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Headline News for December, 2013

December 31, 2013Three  MAJOR NEW RELEASES .  It's Klingon New Year's Eve in the Star Trek World!

ONE MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Star Trek Phase II/New Voyages,  (Adult fans, near perfect sets and costumes (some screen worn from TOS), live action with professional actors, writers and directors who wrote for TOS and other professional Star Trek productions, professional quality CGI), by far the best known and most praised Star Trek fan film series, "Kitumba," their eighth episode.  A Klingon story, the farewell performance of James Cawley as James T. Kirk.  Watch it here: (1:05:25), here: (1:05:25), or here: . Watch it
with subtitles in Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, English (US) or English (UK) here: (1:05:33)  Also with Brazilian Portuguese: (1:05:33) or download or move to your own cloud server here:!AEt1XJCB!GZ2yMEy1VD2GHUKQxKIJFyQ3BJBL9qjWnTrMKvX1XHI

  To download subtitled versions in an assortment of languages, see  (Downloads of both SD and HD are available, but as of Jan 2 2014 subtitles were in English and German only.).  Torrent download website:  Early comments are saying this is as good as, or better than "World Enough and Time," generally considered the best Star Trek Fan Film ever made.  Others have suggested this film has the highest production value of any fan film to date.


A Discussion:
For more full films and shorts from Phase II/New Voyages go to

TWO, MAJOR NEW RELEASE.  Star Trekz Empire (Klingon-centric animation by an Adult fan)  completes it's hour-long, 3-episode story,

Episode 1:  Star Trek: Rendezvous:  On You Tube: (18:38) and on Vimeo:
Episode 2: 102, "Changing Tides". (20:16)

Episode 3: 103, "Knights Take Rook" (21:42)

For more about Star Trekz Empire, see

THREE,   MAJOR NEW RELEASE, Star Trek: Wounded Warriors.  Their first release and first episode. (Silver Age, Adult Fans, set during the Dominion War) This Florida group has released an audio episode and hopes to jump to video.  Strong female characters.  I enjoyed it and particularly recommend this to DS9 fans.  Released Dec. 31, 2013, Episode 1: Distain: (1:19:29)

December 29, 2013Spooftakular No. 45.  Professional Star Trek Parodies from  Robot Chicken (Adult Swim) Stop action puppets  (First listing isn't new)
1)  Le Wrath di Khan (1:40) An opera.
Also here:
2)  The Star Trek Experience (2:14)
3)  The Prime Directive  (2:13)
4)  Many Spocks  (1:33)
5)  No Power (2:18)
6)  Lost Power  (0:58)
7)  Captain Kirk Nut Shot  (0:12)
8)  It's Not Easy Being William Shatner  (1:48)
For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, and Foreign Imitations see .

December 25, 2013Christmas Find. (aka Find No. 42).    Star Trek: Encounter At Outpost Alpha Omega.  Christian analogy uses Trek for good v. evil.  Posted April 2011, but was not new then.  Church project.  This is Kid Trek.  Uniforms, rudimentary sets.  Sound quality weak at times, good at other times.  They say it's a film with a message, but I confess the message eluded me until they expressly stated that message, which equated the Federation and Star Fleet with Jesus and the Kingons with the devil.  Mixes original shots with remixed shots from TOS TV and movies. (21:08)
You Tube Channel:  For more Select Star Trek Film Projects for School or Church, see

December 20, 2013Introducing Filmmakers Who Produce CGI Sequences Without Visible Humans.   For the most part, this blog will not list each film, (in many cases there are hundreds of films) but only link to the You Tube or similar channel of the artist who created and posted the films.  Artists are listed in alphabetical order by screen name.  New finds will not be given headlines, nor will new releases be announced on the blog, but I am open to working with somebody who wishes to create a website which does a better job on these works.  Please contact me if you are that person.  In the meanwhile, I will add new filmmakers as I find them, inserting them in alphabetical order, along side the ones already listed and linked.

December 17, 2013.   Spooftakular No. 44    The Ben Stiller Show (2:37)  For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, and Foreign Imitations see .

December 14, 2013Newly released, Griffith Trek a fan audio drama by Jared Cowing.  A one-shot written and recorded to accompany a geocaching game at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles California.   Cowing considers himself primarily a composer, so pay particular attention to the music.  It is composed of four files totaling 19 minutes 46 seconds.  Listen here:  For more Star Trek Fan Audio shows see

December 10, 2013Spooftakulars Nos. 41, 42, and 43, all shorts.
In honor of the upcoming Kitumba:
 Shit Klingons Say (1:28)
and for those who don't love Klingons:
 Star Trek Cats (3:44)
 Shortest Trek Ever (0:53)
for more short comedy and parody

December 7, 2013Newly released.  This Recut of TNG footage, "Captain Picard sings "Let it Snow" is the hottest Star Trek Fan Film on the web right now. (2:10)  (I will not be giving new Recuts Headlines ordinarily, but will add them at the bottom of the Recut and Mash-up page, here: .)

December 4, 2013.    Newly Released, Star Trek Outpost, the only Fan Audio show to ever win a Parsec Award, Episode 53, "Homecoming." Listen live  or go here  (57:44) to get it for download in multiple formats.  For more about Star Trek Outpost, including all earlier episodes, and more on other Star Trek Fan Audio shows see

Find No. 41Star Trek: Into the Abyss (The Film That Should Have Been) Combinations of original animation and film from a game, this Fan-made short is what one fan thought would have been a better Star Trek 11 (XI) than what J.J. Abrams did. (6:43)  For more Short Fan Films see

December 3, 2013.    Crossover Film No. 3. Star Trek/Star Wars/Dr. Who Trek (1:30)  For more Franchise crossover Fan Films see

Spooftakular No. 40.   Star Trek X Generation, worst fan film.  Blog 181  The uniforms say Golden Age, but the characters say Silver age... I could just have put it under "Really, really bad stuff" but I don't think it's as bad as the stuff there.  It's more like a 1 than a zero.
Part 1 (8:31)
Part 2 (5:30)

Until somebody steps forward to work on the recuts page, or create a recut website which I can work with, I will add new recuts at the bottom of the current page.

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