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Headline News for November, 2018

November 30, 2018, New Release, from Bulldog TVRonnie Redshirt Episode #5, "The Best of Both Shows," (6:29). For Ronnie Redshirt's prior episodes, see

November 29, 2018,  New Release, A Star Explorers Christmas a seasonal special for the Star Explorer series. (1:28). For other films that are sometimes listed as Star Trek fan films see Blog 244

November 28, 2018,  Recent Release, Stargazers a fan fiction audiobook from Steve Shives, a spin-off from his vidcast, Trek, Actually. Jean Luc Picard's friends come to terms with his death. For this and about 5 dozen other audio dramas, see

November 27, 2018,  Two Finds and a New Release from tonyfamous, all parody shorts:
Kooties in Star Trek: The Reverse Vulcan Greeting (1:07) (May 15, 2009)
Kooties in Star Trek: The Vulcan Death Grip (0:31) January 29, 2010.
New Release:
Star Trekked. Star Trek Cartoon Parody (0:20).  
For more Comedy and Parody Star Trek Fan Films, see

November 26, 2018,  New Release from The O'Brians, [Episode 1] That's My Girl? Presented as a long lost episode in Black and White, modeled after 1950s family sit-coms. (4:44)... but go to the end to see it's still a Star Trek Fan Film. For all prior Star Trek Fan Films from Dave's Think Tank, see

November 25, 2018, New Release from Beagle is SleepingPorg Trek Episode 02, in his crossover series in which Star Wars' creatures, the Porgs, run all the ships in Star Trek. (4:58). Released November 17, 2018.  For other Franchise Crossover films, see

November 24, 2018New Release, from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star TrekStar Trek Logical Thinking #19,
"Argument from Incredulity," (2:46). For all Star Trek Fan Films produced by Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek, see

November 23, 2018New Release from Hinge, A short excerpt from an earlier film which appears to be selling an animation studio advertising agency, hingedigital,
Original sales pitch,, (1.42) short Trek-only part, Piso Mojado, (0:35).  For more short films not listed elsewhere, see

November 22, 2018New ReleaseFan Boys 2009 - Star Wars Fans V. Star Trek Fans HD: (4:46).  For more films about Trekkies, Trekkers, and General Fandom, see

November 21, 2018,  New Release Officer Bob meets Star Trek by Robert Cunniff (1:00) Nov 15 2018. Live action comedy. For other Star Trek Comedy and Parody, see

November 20, 2018, New Release The Three Stooges: Stooge Trek comedy from James D. Patalon, a Plotagon animation, (4:42).  For all of James D. Patalon's Star Trek Fan Films, see

November 19, 2018, Major New Release, Dark Omega from Outpost, a Star Trek Audiodrama, Episode 78A, which is Episode 3 of Season 8, (17:42) (released Nov 18, 2018) The Battle of Wolf 359 has begun…beam aboard a ship valiantly trying to defend the Federation during this turning point in Federation history. Recorded at Starfest 2015, Denver, Colorado. For all of the previous episodes of Outpost as well as about 5 dozen other audio dramas, see

November 18, 2018Major New Release from David Whitney's Starfleet StudiosStarship Prometheus, Episode 1, "Raven:" (31:18).  For all previous Star Trek Fan Films from Starfleet Studios, see

November 17, 2018Recent Release The Starfleet Crew Member No One Likes, live action comedy from Josh Cossaboom, (2:01).  For more Star Trek Fan-made Comedy and Parody, see

November 16, 2018New Release STAR TREK Strieper Mission 66 from Jurgen van Hoof.  Dutch Golden Age Star Trek comedy / parody released to celebrate a Dutch carnival that goes back to 1930! Captain Cork and his crew go back in history on a search for their Burgemeester and end up at the first Striepersgat. (23:17).  For more Star Trek Fan Films in languages other than English, see

November 15, 2018New Release from Starship ParasolEine Warnung (A Warning) (3:03).  For prior releases from Starship Parasol, see  For more German-language Star Trek Fan Films, see

November 14, 2018Multiple Find and New ReleaseSpoof Trek.  Based on TOS, the first and 10th film in the series are live action, the others are animated.

(1) The Second Cousin Twice Removed, live action, Golden Age, low production values, (6:56) (Made in 1992 & posted July 31, 2008)
(2) SpoofTREK Animated, the same characters and settings as the first episode but done as a flash animation. (12:20) (October 13, 2010.)
(3) SpoofTREK 3D Reveal, test trailer of 3D animation. (0:24)(May 24, 2015).
(4) Movie Night, 3D Animated characters watch the live show from 1992. (1:53) (February 4, 2016)
(5) Matrix Jump, the Holodeck is not turned on. (0:46) (February 5, 2016)
(6) Flight of the IMPALER (2:17) (February 5, 2016)
(7) Remote Uncontrolled, (0:53) (July 14, 2016)
(8) Multiverse Trailer, Mad Max crossover. (2:34) (October 24, 2016)
(9) Ice Planet Attack, (0:53) (January 2, 2018)
(10) Cameo (live action, green screens) (1:33) (July 23, 2017)

New Release:
(11) DeLightsabor, A new 3D animation. (1:23) (November 12, 2018)

For Spoof Trek's permanent home on Star Trek Reviewed, see

November 13, 2018New Release, in Japanese, Animation based on DS9: Neo DS9 (1:30).  For more non-English Language Star Trek Fan films, see

November 12, 2018Recent Releases, The Shining Starship, a belated Halloween audiobook-style mashup of what would happen if Beverly Crusher encountered Jack from the Shining, as Jack Crusher. From Omega Ordained (32:17) For more Star Trek fan-made audiobooks and audio drama see

November 11, 2018, Recent Releases, Two German Language shorts,
Love Trek, a cute short film about teen aged Trekkie love. (6:25).  For more films about Trekkers, Trekkies, and general fandom, see

Kubert (Folge 7) An animated parody: how to handle people who insist on beaming up without the valid certification. (1:58).  For more Comedy and Parody, see

For more German Language Star Trek Fan Films, see

November 10, 2018, Major New Release, the first episode of a new British-made Audio Drama series, USS Defender,  Listen here: (33:22).
For more information about this production see
For links to dozens of other audio dramas, see

November 09, 2018 New Release from Joe's Animations, "What happens when there's an argument on the bridge," a cute Star Trek animated skit, (1:43).  For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

November 08, 2018 Recent Release With Chinese writing:  A commercial for Sandisk, a thumb drive: (4:30).  For more Star Trek based commercials and other professional parodies, comedies, etc, see For more non-English Language Star Trek Fan films, see

November 07, 2018 Major New Release from long-running silver age audio drama, Outpost (formerly Star Trek: Outpost) Episode 78 (Episode 2 of Season 8) Ours Is But To Do (released 11/7/2018). As the Chimera approaches Wolf 359, the crew prepares for the fight of their lives. Meanwhile, back on DS3, the station’s crew tries to keep the homefires burning. (1:07:54). For links to all previous releases from Outpost, as well as over five dozen other audio dramas, see

November 06, 2018 New Release, from Couillon Quest TASSOEp.1 Part 1. Encounter At Mom N Dems Camp (  (5.44). Extending on his earlier series of short skits, the producer has started a new series of longer episodes with more plot. Interesting parody using ethnic/subculture themes. - Kirok, a STR Board member. For more releases in this series, see Couillon Quest TASSO at

November 5, 2018, Rereleases with English Subtitles, from the Czech language fan film series Star Trek: Diplomacy.
s01e01:  Government Gambit (17:55) Aug 25, 2018
Captain Pargimeos learns that even the best captain's are not in command of their ship.
s01e02:  Complete Report (22:12) Sep 1, 2018
Masaryk is sent to inspect the government of Betazed. What seemed like a routine mission soon becomes complicated while unveiling the state of local defense. Commander Laverna’s past caught up with her.
s01e03:  Shipyard (18:44) Oct 26, 2018
Starfleet urgently needs to start serial production of Prometheus class ships. Citizens of the Federation are not that thrilled with the idea of fighting machines. This is when the negotiating team of Captain Pargimeos steps in.

For all releases from Star Trek Diplomacy, see

November 4, 2018, New Release First Contact: The Iron Horse from Touch the Sky Images, LLC, a film in the form of a motion comic made with original and photo images, set in 2079, Pre-Stone Age. Word of the Vulcan's arrival is still spreading in post-WWIII Earth. (14:29).  For the permanent home of this, see

November 3, 2018, New and Recent Releases from ICS, Machinima shorts based on STO after the introduction of canon from Star Trek Discovery with their Age of Discovery season.
Serve the Empire Age of RE Discovery
S1E1 (3:30) (October 24, 2018)
S1E2 (3:31) (October 28, 2018)

For their permanent home, see

November 2, 2018, New Release Three new parts of Galaxy Trek, a Star Trek parody out of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada.  People from the 28th Century Galaxy Fleet Federated Planetary Alliance travel back to early 21st Century Vulcan, Canada to examine the view of the future.
October 19, Pt 6, Love and Binge Eating (7:30)
October 19, Pt 7, A Long Walk (7:43)
October 19, Pt 8, Going Home ish, (10:03)

For Parts 1 to 5 of Galaxy Trek, see

November 1, 2018Recent Release, a new episode for a long-running, very low-end production series from the Rothsteins series: "Star Wreck."
Star Wreck Into Randomness (6:32) Although this was posted on August 16, 2017, it was shot on location in Vasquez Rocks County Park in Agua Dulce, CA on July 5, 2013.
The Real Housewives of Kronos (8:24) (Sept. 10, 2015) Months in the making, but it's finally done. This sequel to Star Wreck: into randomness was made possible with the help of the Rothsteins.
The Wrath of Dahn, (10:09) (August 9, 2016)
Star Wreck IV: The Search for Sock (11:23) (August 13, 2017) Will a rival network succeed in taking over the show?
Star Wreck v. Sock Wreck (11:33) (October 10, 2018). When Jerk and Sock beam down to explore an alien world, things quickly go south.
For other Kid Trek/Teen Trek, see,

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Headline News for October, 2018

October 31, 2018New Release from Avalon Universe, a Halloween Star Trek tale, Ghost Ship. Commander Derek Mason has had a long career of boring assignments, but that all changes when he is ordered to take a small away team to salvage a dead Starship.
Segment 1: (13:13)
Segment 2: (14:08)
For the permanent home of Ghost Ship and any subsequent releases from Avalon Universe, see

October 30, 2018New Release of an episode to finish off a seven year old trilogy. From gladegaard, comes Star Trek: The Youth Syndrome, where the crew of the Enterprise are transformed into the bodies of children. Nicely done production of Kid Trek, mixing some imaginative low-end props and scenery with TOS footage.
Part 1: (6:20) (October 20, 2010)
Part 2: (3:33) (July 4, 2011)
Part 3: (4:20) (October 20, 2018)
For other Kid Trek/Teen Trek, see

Find, from Aaron Brownlee, a short intense Star Trek Fan Film, Harvesting Darkness. Made by adult fans and good acting, adequate costumes, props and sets to carry off this intense drama. (14:58).  For the permanent home of Aaron Brownlee's "Star Trek: Harvesting Darkness" see

October 29, 2018, Finds and a Recent Release, from Star Trek: The O'Brians, a green screen Comedy/Parody.  For unknown reasons, they use the TOS bridge. The episode numbers don't seem to bear any relationship to the production order, the episodes are listed here in the order of their release, the last one, 'Episode 42' is a new release.
[Episode 47] Star Trek: The Millennial Generation. In a rare collaboration, Dave's Think Tank joins forces with Dragon Cat Pictures to produce "Star Trek: The Millennial Generation". (3:00) (June 14, 2017)
[Episode 23] Keiko changes the ship to metric without informing Miles (2:02) (July 27, 2017)
[Episode 36]  A Tangled Web. Miles forgets to pick up Molly from day care (3:23) (August 10, 2017)
[Episode 12] A mysterious force resembling a giant hand in space attacks the Enterprise while Miles and Riker are on the bridge (4:10) (September 26, 2017)
[Episode 17] An energy being attacks the Enterprise, causing control panels to blow up all over the ship. Molly is left at home alone. (6:43) (January 7, 2018)
[Episode 41] Riker plots to become Captain of the Enterprise. Miles deals with a transporter malfunction. (5:40) (July 15, 2018)
[Episode 42] Why is Keiko so evil? There may be an answer... (2:54) (October 12, 2018)
For the home of Star Trek: The O'Brians on Star Trek Reviewed see

October 28, 2018Major Find, a TOS-based fan film made by a teenaged Seth MacFarlane and friends in 1989-90 (2:48). This work has been discussed as an influence on his later work... (2:01) (6:02) (6:57)
For the permanent home of this, and other Star Trek Fan Films produced by Seth MacFarlane as a teenager along with other Kid Trek and Teen Trek, see

October 27, 2018New Release, from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star TrekStar Trek Logical Thinking #18, "Affirming the Consequent," (2:00).  For all Star Trek Fan Films produced by Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek, see

October 26, 2018, FindStar Trek : Lost In Space Mashup episode released by Phil Hamilton on Sep 23, 2008, (16:00). For more Franchise Crossover Films see

October 25, 2018, New ReleaseTarantino Trek: The Mashup to Upset EVERYONE, (2:14) Original animation, not a mash-up of existing footage, made using Keynote, a presentation software app similar to PowerPoint, released by Apple last month. For more Franchise Crossover Films, see

October 24, 2018, Major New Release, from Couillon Quest, Wrath of Contraflow ( The Cajun-manned StarShip General Mouton has to pick up some passengers for  CONtraflow VIII , an SF & F convention at Kenner, Louisiana on November 16-18, 2018. For more releases in this parody series, see Couillon Quest at

October 23, 2018New Release an ad for sound engineers aimed at fan films and for the tour of James Cawley's sets, Star Trek Sound Design (2:32).   For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Comedies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

October 22, 2018,  Recent Release from kirill470
Star Trek Phase III Intro, (2:18).  For more films entirely made up of CGI sequences, see

October 21, 2018Recent Release, from 117 Productions, Star Trek - New Earth (SKIT). (5:21).   For more Short Films (Not listed elsewhere) see here

October 20, 2018Recent Release from Dreadnaught Dominion, Wanna Rock.  Long Cast, crew, and sets Intro set to music. (2:59).  For links to all Star Trek Fan Films from Dreadnaught Dominion, see

October 19, 2018Find and Recent Release from a right-winger going under the name Tiberius Maximus who creates a Parody of Diversity and a support of Donald Trump. "BAMN Trek" aboard the USS Mao Ze Dong.
Find, Episode 1:  It's OK To Be Green, (6:13)
New Release., Episode 2:  Wrath of Socialism, (9:56).  For the permanent home of Tiberius Maximus's work, see

October 18, 2018Recent Releasefrom Adam Furgang,  Star Trek: Animoji: (1:28).  For Adam Furgang's previous Star Trek Fan Films, see

October 17, 2018, New Release, from GlobalThailand on October 2, 2018, Star Trek Previs, (1:15). A short animation made against the sound track from Star Trek: Into Darkness. For more Short Films (Not listed elsewhere) see here

October 16, 2018, New Release, from Caution, May Contain Nuts on October 1, 2018, Space Trek: Jedi Training, (1:36). For a listing of all the Star Trek parody episodes in "May Contain Nuts", see Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos here

October 15, 2018, New Release, from Trek Or Treat, "Trek Or Treat 3: Beyond Forever" ( For the other two releases in this trilogy, see Trek Or Treat at

October 14, 2018, New Release from MrBonk85, Star Trek Stunt Doubles Amok Time (3:16).  For all of MrBonk85's Star Trek Fan Films, see

New Release, from The Jackye Show,  Mego, but using non-Trek little girl dolls rather than Trek action figures. Star Trek Episode 2 (0:16).  For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek, see

October 13, 2018, New ReleaseFrom Dafter Things, Mego, "Red Shirt," (4:39).  For more Mego Star Trek Fan Films, see

New Release from Star Trek Deception (UK), Episode 2, (15:00).  (Subtitles in English and Spanish). (Portuguese subtitles: (15:01)) For Star Trek Deception's prior release and more information about Star Trek Deception, see

October 12, 2018, New Release Sep 28, Star Trek: The Arion Awaits (1:00). Produced by Monster Manor Workshop in conjunction with Crusade Films. A fan film adventure through uncharted reaches of space on a mission to find a way home. For more trailers not associated with a released film, see

October 11, 2018, New Release Star Trek: Dissonance Intro (1:07) On Sep 25, the Credits/Introduction for a new weekly RPG show hosted by Gamers Ledge using the Star Trek Adventures pen and paper role playing game system was released. Follow their YouTube channel at for the game episodes. For more about the game see For more Star Trek games, comics, prose and selected other creative Fan Trek, see

October 10, 2018New Release, from Star Trek The Ultimate Follies by Adam Furgang.  Mego, (hands visible moving the action figures, Silver Age parody.  Green screens, sets.  Voice cast.), Star Trek:  Enter the Brown Fist (25:24).  For prior works from Star Trek The Ultimate Follies by Adam Furgang, see 

October 9, 2018, New Release from Touch The Sky Images LLC on 22 Sep 2018 the Pre-Stone Age launch trailer for First Contact: The Iron Horse (1:00) The Iron Horse APC voyages through an American frontier of post-war collapse, introducing the alien Vulcan species to populations in the field, along with the building blocks of recovery. For more trailers not associated with a released film, see

New Release, It Sucks to be an Extra on Star Trek a short animation from Extra Credit Productions on 26 Sep 2018 (2:10) For more Short Fan Films Not Listed Elsewhere, see

Release/Find Although this was released on Youtube on Sep 24, it is titled REM 1983 - Star Trek Spoof (R.E.M. mention) and appears to be a short excerpt from a 1983 film. Any ideas as to the film it was cut from? (00:17) For more Incomplete, abandoned (or long term hold) film projects with significant production see

October 8, 2018, Find, To celebrate the premiere of the newest Doctor, we are sharing some Dr. Who/Star Trek Crossover Films previously unlisted.
Displaced In Time, Fan trailer teaser (VOY), (1:51).
Doctor Into Darkness, Mock credits, (2:39).
The Bane of Khan - Fan Trailer Teaser by n2kmaster, (1:14)
For more Franchise Crossover films, see

October 7, 2018, Major FindCorto Phase II, three Spanish language parodies, made between 2012-14 in  Buenos Aires and Mar del plata, Argentina for UNIFANS 2 and 3. For more fan films in Spanish see and

October 6, 2018Two New Releases,
New Release, from Star Trek Nature's Hunger, Special Release (posted May 18, 2018, released September 22, 2018), "The Discovery," (2:47).  For all other Star Trek Fan Films from Star Trek Nature's Hunger, see

New Release from I.C.S.'s Machinima, Klingon Spoof Song, (0:42).  For more short films not listed elsewhere, see

October 5, 2018Two New Releases,
New ReleaseFranky Uptown inserts himself into an edited Star Trek episode, Star Trek No Truth Beauty (2:46).  For more Star Trek Parody or Comedy, see

New Release (from Brent B. Productions)A spoof, Star Trek sketch (Mr. Spoke onder invloed) (2:17).   For more Star Trek Parody or Comedy, see

October 3, 2018New Release on Sep 27 from Level'em up, Star Trek Saratoga 2 Official Teaser 2 (2:23). For more information about this production see For more Trailers Not Associated With A Released Film, see

October 2, 2018Two New Releases and a Major New Release
One, New Release from Vercon Shorts, Star Trek Enterprises v. Borg, (1:56).  For more Filmmakers who Make CGI Sequences without visible humans (or aliens) see

A second, New Release from Dafter Things, A Golden Age Mego stop-action animation, "The Admiral's Daughter," (3:48).  For more Mego Animated Star Trek Fan Films, see

Major New Release, from Starship Tristan on Sep. 27 last week, "Distant Echoes Part Two" ( The captain of the U.S.S. Tristan is still trapped and being interrogated by an alien entity which has taken the form of her long dead brother... For more releases in this series, see Starship Tristan at

October 1, 2018, New Release Star Truc (Star Stuff) (4:06) French language audio track - from the dubbed Star Trek TV show? - mimed as a comedy by a single actor playing all the characters. From Michel Escaillas on 28 Sep 2018.  For more information on this French fan film and many others, see (N) on the Star Trek for French speakers page, at

This would be a good time to point out this Major Find, from Lyons, France, posted October 13, 2013, Star Trek: Le Retour des Moltens (now with English subtitles) (1:11:06).  For more information, see (M) on the Star Trek Reviewed French Language Star Trek Fan Film page at

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Headline News for September, 2018

September 30, 2018, New Release Porg Trek Episode 01 (1:28) When Classic Star Trek Collides with Modern Star Wars! A comedy animation released 24 Sep 2018 by Beagle is Sleeping. For more Franchise Crossover Films see where this is listed as entry AV.

September 29, 2018, Major Find Star Trek: Peacekeeper
Star Trek: Peacekeeper part 1: 08 May 2013 (3:23)
Star Trek: Peacekeeper part 2: 08 May 2013 (2:52)
Star trek: Peacekeeper part 3: 23 Feb 2014 (2:21)
Star Trek: Peacekeeper part 4: 01 Mar 2018 (4:04)
Four cartoons released between 2013 and 2018 are a classic Star Trek story drawn in the style of the 2009 movie, animated in Flash and Anime Studio. edited with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. For more information, see the full entry

September 28, 2018, New Release on the Plotagon animation platform
From Jon7741The Pepparonian Stowaway (3:11)
For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see

September 27, 2018New Release on the Plotagon animation platform
From The Bard of PlotagonToo #SciFi for you! (A Doctor Who/Red Dwarf/Star Trek/Agents of Shield(Marvel Universe/Torchwood mashup) (4:57)
For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see  For more Franchise Crossover films, see

September 26, 2018, New Release from The Romulan War (Audio Drama), Episode 3, "They Want Us Dead:"  h (4:26).  For more information about the series see and for more than 4 dozen other Audio Dramas, see

September 25, 2018, Major New Release from James D. Patalon for his animated Star Trek series using Plotagon,
Episode 20:  Mr. Lincoln (2018) (13:47)
Episode 21:  The Maiden Voyage (2018) (11:23)
Episode 22:  The Dark (2018) (13:19)
For all of James D. Patalon's prior Star Trek Fan Films, see
For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see

September 24, 2018Two New Releases from two filmmakers, 
New Release,   From Elias SikavitsasStar School Episode 1, Dimensional Analysis. (2:31).  (Possibly part of a school or church project or partially by adults.   For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

New Release, from The Jackye Show,  Mego, but using non-Trek little girl dolls rather than Trek action figures.  Star Trek Episode 1, (0:45).  For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

September 23, 2018,  Two New Releases From  I.C.S.'s Machinima.
(1)  Klingon History pt. 1 Symbol, (4:38)
(2)  Another Piece of the Action, (3:59)
For more Short Films not listed elsewhere, see

September 22, 2018Major New Release from Potemkin Pictures, about the crew of the Starship Tristan, "Distant Echos" Part 1, (10:49).  For more films from Potemkin Pictures, including those concerning the crew of the Starship Tristan, see

September  21, 2018New ReleaseCaptain Kluck's Inspiration (3:56).   For more Star Trek Parody or Comedy, see

September 20, 2018New Release from Gran Gala De Ingenieros, live-action Parody/Comedy  "Andalusian Trek - Gala de Ingenieros 2018" (Spanish Language) (4:03).  For more Star Trek Parody or Comedy, see  For more Star Trek for Spanish speakers, see

September 19, 2018New Release from Edward LaBarbera, Star Trek Xavier (Title Sequence), (1:15).  For more Trailers not associated with a released film, see

September 18, 2018New Release from Vance Major Owen, A very short film:  Family: A Star Trek Fan Production, (1:15).  For more films from Vance Major Owen see

September 17, 2018New Release, from walsallmatt, a trailer, Star Trek Revelations, (EvE Online and Star Trek mash-up Fan Trailer), (2:25).  For more Trailers Not Associated With A Released Film, see

September 16, 2018Major New Release from Starship Excelsior, "E.U.L.A." (49:33), (49:35).  For more of Starship Excelsior, and many other audio dramas, see

September 15, 2018Major New Release from James D. Patalon for his animated Star Trek series using Plotagon,
Episode 16:  Into the Unknown, (16:55).
Episode 17:  Rest and Relaxation (2018), (11:18)
Episode 18:  War of the Androids, (10:14)
Episode 19: Wild Couger (2018) (15:13)
For all of James D. Patalon's prior Star Trek Fan Films, see  For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see

September 14, 2018New Release from Omlet, a commercial for chicken outfits and chicken coop doors set aboard the USS Henterprise, "Omlet's Star Trek Parody Featuring the New Auto Door," (1:22).  For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy, see

September 13, 2018New Releases from BrickmasterLego Star Trek The Original Series
Episode 5: (1:00).
Episode 6: (1:00)
Episode 7: (1:00)
Episode 8: (1:00)
For more Lego Based Star Trek Fan Films, see

September 12, 2018Find and New Release, Lars Gunblade's Star Trek Parodies
FindTrek Wars the Next Iteration (3:48)
New ReleaseSpace Force - The Movie, (3:32).
For more Comedy and Parody Star Trek Fan Films see

September 11, 2018New Release from Dr. Robbi Animations aka Robert Ziolkowski, In 2409, we see a planet explode and the Enterprise 1701 F go with it, (Silver Age).  Then the film shifts to 2151 (Stone Age) and an attack on the NX-01 Enterprise.  At first, there is a disastrous ending, then a ship appears from the future, time rewinds, and there is instead a triumphant ending.  This happens again in two other timeframes, The film jumps to Sektor 002 in the year 2271 (Golden Age).  Then the film jumps to near Cardassia in the year 2375 (Silver Age). Now it is back to the 1701 F,  and instead of a planet exploding we see space fireworks.  Star Trek - Rewind (17:04).  For more Filmmakers Who Create CGI Sequences Without Visible Humans (or aliens) see

September 10, 2018Find and Major New Release from 2nd Grade Productions,
Find, A family visit to Vasquez Rocks, the rocky background in the TOS episode, "Arena," is interspersed with footage from the episode, Star Trek Arena at Vasquez Rocks, (2:34).

Arguably Golden Age or a recut, Major New ReleaseStar Trek: The Next Generation Stop Action Animation.  Created in 1996 as an attempt to get a job in advertising, this is a Mego Animation, (14:53).
For more Mego animations, see
For the permanent home of these two films, see 2nd Grade Productions at

September 9, 2018Major New Release from Potemkin Pictures using characters from the Starship Triton, "The Crown Jewels of Xantharus," (12:35).  For more shows involving the crew of the Starship Triton, see  For more shows produced by Potemkin Pictures, see

September 8, 2018Major New Release from James D. Patalon for his animated Star Trek series using Plotagon, Episode 15:  Star Trek: The Planet of the Damned:
Chapter 1, The Awakening, (10:50)
Chapter 2, Gas, (16:39)
Chapter 3, Trapped, (13:07)
Chapter 4, No Escape, (11:45)
Chapter 5, The USS Jewel (2018), (11:37)
Chapter 6, Desperation, (13:30)
Chapter 7, Antidote, (12:52)
Chapter 8, Surrender, (12:46)
Chapter 9, No Time, (11:22)
Chapter 10, Conclusion, (10:22)
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September 7, 2018New Release from Dafter Things, A Golden Age Mego stop-action animation, Passing the Time (2:43).  For more Mego Animated Star Trek Fan Films, see

September 6, 2018New Release from SHDU, Lego Star Trek - Title Sequence for Mirror Universe, (1:53).  For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek See

September 5, 2018, Intro Only, New Release from SpacialKatana, Star Trek Booty: (1:50).  Added to prior work by SpacialKatana under Short Films not Listed elsewhere (1),

September 4, 2018New ReleaseTrek Tales by Melz227, animation from Plotagon, "Luther's Janitorial cleans the Enterprise,"  (2:24).  For more Star Trek Comedy and Parody, see  For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see

September 3, 2018Major New Release from Potemkin Pictures, from the crew of Starship Tristan, T'Noshi infiltrates a renegade Vulcan cell, "Deception," (5:12).  For all previous releases from Potemkin Pictures, including all involving the crew of Starship Tristan, see

September 2, 2018New Release, 2D animation, Star Wreak - The Next Depreciation (Star Trek Spoof). (3:12).   For more Star Trek Comedy and Parody, see

September 1, 2018New ReleaseStar Voyage with ALPHA SENT-URI, a parody, (2:06).  For more Star Trek Comedy and Parody, see