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Headline News for May, 2013

May 31, 2013Red Shirts, the Series.  (Comedy, Slapstick, Adult Fans, Golden Age, costumes, sets, location shooting.)  Released first episode.   Part 1 of 2: (5:43).  Part 2 of 2: (4:53)  For
more about Red Shirts, the Series, see

May 24, 2013NEWLY RELEASED FIRST EPISODE FROM NEW HIGHLY ANTICIPATED SERIES STAR TREK CONTINUES by the established fan group which produces Starship Farragut. (Golden Age, adult fans, drama, costumes, sets, CGI, cast members who are relatives of the original cast.)   Their first episode is entitled, "Pilgrim of Eternity,"  was first shown on 5/24 at the Phoenix Comicon.    It was then posted on the internet later that day.  Watch it here: (51.18) or here:  (51:17)  .
Reviews: , , ,  and
Reactions (see comments for mini-reviews:) also  I watched this and found it to be enjoyable.  It is significantly better than the short films that were released prior to it.

For links to the short films and other information about Star Trek Continues, see
(1)  Star Trek Deception.  (Adult fans, live action, sets, costumes, green screens, CGI, Silver Age, Cheshire, Northwich, UK) (8:30)  With Portuguese subtitles: (8:30)  Exceptional short film. For more short films not classified elsewhere, see

(2)  Newly Released, Star Trek Commercial with tie-in to Star Trek Into Darkness (0;31) .  For more professional comedy and commercials, see

May 16, 2013Newly Released, Short school project.  (live action, middle school students)   Star Trek: The Middle School Musical    (3:39)  For more school and church projects see .

May 10, 2013Short comedy/parody new release, (animated) Star Trek Into Duckness - Intergalactic Trailer.   (2:19) .   For more short comedy and parody, see

May 9, 2013.  Star Trek Intrepid, MAJOR NEW RELEASE, (Adult fans, green screens costumes, location shooting, minimal sets, excellent writing and acting) "A Stone Unturned" is also available with Portuguese subtitles, here: (30:19)/ This story includes Jean Luc Picard, played by a different actor.  They have also released a version with commentary:  (30:20)
A review:
Another review:
Television coverage of this release: (2:06)
For everything the fan film group which was my first love has to offer, see

May 7, 2013NEWLY RELEASED professional commercial from Audi, entitled "The Challenge"  pits Leonard Nimoy against Zachary Quinto in a match with multiple references to Mr. Spock in which Audi beats Mercedes Benz. (2:44).  For more professional commercials and spoofs see

May 6, 2013Find No. 18.  forestmedic posted "The Doomsday Machine."  (Live action, adult fans, CGI) It is listed here: or watch it directly on You Tube:
This fan remake was shot in three days 2001, and completed on a Mac G4 over the next year.
Part 1 (9:41)
Part 2 (9:31)
Part 3 (10:02)
Part 4 (9:53)
Part 5 (9:52)

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