Sunday, August 1, 2010

Headline News for July, 2010

July 15, 2010    Stone Trek's "The Deadly Ears"   has been selected as Star Trek Review's first Comedy Quick Pick Treasure.  It is also the first Quick Pick Treasure which is an animation!   No criteria has yet been set out for reviews of Comedies and Parodies, but there can be no doubt that, no matter what the criteria selected, this gem deserves the attention of anyone who loves Star Trek, any one who considers watching fan films... in fact, I think it deserves the attention of pretty much the whole world!

The larger Parody and Comedy groups and productions have been given their own webpages and can be located both through the standard Table of Contents and through the Parody and Comedy webpage.  They will be added to the Quick Links on the right hand side of the website as they are reviewed and approved by the filmmakers, or after August 1, whichever first happens.  I have attempted to contact every filmmaker, either by e-mail or through their websites or You Tube homes.  Some of the items listed under Parodies and Comedies have proven to be audio shows, and those have been moved to the Audio listings section.

July 4, 2010.  Star Track At Blog 96, Star Track  has been given it's own webpage.  What could be more appropriate for the 4th of July than to honor a distinctly Canadian parody/comedy series with it's own Blog?  OK, that doesn't make sense, but hey,  neither does this extensive series with over 20 episodes in the initial series, an animated series being released this summer, and another group producing another comedy/parody series set in the same universe, Star Track: The Metric System.  Star Track: The Academy Years, the new animated Star Track, has released the first part of it's first episode.

This has inspired me to begin the long-delayed process of moving major Parodies and Comedies to their own webpages.   Heaven knows Star Track has always deserved its own webpage, but with the addition of a new parallel series by a separate group and an animated series, things were getting embarrassing!

July 1, 2010 Star Trek Excaliber (Las Vegas, Nev. planned project) finished high enough in the Pepsi refresh competition in June to get an automatic renewal.  It is trying again in July.  You can vote daily for this project to help get it off the ground.  Just click here, then create an account to  vote daily.  I have not received any spam from Pepsi after doing this for a month:

(Link no longer worked)

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