Sunday, May 30, 2010

Headline News for May, 2010

May 29, 2010   Blog (37) Star Trek: The Machinima Series , a Mechanima with a single person doing all voices, has completed it's first episode, "Voice for the Voiceless."

May 27, 2010  Marvel Sorcery, a Go!Animate participant filmmaker,  has been give his own webpage, Blog (64) Marvel Sorcery's Star Trek: TNG and other Animations .  He has expressed his own feeling that his TNG films are his best.

May 20, 2010  dmac6806, has been given his own webpage, Blog (63) DMAC6806's Kobayashi Maru and other Animations  has completed two Animated films, "Star Trek: Kobayashi Maru" based on the novel by that name by Julia Ecklar and "Star Trek: In Thy Image."  Because he has imbedded links to these films, each in a video which has to be watched repeatedly to watch the film, it is easier to watch it from my Go!Animate page Blog (63) DMAC6806's Kobayashi Maru and other Animations.

May 14, 2010    Dark Frontier  has released it's fifth segment of it's five part series, "Reclamation." This is also it's final Star Trek offering. They will move on to independent projects. Dark Frontier can be found in Star Trek Restricted

Also, on May 14, 2010 Star Trek Reviewed published Fan Film Friday due to technical difficulties at Sci Fi Pulse.  However, Sci Fi Pulse is back up and online, so you can now read it's review of the new, animated Starship Farragut episode, The Needs of the Many ( Blog 22, Starship Farragut ), At Sci Fi Pulse, by clicking here:      Fan Film Friday: Starship Farragut Animated:’The Needs Of The Many’

May 12, 2010  Starship Farragut Animated has released it's second animated Episode, The Needs of the Many.  It is currenlty available in streaming video. The links to downloads were working as of 10 AM  Download Links for The Needs of the Many

Urgma has prepared Portuguese subtitles for Starship Farragut's Needs of the Many, and posted them for download here:

May 6, 2010. Star Trek Reviewed has missed the release of two episodes of Dark Frontier "The Infection" and "Appropriate Action." Dark Frontier is listed on Star Trek Restricted due to content, but because this listing is remedial, I am including a link here with a warning that this may contain content which would not ordinarily appear on Network Prime Time Television:

In my own defense, I do now see that these episodes appear to have been released when I did not have access to the internet on a regular basis, and was checking my e-mail and updating this website based, as Blanche would have said in Streetcar Named Desire, "on the kindness of strangers."... OK, also my sister and local public library, and a filmmaker (non-Trek) I know...

May 2, 2010.   Star Trek: Phoenix has released their pilot episode, Cloak and Dagger, Part 1. (30 minutes) Star Trek Phoenix thus becomes the second group to be moved out of "Star Trek Fan Filmmakers with No Fan Films" into it's own Webpage/Blog 95, .  Set 42 years after Nemesis, it is late Silver Age.  As of the morning of May 3, there are still some issues with downloading this material, although it can be watched in streaming video.  No change is expected before May 4.

May 1, 2010
Final sound for Phase II's Blood and Fire Part II is now available for download from their mirror websites. However, they continue to report distortions in zipped files and other problems with downloads.

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