Monday, April 1, 2013

Headline News for March, 2013

March 29, 2013   New Release fromProject Potemkin (Adult fans, live action, sets, green screens, location shooting, professional actors, CGI, Golden Age(movie era)).  The ninth film from this powerhouse fan film production group, S01-H  The Devil in the Details  You can watch it on You Tube,    (7:41) or Vimeo:  (7:40).  Hmmm... interesting, and worth your time, as are all Potemkin productions.  But I am left to wonder if there is something in that Georgia water demanding productions there mix Star Trek and the Wizard of Oz!  For all of their previous releases, and more links about Project Potemkin see

March 28, 2013.  Spooftacular No. 29.      Internal Revenue Service of the United Stated created a Trek video in 2010.  With income tax season here, it seems an appropriate time to feature it.
Watch it here:
or here: (5:22)

Read about it here: or here: or or .
For more Trek created by professionals for parody, tribute, sales or training, see

There seems to be some confusion with this much older short by fans.  I have no idea why "IRS" is in it's title, although it is called, "IRS Cutting Edge." (0:57).  That video will be placed under "Other short videos".

March 24, 2013.    Find No. 17.   Star Trek - Mystery at Starbase M-3   (Animation, Golden Age, TOS Enterprise and crew, adult fan.  (15:08).  A clear 'thumbs up' for this film.  For more information and pictures from this film, see

March 17, 2013   New Release from Star Trek Reliant (Canadian Adult fans, live action, green screens, costumes, CGI, some sets and location shooting) Episode 7, "Missing in Action," (13:56).  For everything Star Trek Reliant has to offer, see

March 15, 2013 (The Ides of March... ) Two New Releases!  First, release of the eighth fan film from established filmmaker, Project Potemkin, "Archway".  You can watch it on Vimeo,  (6:46) or You Tube,  (6:47).  A very cool short film.  For all of their previous releases, and more links about Project Potemkin see

Then, Star Trek: Nature's Hunger releases the first episode of Season 5, continuing the Star Trek Meets the Wizard of Oz saga:
Episode 1: (10:10)  For everything Star Trek: Nature's Hunger has to offer see :

March 7, 2013.    NEW release today of  A MAJOR FAN FILM from an established filmmaker!  Star Trek: Eagle, (Golden Age, Teen Fans with Adult backing, live action, sets, green screens).  It is their forth release and 3rd episode, "Past Regrets" (their last release was a short film).  (37:32).  The episode itself is over around 25:30, but has credits and a blooper reel attached.  It forms a crossover with Starship Saladin, which has not yet released it's own film, and includes old friends like the Orions and the Gorn.  Lots of action.

For EVERYTHING Star Trek: Eagle has to offer, see:

March 1, 2013.   Featured Go! Animators Nos. 45, 46, 47: 

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