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Headline News for January, 2014

January 31, 2014Major New ReleaseStar Trek: Rendezvous, (Adult fans, live action, costumes, CGI, green screens, Silver Age, Logan, Utah) has released a second episode, "The Inquiry". (16:25).  For more about Star Trek Rendezvous, including their prior release, see 

January 30, 2014.   Crossover Film No. 4   Star Trek Star Wars Crossover (1983) (10:00) . For more Franchise Crossover Films see

January 26, 2014Spooftakulars Nos. 46, 47 and 48. 
Wesley Crusher Learns a Lesson  (1:47)
Star Trek Cartoon (TNG) (4:45)
Learn Klingon (A Tribute to a Teacher, doesn't mention Rosetta Stone) (1:17)  For more short comedies and parodies, see:

January 23, 2014.  Find No. 43Spaceship Away!!!  Story is narration with occasional imitation of a character's voice, acted out with dolls.  Nice mix of drama and comedy. .  (9:56)   For other short Star Trek Fan Films not listed elsewhere, see

Recently releasedStar Trek (Fan Film) When the Wolfbane Blooms (4:47)  Intercuts with dolls, not animated but posed, and some other footage, not Trek footage.  Done as part of a project for Graduate School. Kirk and crew are ordered to investigate strange murders on Centarus 7.   For more school and church projects see

January 20, 2014. Newly Released, Episode 2 of Star Trip: The What? ... Generation.  Due to violence and foul language this episode all viewing information is listed in Star Trek Restricted, 5. (F) here: .

January 17, 2014  Major New Release by established Audio drama, Star Trek: Excelsior, Episode 1, "Picking Up the Pieces" of Season 4, Ex Astris Mirificentia, Production No. 401.  Listen or download here:     The episode runs 77 minutes, 21 seconds, or (1:17:21).  For more about Star Trek: Excelsior, including all earlier episodes, and more on other Star Trek Fan Audio shows see

January 14, 2013Newly Released, by Star Trek Eagle, (Teen Trek, costumes, sets, CGI, Golden Age)  Mini-episode, "The Calling" (4:30)  For more about Star Trek Eagle including the series' previous releases, see

January 13, 2013MAJOR NEW RELEASE from established fan film series, Project Potemkin, (Adult fans, Golden Age, costumes, sets, special effects, CGI, some professional actors) The Night The Stars Fell From the Sky. (54:47) or here: (54:46).
With Portuguese Subtitles: (54:46) or (54:46).  Download here: . For the rest of Project Potemkin's films as well as other information and links about their production, see 

A Review from Eric L. Watts, who saw a pre-release screening: "EARLY REVIEW: Much like "The Dark Knight," each time you think the story has reached its denouement and the end credits are about to roll, it keeps on going, revealing unsuspected repercussions and a breathtaking resolution. Kudos to Jeffrey Green for an outstanding performance as Capt. Grigory and to David Eversole for a story worthy of the Star Trek franchise. A fine effort by all involved, light years ahead of all its previous episodes, and deserving of all the praise it's sure to earn when the final cut is released."

A newspaper review:

More Comments and Reviews:

January 9, 2013 MAJOR NEW RELEASE from established Fan Film series, Star Trek: The Romulan Wars, Season 2, Episode 2, "The Needs of the Many" (29:23).  With Portuguese subtitles: and (29:23).  OR,!FBNSSBIY!Zb0J7WH4ofp2I3md8XPB6B4ixm5vc-X5UKSRlczDJas  For previous episodes, and more information about Star Trek: The Romulan Wars, see

January 8, 2013Three New Releases
Newly Released from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek:  (Golden Age, Animation, Adult Fan) Public Service Announcement #4, Star Trek Logical Thinking#3: Petitio Principii (Circular Reasoning) (2:08)  For Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek's full length episode, not quite complete episode, and other shorts, see

Major New Release, Star Trek: Valkyrie, (Adult fans, audio drama) Episode 203, "The Sculpture" : (24:30)  For the earlier episodes of Star Trek Valkyrie, and dozens of other Audio shows, see 

Newly Released: A Letter to J.J. Abrams: The Fan Film Group creating Star Trek: Wounded Warriors begs J.J. Abrams bring Trek by to TV in a short film (2:01).  For more films about Trek lovers, with stories both real or fictional, see

January 3, 2013TWO Releases
MAJOR NEW RELEASE  Star Trek: Outpost,the only Fan Audio show to ever win a Parsec Award,  Episode 54.  "The Inside Man."  Released January 3, 2014, posted January 5, 2014.  live feed audio: .   For more about Star Trek: Outpost, including all earlier episodes, and more on other Star Trek Fan Audio shows see

 Newly Released .  Episode 101 of new Audio drama set in 2328, late Golden Age, Star Trek: Ranger, "Malfunction." Listen here: (22:05). or download  The same group, Glass City Communications, has produced another Audio drama, Star Trek: Valkyrie.  For more information about Star Trek Ranger, including a link to their introductory episode and other production information and information about other Star Trek Audio shows see:

January 2, 2014Newly Released from established Fan Filmmaker Star Trek Euderion, German Language only, "Schatten der Vergangenheit" (Vignette) (Ger) (15:40).  I quote their description: Ein neues Crewmitglied, Lieutenant Elias Reynolds, soll sich auf der USS Euderion melden. Auf dem Flug zu seinen neuen Posten reflektiert er über die letzten Tage des Dominion krieges und dem Tod eines guten Freundes.  Vignette 4 der Star Trek Euderion Adventures ist eine No-Budget Green Screen Verfilmung des Euderion Fanfilm-Clubs in Berlin.  For more films and information about Star Trek Euderion, see .  For more German-Language Star Trek Fan Films see .

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