Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Headline News for April, 2013

April 28, 2013MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Star Trek: Dark Armada
(Adult fans, live action, green screens, some sets and some location shooting, CGI, Silver Age, Netherlands.) presents, "Nightfall." (29:40).  For all of the films by Star Trek: Dark Armada, See .

April 26, 2013.  The Star Trek: Invincible announcement has been moved to

April 22, 2013  TEMPORARY HEADLINE:  Project Potemkin has temporarily released a rough cut of a live action fan film made at Trek Trax Atlanta over the weekend of April 20-21, 2013.  "Closing Time."  People participated not only from Project Potemkin (Georgia, USA), but also from Starship Reliant (Newfoundland, Canada), Starship Farragut (Washington, D.C. region and Georgia) and the Audio drama, Starship Valkyrie, with makeup provided by a member of Phase II/New Voyages. (Upstate New York)  (5:16).  I do not ordinarily give Headlines to films that are not in final form, but the very unusual way this film was made (at a Trek Convention) made me decide to make an exception.  I have not, however, watched it and will not watch it until it is released in final form.

ALSO Newly released: from Improvised Star Trek, an improv comedy group from Chicago,
Hlchop! (3:11)  This is a love song in Klingon... with the appropriate attitude for Klingons.  For more Star Trek comedy from Improvised Star Trek, mostly audio, see

ALSO new comedy short release:  Star Trek - Bad Days Season 2. (3:11)  It's from Stan Lee.  Yes, that Stan Lee!  (Spiderman et al.)

April 18, 2013.   Featured Go! Animators Nos. 48, 49, 50: 
Dark Wolph Studios

April 11, 2013.  NEW MAJOR RELEASE from Established Fan Filmmaker (Film School Fans, CGI, Green Screens, animation, costumes, Silver Age, exceptional writing, and one of the few Fan Films with consistent casting. Drama, UK.), The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity, "The Oath"

Part 1 of 2: (12:51)
Part 2 of 2: (12:04)
The second longest Fan Film series in Star Trek Fan Film history continues. This episode is slower than most, focusing on crew morale in the middle of a retreat in a war after a losing battle.
For the other releases in The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity, as well as the far less technically sophisticated (Kid or Teen Trek) Star Trek Unity, See

ALSO NEWLY RELEASED TODAY... Star Trek Nature's Hunger

(Adult fans, CGI, Green Screens, costumes, Comedy, Golden Age) has produced a self-contained parody which is not part of their usual ongoing stores, "Red Shirt Survival Guide"  (11:12).  For the rest of the releases in this off-beat Star Trek Fan Film series, see

April 8, 2013   New FIRST Release from Star Trek: Valient,  (Adult fans, costumes, sets, greens screens, CGI) , Episode 1, The Artellian Gambit, (16:43).  For more about this Star Trek: Valient, see

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