Saturday, April 1, 2017

Headline News for March, 2017

March 29, 2017New Release from Starfleet Studios, (Silver Age, Adult Fans, costumes, props, green screens, partial sets) Raven: Voyager Continues, Episode 2, Derelict   Updated version with new intro and credits, released 6/25/2017:; Original released March 28, 2017:  For prior releases about Raven: Voyager Continues, and other information about Starfleet Studios, see

Discussion and Reviews:

March 25, 2017Major New Release from Starship Melbourne, (Live Action, Adult fans, sets, costumes, Golde Age) Part 1 of their introductory episode, "Storm Front,"  For other information about Starship Melbourne including a prior short release, see

A Review:

March 22, 2017Newly Released Teen Trek from 1988.  From Kenny Smith, (Part 1 is posted, Part 2 is lost). Star Trek: Operation Destruct Part 1:  Because Part 2 is lost, this is permanently listed as (AA) at, Films (and audio) which I can't find, link to, or offer a way to see.

March 5, 2017Major New Release from Audio Producer, 4th Starveling Audio, Episode 1 of Star Trek Tales from the Border, One World's Monsters, Part 2,'  For Part 1 of this Episode 1 of Star Trek Tales from the Border, and more than 4 dozen other audio dramas, see,

March 4, 2017.  New Release, A commercial, from Harold Gwatney Chevrolet (A Dealer):  For more professional parodies, tributes, commercial, instruction and exercise videos, see

March 3, 2017New Release, Professional Parodies, Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot Obamacare Replacement  For more Professional Parodies which involve Star Trek, see