Monday, May 1, 2017

Headline News for April, 2017

April 29, 2017Major New Release, (Adult fans, costumes, props, location shooting, Silver Age.) "Survivors."  This is a sequel to their prior release, "Survivor."  For more about this filmmaker and links to his other work, see

April 16, 2017Major New Release, (Adult fans, sets, costumes, props, professional actors) "Boldly Go!" A Musical Parody based on Star Trek, by Cole Remmen and Grant Remmen, Directed by Brian Brophy,  Grant Remman is studying at Cal Tech.  For more Filmed or Videotaped Star Trek for Live Stage Performance see

Discussion and Reviews:

April 15, 2017New Release from aboard the Starship Melbourne, (Golden Age, Adult fans, sets, costumes, props) "The Hunt,"  For other films, both regular and short, set aboard the Starship Melbourne, see

April 12, 2017Major New Release, English subtitles for Episode 1 of Star Trek Diplomacy. (Czech with green screens, costumes, adult fans, special effects, props, partial sets).  Episode 1 and 2 can be downloaded from (in English) or (in Czech) as follows:
pizode 1 - s01e01 - Government Gambity - STD01-s01e01_Vladni_rosady-720p.mp4 subtitles EN
Epizode 2 - s01e02 - Complete Report - STD02-s01e02_Uplne_hlaseni-720p.mp4
Length of Episode 1: 17:55
Length of Episode 2:  22:12

To play Episode 1 with English subtitles easily, download the free open source VLC media player, available here:  For more information about Star Trek: Diplomacy including its Czech language audio introduction, see

April 5, 2017Major New Release from Potemkin Pictures, aboard the Starship Tristan, (Golden Age, Adult Fans, costumes, green screens, props, sets, location shooting) "The Monsters Are With Us," You Tube: or Vimeo:  For previously released adventures aboard the Starship Tristan, as well as other Star Trek Fan series being produced by Potemkin Pictures, see  For their completed series, Project Potemkin, see

April 2, 2017Major New Release from Star Trek Continues, Episode 8, "Still Trends The Shadow" or   For all of Star Trek Continues previous episodes, and links to their pages and awards, see