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Headline News for February, 2014

February 27, 2014.  Spooftacular No. 49  Eddie Izzard's  Star Trek Stand Up Comedy Act (9:06)  For more live Star Trek which has been recorded, see

February 25, 2014.   Newly Released by Star Trek Antyllus, probably the youngest writer of any Star Trek Fan Film, Anya Kayaian, age 4, joins her daddy and paternal grandparents (her grandma plays Captain Navarro in The Multiverse Crisis) writing an installment of her daddy's new series, Star Trek Antyllus.  (Live Action, toddler writer working with an adult filmmaker.) "The Mysterious Tale of Lt. Anya" with English subtitles (for those of us who do not easily understand 4-year-olds)
Part 1: (4:05)
Part 2: (5:15)
With Portuguese Subtitles:
Part 1: (4:05)
Part 2: (5:15)

For all of the Star Trek Fan Films from the Kayaian family, see

February 22, 2014.   FIND No. 44   Star Trek Deception. by Dan Monty.  A jumpy stop action Mego animation by an adult fan.  Golden Age series, set on the Enterprise A, with the original crew released in six episodes.  He does all of the voices.  Set between TOS and the Movies. Mixes music from all Trek eras. His You Tube channel is here:

Episode 1: (12:17) "Sins of Yesterday."  Introduces the NCC-1701A Enterprise.
Episode 2: (9:08) "Always a Captain"
Episode 3: (9:04) "Parasites"
Episode 4: (9:46) "The Time Shift"
Episode 5: (10:07) "The Rise of Khan"
Episode 6: (7:37) "The Fall of Khan" (FINAL)
For the permanent home of this set of films, see

February 18, 2014.  New Release from Project Potemkin, Season 2 Episode A (first short film).  "Duty Bound."  Watch it here: (8:32) or here: (8:33).  For more about Project Potemkin, including all of their prior episodes and related links, see

February 12, 2014.  Major New Release from TNG Mechinima Fan Episodes, (Adult fan, mechinima, Silver Age) Episode 2, "Blinded."  View it here: (25:01).  The filmmaker intends this to be a disturbing moral issue.  For Episode 1, "Running on Empty" and pictures from this series see .

February 11, 2014.  Major New Release from Stellar Trek (Adult fans, comedy, mixed time periods in an alternative parody universe) Episode 2:  Lords of Time (58:22). A Dr. Who crossover.   For more about Stellar Trek, including a re-edited and tighter first episode, see

February 10, 2014.  Newly Released from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek:  (Golden Age, Animation, Adult Fan) Public Service Announcement No. 5,  Star Trek Logical Thinking #4: Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc (False Cause) (1:52)For Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek's full length episode, not quite complete episode, and other shorts, see

February 8, 2014.  MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Star Trek Continues (Professional actors, costumers, CGI people, top quality sets, professional writers), their second episode, "Lolani".  Watch it here: (50:46) or here: (50:47) .
Reviews: ; SciFiPulse ;  Article: ;

For all of their previous releases, both their first episode and their shorts, as well as links to their website, reviews, and related pages see

February 5, 2014Two New Releases.
MAJOR NEW RELEASE Star Trek Outpost, the only Fan Audio Drama ever to win the Parsec Award, Episode 55, "Bits and Pieces."  Download or listen live here:  For more about Star Trek Outpost, including all previous episodes as well as information about other Star Trek Fan Audio dramas, see .

Newly Released Garlic Jackson Comedy offers Rejected languages for Coca Cola Ad for Superbowl (2014) (1:18)  Includes Klingon.  For more professional Comedies, Parodies, Tributes, Commercial and Educational Videos see

February 3, 2014  Two New Releases

Major New Release,  Star Trek Mojave, Animated 001, Truth and Consequences.  (Previous film was live action using small children as Starfleet Officers.  However, the filmmakers are adult fans.  The name of the live action and animated episodes are the same, Truth and Consequences.)  Flat action animation.  View it here: (28:42).  For more on this filmmaker, including links to their previous, live action film, see

Newly Released.  JJA Star Trek Themed commercial for X-Box Infinity with Zackary Quinto as Spock, Anton Yelchin as Chekov.  Bold Explorers, Xfinity TV. View it here: (0:32).  For more professional parodies, tributes and commercials, see

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