Sunday, May 1, 2011

Headline News for April, 2011

April 23, 2011 Starship Farragut has released it's short, Just Passing Through, in streaming video only. (11:56).  Mirror and download websites will follow.  For links and discussion of all of the films put out by Starship Farragut, go to .  It loaded while I was doing something, so I watched it.  It's cute.

April 22, 2011  Star Trek Phase II has made it's latest episode, Enemy Starfleet, available for download as of 17:01 EST.  Go directly to this page to download: .  For more mirror website choices see:  It was made available on You Tube April 16, 2011:  (58:06).  It is discussed here: .  To review all of Star Trek Phase II's offerings, go to their webpage here:

ON April 28, 2011, Star Trek Phase II also release this short response to JJA Trek: (1:16)

If you enjoy Phase II as much as I do, consider donating.  They can't charge for their work, but we can pay them as if we were going to a movie.  To Donate, look at these two pages: and

April 20, 2011 Star Trek: Red Squad has posted Episode 3 of their series.  To view, click  on these links in sequence,
Episode 3, Part 1of 3: (9:09)
Episode 3, Part 2 of 3: (6:19)
Episode 3, Part 3 of 3: (6:04)
Or go to the Star Trek: Red Squad webpage here at Star Trek Reviewed and see all of their work.

April 16, 2011 Star Trek Phase II posted a You Tube full version of Enemy: Starfleet, an entirely new release.  (58:06).

April 3, 2011  Up All Night Productions, produced by George Kayaian, which is producing the three part Multiverse Crisis, has released a comedy Star Trek short film unrelated toThe Multiverse Crisis.  It is an older work, and not up to the standards of the later work.  Still, if you like Star Trek Parody, you may enjoy

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