Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Headline News for June, 2010

June 26, 2010. Star Trek Reviewed celebrates it's first anniversary with a new mission essay.   After a week at the top of the website, it has been moved to it's permanent home: .

June 18, 2010 Star Trek Valkyrie, an Audio Drama  has released AN ENTIRE SERIES of 12 episodes AT ONCE. This is so unique, that I am breaking my own rules and giving an Audio release a Headline.  Star Trek Reviewed does not usually cover Audio Drama, and this policy is not being changed.   You can click through to each episode for download or listening in  Blog 247, Audio Drama, or you can get it at their website, High Resolution Videos .  The Audio Drama Blog also has links to more than a two dozen other audio series, most of which have many episodes.  Unlike video, you can listen to Audio Trek while commuting.

June 13, 2010   Duet  a live action Green Screen Drama based on the Deep Space 9 episode, "Duet" but set in post World War II Germany.  This film was released several months ago, but was just found and added to Star Trek Reviewed.

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