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Headline News for November, 2011

November 27, 2011.  Star Trek: Intrepid has released a short, very personal film, "Confessions by Firelight." You can download it here: view it on You Tube Here: (5:45) or on Vimeo here: (5:45).  To view it as part of the totality of the story of Star Trek: Intrepid, and watch the rest of what one of the best acted and best written Star Trek Fan Film producers has to offer, go to . (Life action, adult fans, Silver Age)

Also very personal, Go!Animate's MattyG Productions has produced Star Trek: Recovery or Star Trek: USS Recovery (both are used)  Original Time Line, set after the destruction of Romulas, but uses the animation characters created for TOS.  The panel displays look like TNG or beyond.  Click here for webpage:  MattyG Productions  This is a set of short videos in a continuing (or single) story.  I found the first two slow, but after that the story picked up.  The show also brings in the subject of dealing with addiction, which is a very appropriate use of Star Trek.
Eps. 1  Promises:  (6:27)
Eps. 2  Maiden Voyage:   (13:14)
Eps. 3  Burn the Constitution   (5:15)
Eps. 4  Knick of Time  (8:12)
Eps. 5  Ill Wind (10:35)
Eps. 6 Cromwell's Shame (5:09)

For all that MattyG Productions has to offer, check .  For more of the Star Trek Fan Films produced by the animators at Go!Animate check out the new Table of Contents and Index at the newly organized and updated listings at Star Trek Reviewed-Go!Animate.

November 17, 2011.  The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity (Live action by a film student with continuously improving CGI, editing, costuming, etc.) has released a new short, A BBC Children In Need Special Edition, "Airlock 3".  It can be viewed here: (5:47) or here: . For all that The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity, and the earlier Teen Trek series, Star Trek Unity, has to offer, go to .  A Review:

The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity: ‘The Castaway’ and ‘Airlock 3′

November 10, 2011.  Star Trek Aurora, (3D animation, adult fan, Golden Age) the groundbreaking 3D animation by Tim Vining about a small merchant starship owned and run by a female captain and a crew of a single Vulcan woman, is complete!
It is now available for viewing as a single film, here: (55:28).
It is available on Vimeo as well: .

As of this posting the older version,* (new updated parts are marked *, below) plus the new Part 5 (parts a and b) are still up (9am EST) but I suspect will come down over the course of the day.
Facebook Page:
You Tube Channel:
Part 1: (10:29)*
Part 2: (8:10)
Part 3: (9:59)
Part 4: (10:00)
Part 5a: (9:31)

Part 5b: (7:02)
The newly released full film is significantly different.  Meanwhile, for subtitled and other versions of the previously released first four parts, see .

For the final full version with Portuguese subtitles, see (55:29) or Aurora - megaupload
Aurora - megavideo avi 773 mb with subtitles

A Review: Star Trek: Aurora
A discussion in a Florida General Circulation newspaper, the Tampa Bay Examiner, of the first four parts:

November 6, 2011.  Spooftackular No. 3. Star Trek: Trailer Trek. Live Action Parody of The Doomsday Machine.  It identifies itself as being in the 23rd century, which would make it Stone Age or Golden Age, but the uniforms mix Silver Age and TOS movie era. Completed in 1998, it won the "Golden Reel Award" for special effects at an annual film festival at Northern Illinois University.  It was shown on a local TV station in DeKalb, Ill. in 2001.  Since then, it has been remastered and put on You Tube.   You Tube Home:
Part 1: (9:44)
Part 2: (9:43)
Part 3: (8:43)  See for more information on this film.

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