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Headline News for December, 2011

December 31, 2011.  Star Trek: Aurora (released last month) has received a rating of 5 and been declared a Quick Pick Treasure, one of the finest Star Trek Fan Films ever made.  Quick Pick Treasures are listed, here:  and Star Trek Aurora is discussed here:   Happy New Year to everyone!

December 28, 2011.  Erika DeBenedictis presents "Star Trek: The Wrath of Kiewiet." (Sims based Animation, Teen Trek, drama.)  Set mostly on earth.  Erika and her fellow Trek-loving friends use their time machine to make sure the Star Trek future is on course to become the real future, and work with the familiar TOS characters.  Watch it here: (16:48).  For all Ericka Debenedictis has to offer, or to watch this series from the beginning, see

December 24, 2011.  A fan film fan film.  From the fans of Star Trek: Phase II, comes this "stocking stuffer"... as if the last week of releases weren't providing massive volume, Gravity Arch Media (Comedy, Live Action, Sets, costumes, CGI, ... ) presents, "1701 Pennsylvania Avenue", (11:02).  To see this film with Portuguese subtitles go here:   (Oh, and hey, that actually was funny... ) For the offerings of the Fan Film group which inspired this fan film, go to .   For other films about Trekkies, both fictional and factual,see .

December 23, 2011Project Potemkin (Live Action, Golden Age, Adult Fans working with college students, Sets, CGI, costumes, make-up, original music.  Produced out of Albany, Georgia, USA) has released a short film, Doctors Orders. You can view it on You Tube, here: (5:22), or on Vimeo, here:  Or, you can view it with Portuguese subtitles here: (5:22) .  I will add download information when it becomes available for download.  To link to all Project Potemkin films and other information about this TOS-movie era fan film series, go to

December 22, 2011.  Star Track, (Comedy series by adult fans, animated and live action) Presents it's 8th Annual Christmas Special, an animated Star Track The Academy Years: The Initial Christmas Incident.  Can the cadets of the Idomo save Santa from the Klingons?  To find out, you can watch it here: (9:37).  To watch all of the episodes from this extensive comedy series out of Montreal, Canada, which includes both live action and animated episodes, see

Christmas Bonus from Trekkers, Trekkies and General Fandom: A Star Trek Christmas 2011.  A fan decorates her tree with Star Trek stuff. (4:35)

December 21, 2011  Solarbaby brings you the conclusion of her epic, three-season series, Star Trek Armada!  For those of you who have been following this tale, here is the final full Season 3!!!:

You Tube Play List:
Episode 1 of 14 : (7:14)
Episode 2 of 14 : at goanimae:
    at You Tube: (7:43)
Episode 3 of 14:
Episode 4 of 14: at goanimate: (6:24)  On You Tube: (6:35)
Episode 5 of 14: (4:33)
Episode 6 of 14: (5:48)
Episode 7 of 14: (5:49)
Episode 8 of 14: (on Go!Animate) (7:01) on You Tube: (7:12)
Episode 9 of 14: (on Go! Animate, You Tube not yet available) (7:59)  on You Tube: (8:09)
Episode 10 of 14: (7:41)
Episode 11 of 14: (7:50)
or in HD flash format here: (7:40)
Episode 12 of 14: (6:32)
or in HD Flash Format here: (6:22)
Episode 13 of 14: (7:05)
or in HD Flash Format here:
Episode 14 of 14 Part 1: v=14Cx1Nz_cPs&context=C365d5beADOEgsToPDskIe0Sa8p-SjRGtQztxAaFr_ (8:30)
or in HD Flash Format here: (8:20)
Episode 14 of 14 Part 2: (8:30)
or in HD Flash Format: (when available)
Episode 14 of 14 Part 3: (8:05)
or in HD Flash Format: (when available)

To watch this epic series from it's blockbuster Season 1, and for all other Star Trek animations from Solarbaby see her webpage at !
December 16, 2011.   Project Potemkin ( Live Action, Golden Age, Adult Fans working with college students, Sets, CGI, costumes, make-up, original music.  Produced out of Albany, Georgia, USA.) has released it's first full length episode, "The Void." You can watch it on You Tube, here: (31:10) or in You Tube 1040 Definition here:  or on Vimeo, here: (31:10) or wait until later in the week to download it. This headline will be updated with specific viewing information when that option becomes available. To also watch the two previously released shorts, and "Doctors Order" (see December 23, supra) all the other information Star Trek Reviewed has on Project Potemkin, go to

The Void with Portuguese Subtitles:
A Review: The Potemkin Project comes to life

December 8, 2011.  Stellar Trek.  Adult fans(early 20s), low level production (some costuming, no sets, green screens, CGI) out of Yorkshire, UK.  Mixed time line in this tongue-in-cheek dramady.  Released this week.  A Starfleet Officer disappears, but what has happened to him?   First episode in a planned series.  To watch, click here: (38:11)  For all I have about Stellar Trek, click here:

December 6, 2011    Starfleet Journeyman    has released it's third episode, "Wild Stars" this week.  It follows "Heaven's Key" and "Rayner Returns".   Live Action, adult fans, low level of  production, Golden Age.  Drama with Comedic Elements.  Home base is Toronto, Canada.  For links to all three completed episodes in this series, go to:

December 4, 2011 Star Trek: Requirius (Teen Trek, live action, drama, green screens, costumes, Silver Age) presents the second episode of their second season, "Bajor" (15:02).  Released today.  For Everything else Star Trek: Requirius has to offer, click here: .

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