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Headline News for November, 2011

November 27, 2011.  Star Trek: Intrepid has released a short, very personal film, "Confessions by Firelight." You can download it here: view it on You Tube Here: (5:45) or on Vimeo here: (5:45).  To view it as part of the totality of the story of Star Trek: Intrepid, and watch the rest of what one of the best acted and best written Star Trek Fan Film producers has to offer, go to . (Life action, adult fans, Silver Age)

Also very personal, Go!Animate's MattyG Productions has produced Star Trek: Recovery or Star Trek: USS Recovery (both are used)  Original Time Line, set after the destruction of Romulas, but uses the animation characters created for TOS.  The panel displays look like TNG or beyond.  Click here for webpage:  MattyG Productions  This is a set of short videos in a continuing (or single) story.  I found the first two slow, but after that the story picked up.  The show also brings in the subject of dealing with addiction, which is a very appropriate use of Star Trek.
Eps. 1  Promises:  (6:27)
Eps. 2  Maiden Voyage:   (13:14)
Eps. 3  Burn the Constitution   (5:15)
Eps. 4  Knick of Time  (8:12)
Eps. 5  Ill Wind (10:35)
Eps. 6 Cromwell's Shame (5:09)

For all that MattyG Productions has to offer, check .  For more of the Star Trek Fan Films produced by the animators at Go!Animate check out the new Table of Contents and Index at the newly organized and updated listings at Star Trek Reviewed-Go!Animate.

November 17, 2011.  The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity (Live action by a film student with continuously improving CGI, editing, costuming, etc.) has released a new short, A BBC Children In Need Special Edition, "Airlock 3".  It can be viewed here: (5:47) or here: . For all that The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity, and the earlier Teen Trek series, Star Trek Unity, has to offer, go to .  A Review:

The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity: ‘The Castaway’ and ‘Airlock 3′

November 10, 2011.  Star Trek Aurora, (3D animation, adult fan, Golden Age) the groundbreaking 3D animation by Tim Vining about a small merchant starship owned and run by a female captain and a crew of a single Vulcan woman, is complete!
It is now available for viewing as a single film, here: (55:28).
It is available on Vimeo as well: .

As of this posting the older version,* (new updated parts are marked *, below) plus the new Part 5 (parts a and b) are still up (9am EST) but I suspect will come down over the course of the day.
Facebook Page:
You Tube Channel:
Part 1: (10:29)*
Part 2: (8:10)
Part 3: (9:59)
Part 4: (10:00)
Part 5a: (9:31)

Part 5b: (7:02)
The newly released full film is significantly different.  Meanwhile, for subtitled and other versions of the previously released first four parts, see .

For the final full version with Portuguese subtitles, see (55:29) or Aurora - megaupload
Aurora - megavideo avi 773 mb with subtitles

A Review: Star Trek: Aurora
A discussion in a Florida General Circulation newspaper, the Tampa Bay Examiner, of the first four parts:

November 6, 2011.  Spooftackular No. 3. Star Trek: Trailer Trek. Live Action Parody of The Doomsday Machine.  It identifies itself as being in the 23rd century, which would make it Stone Age or Golden Age, but the uniforms mix Silver Age and TOS movie era. Completed in 1998, it won the "Golden Reel Award" for special effects at an annual film festival at Northern Illinois University.  It was shown on a local TV station in DeKalb, Ill. in 2001.  Since then, it has been remastered and put on You Tube.   You Tube Home:
Part 1: (9:44)
Part 2: (9:43)
Part 3: (8:43)  See for more information on this film.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Headline News for October, 2011

October 30, 2011.  Star Trek Osiris (Live action, Adult fan producers and actors, highly produced, well acted, Silver Age.) presents their third release, "Relay 97"   To download the episode: . )  For everything Star Trek: Osiris has to offer, go to .    Reviews:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Osiris: ‘Relay 97′  and RELAY 97

October 20, 2011.  Spooftackular No. 2.:    GoatBoyFilms presents: Star Trek: Alpha Strike, Live action, adult filmmaker, Early Golden Age, Star Trek uniforms.  They produced two fan films, one of which is a spoof,  "Misadventures in Space." (6:10)
You Tube offers a much longer version  which I have not watched: (1:14:29)

"Beauty of the Razor" is close to TOS in style and judging from the note I have received from the filmmaker, it is intended as an action/adventure drama and not a spoof. (13:40)

See for all  of the information I have on Goatboy Films.

October 12, 2011  Star Trek: Eagle (live action, teen trek, highly produced with sets and costumes, Golden Age.) has released their second episode, "The Bismark."

Part 1 of 3: (6:40)
Part 2 of 3: (3:41)
Part 3 of 3: (6:47)

This episode is so much better than the first one it's hard to believe the same people did it.  It was also nice to see a crossover with George Kayaian (of The Multiverse Crisis) making  a guest appearance.  I love fan film crossovers!  And I also see a "Thank you" to Romulan Wars.  Thanks to all involved for an enjoyable episode!

And as of Oct. 29, 2011 it's available to the Trek fan in Brazil and Portugal!  Here it is with Portuguese subtitles:
On You Tube:
Part 1: (6:40)
Part 2: (3:41)
Part 3: (6:47)

Or, as a single film on Vimeo: (17:03)

for everything Star Trek: Eagle has to offer, go to
A Review:  Fan Film Fridays: Star Trek: Eagle: ‘The Bismark’

October 8, 2011.  Phase II (live action, professional quality, Golden Age) has released a Vignette, "No Win Scenario" 8 minutes, 59 Seconds.  Filmed in 2005, It can be watched or downloaded here:
In Torrent: and
all other forms: (the second offers subtitles in English, American English, and German).
On You Tube with or without English subtitles (click "CC" for the subtitles) (8:59)
With Portuguese Subtitles on You Tube: (9:00)
and on Vimeo: (9:00)
For other offerings by Phase II go to  This marks the seventh anniversary of the release of "In Harm's Way" the official first Phase II episode.

If you enjoy Phase II as much as I do, consider donating.  They can't charge for their work, but we can pay them as if we were going to a movie.  To Donate, look at these two pages: and
Reviews: Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Phase II: ‘No Win Scenario’   Tampa Bay Examiner: Star Trek Phase II Celebrates 7 Year Anniversary With New Release

Star Trekz Empire (Modular animation by adult fan, late Silver Age) Series by Butch Kowalczyk has also released a preview vignette, "Empire Screen Test," (8:51).  Also about Klingons, this is the best Fem Trekz story released to date. To learn more about Fem Trekz go to

October Spooftakular begins a series of weekly Headlines highlighting Star Trek Comedies and Spoofs which were found during 2011, well after they were made and posted.  These will be interrupted by new releases.  Due to the release of a major German Language film, as well as recent finds of several other German Language films, I was going to have a mid-month Oktoberfest headline, which would have highlighted newly found and newly released German Language Star Trek Fan Films.  However, the heavy release schedule has thrown off those plans, plus my own research has exposed the ill-timing of this plan, so I will not be having the general German Language Fan Film feature.  The Spooftakular will continue at least through December, and quite possibly into 2012, depending on the number of releases which come through, as well as any discovery of as-yet unknown Star Trek fan parodies and comedies.

October 1, 2011 Spooftakular No 1.:  Ian White Cult Movies  Presents Star Trek Spoof  The two films in this series were done by a British Star Trek Fan a few years ago, but only discovered by me this year.  Each is roughly the length of a one-hour episode, without commercials.  Most aspects of these lighthearted parodies are Golden Age, although a few Silver Age aspects creep into the presentations.  They were sufficiently slick, yet oddball that I had to check to be sure that Ian White was an ordinary Star Trek Fan, not a British comic with his own TV show.   For everything I know about this filmmaker, see .  Or, to go directly to watch these amusing films, follow this directory:

Wrath of Whan
Part 1: (8:22)
Part 2: (9:56)
Part 3: (9:07)
Part 4: (9:59)
Part 5: (6:06)

Quantum Sheep (Sequel to Wrath of Whan)
Part 1: (9:38)
Part 2: (9:20)
Part 3: (9:58)
Part 4: (9:19)
Part 5: (6:29)
Part 6: (4:56)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Headline News for September, 2011

September 17, 2011  Star Trek: Odyssey has released it's entire 3rd Season, which is also it's concluding episode and the concluding episode of Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles, both productions of Hidden Frontier.   To view the over two hour long epic conclusion of this landmark series on You Tube go to: Tossed Upon the Shore (2:07:22).   To read about the lead-up episodes of Star Trek Odyssey go to, and the lead-up episodes of Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles, go to .  For an overview of the entire set of productions by Hidden Frontier, go to

Downloadable versions will be made available over the next few weeks and months.  This represents the conclusion of almost all of the video production of Hidden Frontier (there was a mention of one more film).  Hidden Frontier series will continue in the format of Audio Fan Trek.  There is also the possibility of a revival of video in the future, possibly in 3D video.  For the fans of Hidden Frontier, hope springs eternal...

A Review:

September 13, 2011  The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity has completed a story told in two episodes.  They are:

1.  The Warriors of Qo'noS.  This episode ends in a cliffhanger, with "To Be Continued..." in the next episode, which is entitled, "A Good Day to Die."
Part 2 of 2: (10:09)
2.  A Good Day to Die
Preview:  (0:49)
Part 1 of 2: (8:26)
Part 2 of 2: (11:26)
This epic series continues to improve in technical quality and storytelling.  Luke Sutton got a standard Silver Era Star Fleet Uniform!  For more on this series, and on the Teen Trek series which preceded it, see

Love Star Trek Reviewed?   Help others find it by linking to it from your own webpages and Facebook page.  Your link will also raise the profile of STR on search engines.

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Headline News for August, 2011

August 21, 2011  Star Trek: Intrepid has released it's vignette, "Machinations."  You can watch it on You Tube here: (7:22).  You can watch the Vimeo version here:  Or, you can download it in Windows Media or Quicktime format here: If you would like more information about Star Trek: Intrepid, go to
A Review:


August 18, 2011  Star Track: Idomo has released it's complete animated prequel adventure, "Star Track: The Academy Years."   For the full story on Star Track, a mostly live-action Action Comedy series, go to .  To view Star Track: The Academy Years,
As a single video, edited as the writers intended, click here: (31:52).  An earlier version in six separate segments can be used on their Star Trek Reviewed webpage, supra.

August 16, 2011.  Three newly listed (but not new) films on the page for films about Trekkies, Trekkers, and General Fandom  In a way, they show the broad range of these films, which join several others on that page.
1.  Trekkies 1.  A real documentary about the Trek culture.
2.  Star Trek: Geek Space 9.  The story of a group of English Deep Space 9 fans who try to make a fan film.
3.  Star Trek: The Re-Experience.  In which alum of The Star Trek Experience deal with the fallout of Trek space aliens who have not gone back to the future once that show closed in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

August 9, 2011  The Muddle with Moles.  Animation, 20 minutes long, Golden age. Warns that it is uncensored.  Mixes up time eras, includes a Time Machine from Dr. Who.  Not particularly well done, but has it's moments.  The creator, Erika DeBenedictis, also produced Star Trek: The Dooooomsday Bunny, a much weaker film.  Both are newly found, but not new films.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Headline News for July, 2011

July 26, 2011.  Star Trek: Survivor. (10:00)   I missed the release of this short, Live Action, College film class 10 minute film which tells a full story, set in the Silver Age of Star Trek.  You can find everything I've learned about it here:

July 12, 2011.  FemTrekz, a set of animation modules, has released it's first Episode, Landing Party Decorum (8:23).  This series is bordering on being moved to Star Trek Restricted even though the sexual references are pretty mild.  So far, though (and I haven't watched every video) that seems to dominate whatever story exists, although there does not appear to be any real plot.  The name of the captain varies with the filmmaker.  The characters are supposed to be female but act like males.  One of them sets the five year mission at the task of populating the galaxy.  For more on FemTrekz see .  Usually, this release, being under ten minutes, would be too short for treatment as a full film with a headline.  Also, the lack of plot would add to that problem, but this group has so many people working on it and releasing bits and pieces it's impossible to believe this will be all there is.  However, I have also see no evidence there will ever be an actual plot.

July 5, 2011.  Star Trek Requirius has released Allies (14:09), the opening episode of Season 2.  Live Action, Teen Trek, Silver Age.  For more information on Star Trek Requirius see .

July 1, 2011.  Two Major Releases open on July 1, 2011!  Star Trek Reunion's First Episode and Star Trek Unity's most recent episode! (Arguably Unity's 34th, including all series.)

Star Trek Reunion presents

Episode 1: The Gathering Storm(25:39). Machinima, Late Silver Age (2410).  This episode has a few notes toward the end saying it is not in final form.  For more information about Star Trek Reunion go to

The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity Presents:

Star Trek: The Castaway (8:27).  This short film tells a full story, mixing animation with live action.  For a complete listing of the offerings of this, more sophisticated series, and the earlier, Teen Trek, Star Trek: Unity, go to: .

NOTE BENE:  Because of the heavy NEW Star Trek fan film release schedule and newly discovered fan films announcements last month and in July, The 2nd Annual Star Trek Reviewed Mission Essay is temporarily being placed directly into it's permanent home, here: .  I hope to feature it at the top of this website some time in the fall.  Star Trek Review's primary mission is helping you find and watch Star Trek fan films, and listen to Star Trek Fan-made Audio!  However, NOTHING CAN REPLACE YOUR COMMENTS in improving this website!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Headline News for June, 2011

June 25, 2011.  The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity presents The Ice of Andor (10:08).  For a complete listing of the offerings of this, more sophisticated series, and the earlier, Teen Trek, Star Trek: Unity, go to: .   This short film tells a full story, and gives a good flavor of this exceptional series which is well written and well edited, but which goes light on costumes and makeup (but now includes props, green screens, and improving special effects and animation!)

NOTE BENE:  Because of the heavy NEW Star Trek fan film release schedule this week and next week, The 2nd Annual Star Trek Reviewed Mission Essay is temporarily being placed directly into it's permanent home, here: .  I hope to feature it at the top of this website some time later this summer, or perhaps in the fall.  Star Trek Review's primary mission is helping you find and watch Star Trek fan films, and listen to Star Trek Fan-made Audio!  However, NOTHING CAN REPLACE YOUR COMMENTS in improving this website!

June 10, 2011.  Ray Gasser's 1971 Star Trek Fan Film has been mislabed the First Star Trek Fan Film ever made (see  Jr. Star Trek (click on name) for a film which predates it by two years.  Nevertheless, we have added it to Star Trek Reviewed, here, as an historical film.  No complete story, only 5 minutes. .  Mislabeled here:

Goatboyfilms.   Two Live Action, Black and White fan films set in the Pike era.  They may both be intended as comedies, but that's not clear in the case of the longer, Star Trek: Alpha Strike (13:40).  The second is shorter, Misadventures in Space (6:10)  Here: .  Not newly released, but newly discovered.  Each tells a full story.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Headline News for May, 2011

May 28, 2011  Mariner, an Animated Star Trek drama series has released it's first Episode, Shakedown, (11:39).   Set in the early 25th Century, the time of Star Trek Online.   To watch it's first episode, click on the name of the episode.  For more information and links about Mariner, go to

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Headline News for April, 2011

April 23, 2011 Starship Farragut has released it's short, Just Passing Through, in streaming video only. (11:56).  Mirror and download websites will follow.  For links and discussion of all of the films put out by Starship Farragut, go to .  It loaded while I was doing something, so I watched it.  It's cute.

April 22, 2011  Star Trek Phase II has made it's latest episode, Enemy Starfleet, available for download as of 17:01 EST.  Go directly to this page to download: .  For more mirror website choices see:  It was made available on You Tube April 16, 2011:  (58:06).  It is discussed here: .  To review all of Star Trek Phase II's offerings, go to their webpage here:

ON April 28, 2011, Star Trek Phase II also release this short response to JJA Trek: (1:16)

If you enjoy Phase II as much as I do, consider donating.  They can't charge for their work, but we can pay them as if we were going to a movie.  To Donate, look at these two pages: and

April 20, 2011 Star Trek: Red Squad has posted Episode 3 of their series.  To view, click  on these links in sequence,
Episode 3, Part 1of 3: (9:09)
Episode 3, Part 2 of 3: (6:19)
Episode 3, Part 3 of 3: (6:04)
Or go to the Star Trek: Red Squad webpage here at Star Trek Reviewed and see all of their work.

April 16, 2011 Star Trek Phase II posted a You Tube full version of Enemy: Starfleet, an entirely new release.  (58:06).

April 3, 2011  Up All Night Productions, produced by George Kayaian, which is producing the three part Multiverse Crisis, has released a comedy Star Trek short film unrelated toThe Multiverse Crisis.  It is an older work, and not up to the standards of the later work.  Still, if you like Star Trek Parody, you may enjoy

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Headline News for March, 2011

March 30, 2011 Star Trek Phase II, posted a fully functional download of Blood and Fire Part II on March 12, 2011.  I had posted that a version of this with final audio but which didn't play right was posted May, 2010.  I have downloaded this final final version and watched it myself, and therefore can report it fully works.  To Download, go to ,  or to review all of Star Trek Phase II's offerings, go to their webpage here:

If you enjoy Phase II as much as I do, consider donating.  They can't charge for their work, but we can pay them as if we were going to a movie.  To Donate, look at these two pages: and

March 19, 2011  Star Trek: Rapture, the new series from Luke Sutton's Gateway Productions, which completed the long-running Star Trek: Unity series last year, has just released it's first story.  Set in 2389, it follows the former series with many of the same characters.  See all of Gateway Productions' work here:

Or watch the introduction to Star Trek Rapture ("The Road to Rapture") and the film itself here:
The bridge film, The Road to Rapture:

Star Trek Rapture.
Part 2 (Video 1 of 4): (5:16)
Part 2 (Video 2 of 4): (11:12)
Part 2 (Video 3 of 4): (5:30)

March 13, 2011  Star Trek: Requirius has released it's 4th episode, "Safe Zone" (12:35).  For all links, episodes and discussion of this series, , see .  I have been warned that this has a cliffhanger ending.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

News Headlines for February, 2011

February 27, 2011  Star Trek: New Homelands has released their final Star Trek Fan Film, "The Trouble With Games."  For all the links to their series, see, including their website and all episodes.  Or watch only "The Trouble with Games." Here: (27:38)

February 22, 2011.  Star Trek: The Romulan Wars has released it's 4th Episode (it had already released it's 5th episode) "Let the End Try the Man."  You can read more about Star Trek: The Romulan Wars, including links to all five episodes here: or watch the new episode only here:

"Let the End Try the Man" Complete as of Feb. 22, 2011
Teaser Trailer for "Let the End Try the Man."
Part 1 of 5: or (5:01)
Part 2 of 5: (10:59)
Part 3 of 5: (8:44)
Part 4 of 5: (10:15)
Part 5 of 5: (12:38)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Headline News for January 2011

January 29, 2011.  Star Trek: Requirius has released it's 3rd Episode, which is Part 3 of 3 in it's first story, "Escape."   You can read more about it here:, or watch the episodes by going directly here:  Escape Part 1: (13:02), Escape Part 2: (10:48), Escape Part 3: (12:12).

January 17, 2011.  Star Trek: Osiris has released it's third Episode, Penumbra.  It is available on Vimeo, (50:40).  It is available for download as of January 23, 2011 at .  For more on this group, including links to reviews, and their previous offerings, see .  This is a group which started well ahead of some other fan groups, and has already show significant growth in the quality of their product.

January 8, 2011. So, I'm late. But in case you were, too, here's a Christmas Special from the folk at Star Trek: The Quasi-Mechinima,
Christmas Special 2010:
This mixes live action with the voice actors and animators withe the animated backgrounds.  Pretty cute!
Joyeux Noel (3:57)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Headline News for December, 2010

December 25, 2010  Star Track: Decorum has been released, Star Track's 7th Annual Christmas Special.  You can find links to it, and all of Star Track's releases, here: , or to view Star Track: Decorum on You Tube, click here: (18:50).

December 20, 2010  Ordinarily, I would not give a headline to Part 1 of a story which will be released in many parts, but for those who have been waiting with baited breath for the continuation, Star Trek Armada, Season 3 has begun.  The additional reason this is news, is that Section 31 has given us a big upgrade in sound and in the way her characters move, and is now posting her videos on You Tube.  But, be warned:  This does not answer any of the questions left hanging at the end of Season 2.  Season 3, Episode 1: .  Or for all of her work. see her webpage here at Star Trek Reviewed: