Thursday, June 30, 2011

Headline News for June, 2011

June 25, 2011.  The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity presents The Ice of Andor (10:08).  For a complete listing of the offerings of this, more sophisticated series, and the earlier, Teen Trek, Star Trek: Unity, go to: .   This short film tells a full story, and gives a good flavor of this exceptional series which is well written and well edited, but which goes light on costumes and makeup (but now includes props, green screens, and improving special effects and animation!)

NOTE BENE:  Because of the heavy NEW Star Trek fan film release schedule this week and next week, The 2nd Annual Star Trek Reviewed Mission Essay is temporarily being placed directly into it's permanent home, here: .  I hope to feature it at the top of this website some time later this summer, or perhaps in the fall.  Star Trek Review's primary mission is helping you find and watch Star Trek fan films, and listen to Star Trek Fan-made Audio!  However, NOTHING CAN REPLACE YOUR COMMENTS in improving this website!

June 10, 2011.  Ray Gasser's 1971 Star Trek Fan Film has been mislabed the First Star Trek Fan Film ever made (see  Jr. Star Trek (click on name) for a film which predates it by two years.  Nevertheless, we have added it to Star Trek Reviewed, here, as an historical film.  No complete story, only 5 minutes. .  Mislabeled here:

Goatboyfilms.   Two Live Action, Black and White fan films set in the Pike era.  They may both be intended as comedies, but that's not clear in the case of the longer, Star Trek: Alpha Strike (13:40).  The second is shorter, Misadventures in Space (6:10)  Here: .  Not newly released, but newly discovered.  Each tells a full story.

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