Sunday, December 1, 2013

Headline News for November, 2013

November 24, 2013.  Introducing FAN MASHUPS AND RECUTS, a page for many fan-made shorts and stories made of footage from existing Professional Trek and some high-end Fan Trek. .  This page is not well organized, and I am open to handing responsibility for it to a fan who would like to organize it.  Due to the use of professional Trek footage, these films represent a greater violation of copyright laws than most Fan efforts.   Here is an example, in which footage from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek (The Original Series) are cut together to make a story: Yesterday's Enterprise (Fan Made)  Mash-up and recut of TNG and TOS episodes:
Part 1 (9:52)
Part 2 (9:52)
Part 3 (1:23)

Until somebody steps forward to work on the recuts page, or create a recut website which I can work with, I will add new recuts at the bottom of the current page.

November 20, 2013.  Newly released LINK CORRECTED THANKS TO eMBee!  commercial, Karl Urban Star Trek Pinball Custom Speech Power Pack (Nov. 2013) (1:07)  For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Comedies and Tributes, see

November 18, 2013  Crossover Film No. 2. Trek TNG/Dr. Who (3:01) For more Franchise crossover Fan Films see

November 16 , 2013.  FIND No. 25.  Gates of STo'vo'kor  Audio Drama based on Star Trek Online.  Klingons.  Active Production.  34 Episodes ready for listening as of November 16, 2013.  Website here: . For more Star Trek Fan Audio productions see

Spooftakular No. 39.  German Language Parody.   Cool Age 2. 

November 14, 2013NEWLY POSTED MAJOR Star Trek Fan Film IN FRENCH ONLY.  Star Trek: The Judge.  School project including faculty.  Golden Age. Watch it here:  (26:26).  For more French language Star Trek Fan Films see .  For more School and Church projects see .

November 11, 2013Find No. 24. A new audio series from Hidden Frontier,  Star Trek: Equinox.
First Webisode released 8/19/13.  101: Shakedown.   Download it here: (58:16).   For more information about Hidden Frontier, see .  For more Fan Audio productions see   Thanks to Camren T. Burton for pointing this release out to me. 

November 8, 2013.  Spooftakulars No. 36, 37, and 38.    Three short films about Trek Fans:
Trekkie Baby. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Trekkies with a baby carriage... or high chair, as the case may be! (1:32)
Star Trek Cat  (This Cat is a Trekkie!) (0:58)
Why The Star Trek Universe is Secretly Horrifying (from Cracked): or if you have a log-in, from You Tube: (7:58)  (Thanks to eMBee for the Cracked link).
For more films about Trek Fans see:  Trekkers, Trekkies, and general Fandom

November 6, 2013Newly released commercial, Twizzlers - The Twist You Can't Resist (0:16).  For more professional parodies, comedies, and tributes, see

November 3, 2013FIND 23, German Language Audio drama, Der STAR TREK-Hörspiel-Podcast, Listen here:  .  Follow them here: .,  Thanks to eMBee for finding this missing drama!  For more about this podcast, and more German Star Trek Fan productions, see For more Fan Audio productions see

November 2. 2013Newly Released, Star Trek Outpost, the only Fan Audio show to ever win a Parsec Award, Episode 52, "Backwash."  For downloads in an assortment of formats or online listening,  (1:03:37).  For more about Star Trek Outpost, including all its earlier episodes, and more on other Star Trek Fan Audio shows see

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