Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Headline News for August, 2010

August 9, 2010   Phase II Needs You!  Like everyone else, Phase II is suffering in this economy, and will have to close it's doors and stop producing TOS films unless it gets financial support. This page: tells you how to donate as does this link: .  The link offers more ways to donate, although the page tells you more of the story.

August 1, 2010  Star Trek Unity (UK) has released it's final episode, Star Trek Unity: Twilight.  Star Trek Unity: Twilight is an episode in seven parts.  A Pre-teen and teen production, Star Trek Unity (UK) has released over two dozen episodes over a period of years.

Star Trek Excaliber (Las Vegas, Nev. planned project) finished high enough in the Pepsi refresh competition in July to get an automatic renewal.  It is trying again in August.  You can vote daily for this project to help get it off the ground.  Just click here, then create an account to  vote daily.  I have not received any spam from Pepsi after doing this for two months:

(link, which no longer worked, was removed)

The Major Parody and Comedy Groups are now available through the Quick Links on the left, the Major Fan Film groups listing, which has been updated, and through the Table of Contents and the Index.

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