Thursday, November 1, 2012

Headline News for October, 2012.

October 30, 2012.     Spooftakular No. 24      Klingon Style (3:56) (It's a music video, but clearly intended as Parody).    For more short parodies and comedies, see

October 27, 2012.   Find No. 9:  Listed under Misc. Short Films: The Kobayashi Maru. (5:01).  English subtitles.  Creators says the language is Simspeak.  For more Miscellaneous Short Films see

October 24, 2012.     Featured Go! Animators Nos. 24, 25, and 26:
First Frost Films
Thumbs up films

October 21, 2012.    Spooftakular No. 23  Olympic Ticket Scalper with Patrick Stewart and Simon Pegg: (3:25).  Not exactly Trek, but pretty funny and has some of the UK's Trek actors.  For more short parodies and comedies, see

October 18, 2012. Find No. 8:  . Fan Films from Before 1980. under (F)  Star Trek 1977 (3:09)
Spoof by 4 high school friends using paper cut-outs and stop-motion animation.  Originally silent, Sound added in 2005.

Also moved to this 'group film' topic were Jr. Star Trek, Gaser's 1971 Star Trek Fan Film, and Star Trix.  Turkish Star Trek is referenced, as it was also released in the 1970s.

October 15, 2012.  Featured Go! Animators Nos. 21, 22, and 23:


October 10, 2012.   Spooftakular No. 22  It's a Halloween Star Trek (9:38).  Shot using the costumes at a Halloween party, this is better than it had any excuse for being, although it would probably have been rated as a 1 or 2 if it were rated.  Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Q, R (invented for the film), the characters from The Wizard of Oz, a security officer from the Mobster planet, Guinan, Jordy ... and it's Spock, not Kirk that turns into Elvis... you know these folk watch Phase II.   Inconsistent, but surprising.    For more short parodies and comedies, see

October 3, 2012.  Star Trek: Reliant presents their NEWLY RELEASED forth episode,

"Moriarty's Revenge"  (17:15)  For earlier episodes and other information about Star Trek: Reliant, see

For Headlines more than 1 month old see Monthly Headlines From Star Trek Reviewed..  Love Star Trek Reviewed?   Help others find it by linking to it from your own webpages and Facebook page.  Your link will also raise the profile of STR on search engines.

"Find"s will be films that do not qualify as headlines, either because they were not recently created and released, or because they are too short or fail to tell a whole story.   "Find"s will also not include spoofs (which will be used as "Spooftakulars") and are not created using Go!Animate. Featured Go!Animaters filmmakers will be featured as individuals, with their films thereafter (one hopes) caught when released.


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