Masters a Go Animate! by Glen L. Wolfe on The Federation Files Animated Series (episode 9) of original audio from a read-along book by Peter Pan Records (14:32) released 24 November 2016 
For all of Glen Wolfe's The Federation Files Animated Series, see

Major New Release from Glen Wolfe and Starfleet Studios, A live action film with sets, costumes, props, CGI, by adult fans from The Federation Files, Episode 4 Galaxy Hopper (16:11). The USS Lexington is on a mapping mission just outside the Galactic Rim when they discover a floating, unidentifiable metallic object of unknown origin. Beaming it aboard disables power to the ship's engines and the crew tries frantically to get the engines operational before they drift into the rim. A science team is trying to learn more about the 'Droid', it's origin and any data it may hold. The clock is ticking for the Lexington as it drifts dangerously close to the Galactic Rim. Will they survive in time and will this unknown 'droid' play an important part in their ultimate fate?
For Glen Wolfe's live-action series The Federation Files, see

December 27, 2018Major New Release, from Starship Excelsior, episode 505 "Better Angels" (55:00). Dovan's attempts to save Neshent lands Neeva and Kestra in hot water! (Oh, sorry, that's another human idiom.) The exciting conclusion to the story they started in September... and Happy Boxing Day!
For more releases in this series, see Starship Excelsior at

December 26, 2018,   Major New Release from Starship Mojave, (Animated) "Doppelganger (19:49).  For all of Starship Mojave's prior episodes which are still available for online viewing, see

New Release from TaVork, showing his faux introduction to the cine films he shot at Paramount's Great America Theme Park. Star Trek TFG Intro (4:40) (December 25, 2018).  For all of TaVork's previous Star Trek Fan Film releases, see

Multiple Finds and a New Release from BloodWolf, a one-man show. (Silver Age, costumes, partial sets)
1)  Trek Alien (2:15) (June 21, 2018) Fast Food solves an interplanetary crisis.
2)  The Disease (7:01) (September 23, 2018)
3)  The Borg (9:19) (October 10, 2018).
New Release:
4)  The Beer Saved Us (4:40) (December 23, 2018)
For the permanent home of the works of BloodWolf, see

December 25, 2018,  New Release from Josh Cossaboom, (Comedy, live action, costume, location shooting, Silver Age) The Star Trek Crew Member Abandoned In Space (2:44) For the prequel to this (The Starfleet Crew Member No One Likes) and more Star Trek Fan-Made Comedies & Parodies, see

New Release and New Subtitles Released, from FS Film, the makers of Star Trek Diplomacy...
New Subtitles Released for s01e04: Curtain Falls (17:49) completing the series of subtitles for Star Trek Diplomacy (Czech, live action, costumes, green screens, partial sets, very effective production).  For all of the Star Trek Fan Films from Star Trek Diplomacy, see

New Release, The mini pilot episode of their new series, Czech with English subtitles, Yes, captain!S01E00, First Mission (3:52). This does not appear to be a Star Trek fan film, they have said they could not continue their series within the CBS guidelines although their earlier films were.

December 24, 2018,  Find and New Release, from seansensei8, in the style of South Park,
Find, (1) Tarantino Trek (2:14) Oct. 9, 2018
New Release, (2) A (Short) TNG XMAS Special (1:25) Dec. 8, 2018.
For more Star Trek comedies and parodies, see

New Release from Robert Ziolkowski, "Merry Christmas" (1:00).  For more CGI films without visible characters, see

December 23, 2018Two New Release from MrBonk85,
1) Star Trek: The Immunity Syndrome Intro Stunt Doubles (1:21).
2) Star Trek By Any Other Name Intro Stunt Doubles (2:03).
For all of MrBonk85's Star Trek Fan Films, see

New Release from TaVork, Slurk revealed! (4:46)
For TaVork's other Star Trek work, see

December 22, 2018Yet Another Major New Release from Potemkin Pictures, this time set aboard the Klingon Battlecruiser Kupok (Golden Age, Live Action, Sets, Costumes, Make-up, CGI, green screens, location shooting, original musical scores)...

Spirit in the Star (12:24)
Battlecruiser Kupok has been sent to investigate the loss of three of its sister ships, only to find an alien of unbelievable power. Is it a threat to the Empire?

For all of the Star Trek Fan Films from Potemkin Pictures, see
For all those set aboard the Klingon Battlecruiser Kupok, see

December 21, 2018, New Release from the Audio Drama series, The Romulan War"Final Flight", available as audio only from or with video dramatization on Youtube at (4:01) (December 20, 2018).  For all Star Trek Fan Audio and Film releases from The Romulan War, see

December 20, 2018,  Another New Release from Potemkin Pictures aboard the Starship Deimos, (sets, green screens, location shoots, live action, costumes, make-up, CGI, Golden Age)...

Where They Have Gone We Follow (16:58)
Searching for her captain and first officer on the edge of known space, Deimos faces the Federation’s greatest nightmare. As her crew races against time, Wolf Klawitter will confront a legendary evil, alone.

For all Star Trek fan films from Potemkin Pictures, see
For only those set aboard the Starship Deimos, see

December 19, 2018Major New Release from Potemkin Pictures, a film in two parts set aboard the Starship Endeavor, (sets, green screens, location shoots, live action, costumes, make-up, CGI, Golden Age)...

The Monolith part one: (11:36)
When colonists begin to disappear, the Endeavour is sent into harm's way to uncover the mystery of the mining operation on planetoid L-31.

The Monolith part two: (7:30)
When a mineral compound for promising medical advancements escapes threatening the entire galaxy, the crew of the Endeavour has one chance to stop it in its tracks. But at what cost?

For all Star Trek fan films from Potemkin Pictures, see
For only those set aboard the Starship Endeavor, see

December 18, 2018, New ReleaseStar Trek: Artesia. A fan film created with a Star Trek costuming group that highlights how a real-life science project ( would mesh in a Star Trek situation. (Silver Age, green screens costumes). (2:04).  For more short films not listed elsewhere, see

New Release from TaVork, Klingon:Romulan: Ferengi Battle! (7:56).  For all of TaVork's previous Star Trek Fan Film releases, see

December 17, 2018, New Release and Finds from trekkertos which we have not yet included in Star Trek Review's list of Professional Star Trek parodies, comedies, tributes, etc.
New Release, Punt and Dennis Star Trek Sketch 2018 (7:03), posted December 11
Find, The Paul Hogan Show, "Star Trot" (3:49)
Find,  SM:TV, a British Saturday Morning TV show for kids, Cat Deeley, Boy George, Ant and Dec - Star Trek Sketch (9:12)
For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

New Release from YellowTripMars, A parody, Captain Picard (1:10).  For more Star Trek Fan Comedys and Parodies, see

December 15, 2018, New Release, another Christmas-themed film from  Dafter Things, (Mego, sets, voices) "The Officer's Christmas Party," (3:48). For more Mego-based Star Trek Fan Films, see

December 14, 2018, The award for the first Christmas film of the season goes to a New Release from MrBonk85! (live action, green screens, costumes, make-up.  Comedy/Parody. One person plays all the parts.) Star Trek TOS Christmas Stunt Doubles, (4:47).  For all of Mr.Bonk85's previous Star Trek Fan Films, see

December 13, 2018, New Release, the second episode of the new British-made Audio Drama series, USS Defender, is now online at (40:30)
For more information about this production see
For links to dozens of other audio dramas, see

December 12, 2018, New Release and Find, both in Polish.  These are the first ever Star Trek Fan Films STR has found which are originally in Polish, not merely subtitled in Polish.
New Release:  Star Trek z Bronksu || Prezes YT: (2:18) 1 Dec 2018
Find:  Star Trek Przerobiony These are TAS recuts with original sound in Polish by Dem3000
Pudełko - Star Trek Przerobiony (1:10) 14 Mar 2014
Planeta Mikołaja - Star Trek Przerobiony (1:24) 31 Mar 2014
Dyskoteka - Star Trek Przerobiony (1:37) 7 Apr 2014
Niespodzianka - Star Trek Przerobiony (1:11) 28 May 2014
Interwencja - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:01) 17 Jun 2014
Granie Online - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:18) 21 Jul 2014
Dziewczyny - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:45) 24 Sep 2014
Walka z Nudą - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:01) 15 Nov 2014
Spocko Święta - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:18) 22 Dec 2014
Otwarcie Parasola - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:16) 4 Oct 2015
Była Kapitana - Star Trek Przerobiony (1:56) 6 Dec 2015
Wakacje - Star Trek Przerobiony (1:59) 15 Mar 2016
Nowy Rok - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:17) 4 Jul 2016
Statek widmo - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:47) 2 Oct 2016
Wjazd policji - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:22) 21 Nov 2016
Największa trucizna - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:31) 6 Feb 2017
Kulturystyka - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:15) 28 Mar 2017
Koci proces - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:57) 30 May 2017
Fajni koledzy - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:38) 31 Jul 2017
Star Trek Przerobiony - teaser odcinka "Supermoce" (0:41) 12 Sep 2017
Supermoce - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:23) 26 Sep 2017
Nowy Star Trek Przerobiony nadchodzi (0:32) 20 Nov 2017
Na morza dnie - Star Trek Przerobiony (3:47) 28 Nov 2017
Walka w klatkach - Star Trek Przerobiony (3:08) 24 Apr 2018
Fan na statku - Star Trek Przerobiony (3:56) 26 Jun 2018

December 11, 2018, Find and some New Releases from TaVork (David Maddox) who once worked at Paramount's Great America Theme Park. 
Find, a silent film shot in Super 8mm pre-1999 titled Kragos the Dishonored (12:05) (posted October 30, 2013)
New Releases:  They all look like they are made from similar film footage, shot at Paramount's Great America Theme Park...
(1) Ta'Vork & K'Vek, mostly live action with some Star Wars footage. Romulan ambassador Ta'Vork makes a serious error in his dealings with the Nausicaans and Commander K'Vek is having none of it this time.  (2:35), original listing December 1, 2018, removed and replaced December 18, 2018.
(2)  Nej & Ruffles, a Bajoran discovers the awful truth about what happened to her beloved pet Ruffles after the Cardassian occupation. (2:43) (December 2, 2018).
(3) We're the Aliens, a group short using friends at Paramount\s Great America Theme Park (0:10) (December 2, 2018).
(4) Wonder T'Gras, a female Klingon as Wonder Woman? Well, sort of... (0:56)(December 3, 2018)
(5) Qel'Mis on a Ledge Dishonored Klingon Warrior Qel'Mis is stuck up on a ledge again... (7:21) (December 10, 2018).
For the permanent home of TaVork's Postings, see

December 10, 2018Major FindStar Trek Anniversary Edition: The Klingon Rebellion(A Fan Fiction Parody Film).(Rudimentary costumes and sets, CGI, location shooting, Silver Age.)  The person who takes command of the Enterprise in Picard's absence is Bob Dole.  Aside from that, this is the crossover film with returned Voyager, DS9 and TNG so many of us wished for.  (posted April 22, 2012)  For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

December 9, 2018, Find, The Prime Directive,  Warp 11 was initially spawned as an idea for a weekly Internet TV show they were doing back in '99 called The Prime Directive. The show was a half an hour long and the band was created to fill about 4 minutes of the show each week. They also did things like Trek news, Trek haiku, Trek commercials and the intros to fake Trek TV shows.Some of the Skits include:

1. The Adventures of Captain Wesley Crusher (4:42) 19 Dec 2015
2. New Cadets on the Block (16:07) 08 Jan 2016
3. The Children of Captain Kirk (2:54) 05 Feb 2016
4. Pon Farr Crab! 0:3517 Feb 2016
5. Daimon Noc - Ferengi Dentist (4:53) 04 March 2016
for The Prime Directive's permanent home, see

December 8, 2018, Recent Release, A franchise crossover mash-up,  Rocky Jones v. Star Trek The creator points out that Star Trek is a lot like the earlier, forgotten TV series, Rocky Jones.  (4:45).  For more Franchise Crossover films, see

December 7, 2018, New ReleaseCoxtoonsThe Next Frontier, animation parody using the sound track from a gaming podcast, (verbal references to sexual content) (4:10).  For more Star Trek Fan-made Comedy and Parody, see

December 6, 2018, New Release Liamliam has just released a new Lego animation series, Star Trek Season 1 Episode 1, New Arrivals (1:00).

This seems a good opportunity to upload the backlog of Lego animated short films that we have in our "Finds" holding tank!
Find, Lego Star Trek: The Original Series from bigjakestudios
Episode 1 (8:15) 13 Jan 2013
Episode 2 (10:55) 2 Jun 2014
Episode 3 (11:18) 12 Mar 2015
Find, Lego Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles from Lucky Horseshoe  Films, (7:16) 4 May 2014
Find, Lego Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer from AKPstudios (2:37) 15 May 2013
Find, Lego Star Trek Into Brickness Trailer from Toscano Bricks (1:53) 16 Mar 2013

For more Lego or Block Animation Star Trek Fan Films, see

December 5, 2018, New Release, Stop Action French Language short film, The Final Frontier (Star Trek) (1:38).  For more Star Trek Fan Films available to French speakers, see

December 4, 2018,  Recent and New Releases, ads for a Star Trek game, "Star Trek Fleet Command" which has a Facebook page,  The ads include:
1)   Showdown Reveal Trailer: (1:38)
2)   Klingon Propaganda Trailer: (0:55)
3)   Federation Propaganda Trailer, (0:58)
4)   Romulan Propaganda Trailer, (0:55)
5)   Joyride Launch Trailer, (0:52)
6)   Game Play, (1:00)
7)   Game Play, German, (0:30)
8)   Prime 2561 Trek Feature Gameplay (multilingual) (0:30)
9)   Game Play, French, (0:30)
10) Game Play, Russian, (0:30)
11) Game Play, Brazilian Portuguese, (0:30)
For more Professional Star Trek Comedies, Parodys, Tributes, Commercials, etc.  see

December 3, 2018, New Release Arrakna has released a fan-made trailer, Picard - Star Trek Trailer (2019) CONCEPT ,which has sparked the interest of fans who are eagerly awaiting the new Star Trek series which is going to star Patrick Stewart in a return to his role as Jean Luc Picard. Filming is expected to start in April 2019.

The promo text for this fan trailer describes the plot as, "An incapacitated Captain Picard is called upon to help humanity fight it's greatest threat yet.". (2:20) Arrakna adds, "I began making this before Patrick Stewart announced his reprisal of the role, naturally I am thrilled!"  The trailer comes after a fan poster that Arrakna put together, inspired by the marketing for Logan according to an article on For more Fan Title Sequences for Pro Trek Shows see Blog 199

December 2, 2018, New ReleaseLogical Leo's Star Trek Star Wars Crossover! project for Mr. Dotson's 6th-period class by Jebediah, a crossover with live footage. (1:58). For more School and Church projects, see

December 1, 2018, NewRelease from Tingles4ThorstenStar Trek Starfleet Field Day - (1:31).  For more filmmakers who create CGI sequences without visible characters, see