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Headline News for June, 2013

June 30, 2013. Newly Released: Star Trek Invincible Mid-season finale of the live performance of "Towards Yesterday" (2:59).  For links about this live action animation, and where to find out about their upcoming performances so that you can watch them live, see

Newly Released.  In honor of the SCOTUS decision on DOMA and California's Proposition 8, Scotland's Star Trek Intrepid released a scene it had deleted from an episode:
The Wedding.   A cut scene released June 30, 2013 in honor of the U. S. Supreme Court decision in DOMA and on California's Proposition Eight : (1:50).  For everything Star Trek Intrepid has to offer, see

June 28, 2013Newly released, A documentary overview of Star Trek from the Smithsonian Institution, (47:06).  It is being kept here until I develop enough such materials to create a blog for overviews of the entire franchise.

Newly released, Ahoyager, a new parody series from
lilredhead studios.  It is a reworking of an older idea, which he was not satisfied with.  (Sexual situations, suggestive language, racial comments.  Adult fan animation, Silver Age.)
Episode 1: The Saggy Truth: (4:29)
Episode 2: The Black Hole: (4:09)
For more information about this series, and the animator see:

June 26, 2013. Newly released, video on the restoration of the shuttlecraft, Galileo, (12:50).  For more stories and features about Star Trek: The Original Series, see

Four years ago I began laying out this website.  There are now four fan film groups which I would classify has ‘highly active’... that is they produce more than one episode per year. More may be on the way.

In addition, Star Trek Continues has released its first episode, the only fan film which can be said to compete with Phase II for recreating the original TOS feel. Another very high end fan film, Star Trek: Secret Voyage, is promising, but seems to have an unrealistic financial plan. There have been a number of other exceptional efforts this year, including the short, Star Trek: Deception.

Just introduced, I have started giving new Audio releases Headlines. Headlines have been expanded since it has gotten less and less realistic for fan film fans to scan the entire website to find new, minor releases. Headlines will still not include teasers, trailers, pre-announced release dates or incomplete releases. Headlines still mean something has been released in final form. For the most part, the release also tells a complete story or finishes one. However, I have accepted the fact that audio is generally done in the form of an ongoing serial, and as long as the episode is a full story of sorts, it will get a Headline.

This year Star Trek Reviewed has primarily just added new films as they are released, old ones as they are discovered,, and reviews and commentary as they are found, and continued projects begun in prior years. An exception: A list of fan films which are based on The Doomsday Machine and placed under my listing of the TOS episode, "The Doomsday Machine." I would like to expand the links in the subwebsite on Pro Trek beyond reviews, adding links to fan films that reference a that episode. I also made many links to reviews of Star Trek Into Darkness.

The only reorganizations have been the addition of an incomplete page for fan films made with ship animations only, no people (we only hear the people... or maybe not even that) and a slight re-ordering of the listings of Fan Filmmakers who have not released films. I have marked out two-letter listing starting with A (like (AC)) to hold fan films which say they are active when asked but which show little actual results for a long time. I define ‘a long time’ inconsistently.

As always, I hope this website will continue to serve folk who would rather spend time watching Star Trek Fan Films than hunting for them. I also want to thank the many fan film makers who were kind enough to contact me about their releases, ensuring I and hundreds of others who depend on Star Trek Reviewed would not miss their work. Finally, I want to thank the many fan film makers who have provided me with posters and photos to illustrate their work.  For WHY STAR TREK REVEIWED and the three annual essays that followed, as well as the permanent home of this essay, see

June 23, 2013Newly Released.  Buckingham Palace Guards play all the themes from Star Trek. (4:54) Permanent home: (BA)

Newly Released.  Short film from Star Trek Invincible.  The Ties That Bind is a video prequel to the episode, "Towards Tomorrow." (4:34).  For more information about this live action animation, see

June 21, 2013Spooftakular No. 31Honest Trailers Star Trek (2009). (4:13).  For more commentary about J.J. Abrams first Star Trek movie, see

NEWLY RELEASED first episode of a new audio series, Star Trek: Ranger, from the producers of (The second listed) Star Trek Valkyrie  You Tube Home: .  Video Series Trailer: (0:52)
Episode 100: Prologue: (15:03)
For more audio drama and comedy, see
NOTE THIS IS A NEW FEATURE.  Going forward Star Trek Reviewed will give major audio releases Headlines.

June 15, 2013PEZ Trek Theater .  The Sprog.  Adobe Flash animation, adult fans. (16:47).  Animated PEZ dispensers make up the Enterprise crew.  It's permanent page is now here:

June 13, 2013   Spooftakular No. 30  Life Life In Space Space. Parody, live action Adult fans, obscene content, sets, costumes. For viewing instructions go to (D) (14:13) .

June 7, 2013. Star Trek Slow Jam!  Key of Awsome #72New Release from "Barely Political" (which also produced "Beam Me Up, Hottie) (Parody, Adult fans) (3:58)  Sexual subject matter.  Also recently released,  For more short Comedy and Parody see

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