Monday, August 1, 2011

Headline News for July, 2011

July 26, 2011.  Star Trek: Survivor. (10:00)   I missed the release of this short, Live Action, College film class 10 minute film which tells a full story, set in the Silver Age of Star Trek.  You can find everything I've learned about it here:

July 12, 2011.  FemTrekz, a set of animation modules, has released it's first Episode, Landing Party Decorum (8:23).  This series is bordering on being moved to Star Trek Restricted even though the sexual references are pretty mild.  So far, though (and I haven't watched every video) that seems to dominate whatever story exists, although there does not appear to be any real plot.  The name of the captain varies with the filmmaker.  The characters are supposed to be female but act like males.  One of them sets the five year mission at the task of populating the galaxy.  For more on FemTrekz see .  Usually, this release, being under ten minutes, would be too short for treatment as a full film with a headline.  Also, the lack of plot would add to that problem, but this group has so many people working on it and releasing bits and pieces it's impossible to believe this will be all there is.  However, I have also see no evidence there will ever be an actual plot.

July 5, 2011.  Star Trek Requirius has released Allies (14:09), the opening episode of Season 2.  Live Action, Teen Trek, Silver Age.  For more information on Star Trek Requirius see .

July 1, 2011.  Two Major Releases open on July 1, 2011!  Star Trek Reunion's First Episode and Star Trek Unity's most recent episode! (Arguably Unity's 34th, including all series.)

Star Trek Reunion presents

Episode 1: The Gathering Storm(25:39). Machinima, Late Silver Age (2410).  This episode has a few notes toward the end saying it is not in final form.  For more information about Star Trek Reunion go to

The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity Presents:

Star Trek: The Castaway (8:27).  This short film tells a full story, mixing animation with live action.  For a complete listing of the offerings of this, more sophisticated series, and the earlier, Teen Trek, Star Trek: Unity, go to: .

NOTE BENE:  Because of the heavy NEW Star Trek fan film release schedule and newly discovered fan films announcements last month and in July, The 2nd Annual Star Trek Reviewed Mission Essay is temporarily being placed directly into it's permanent home, here: .  I hope to feature it at the top of this website some time in the fall.  Star Trek Review's primary mission is helping you find and watch Star Trek fan films, and listen to Star Trek Fan-made Audio!  However, NOTHING CAN REPLACE YOUR COMMENTS in improving this website!

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