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Headline News for April, 2016

April 28, 2016New Release from long-running Project Potemkin, Season 4 Episode A, "The Talinar Incident," (8:11) or (8:12).   For all previous releases from Project Potemkin, see .

April 27, 2016It's Award Season again!

The 20th Annual Webby Awards, the equivalent of the Oscars for online content, have just been announced and Star Trek Continues is the recipient of this year's award for the 2016 people's Voice award for Drama: Long Form or Series! Star Trek Reviewed sends its congratulations on this well-earned honor.

Earlier this month, on April 17, the 2016 Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards were presented at Treklanta in Atlanta, Georgia and Star Trek: Renegades scooped the awards with first place for...
Best Special & Visual Effects
Best Sound Design, Editing & Mixing
Best Makeup & Hairstyling
Best Costuming
Best Production Design
Best Director
... and Best Original Story or Screenplay, all for “Pilot”

It wasn't all big productions though with Potemkin Pictures receiving the award for Starship Tristan as Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form (30 minutes or less) for “Moving Day”

Star Trek Continues figured largely here as well, receiving the award for...
Best Original Music and
Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form (31 minutes or more) ... both for “The White Iris”
Best Guest Actor or Actress for Colin Baker as “Amphidamas”
Best Supporting Actor or Actress for Michele Specht as “Dr. Elise McKennah”
Best Lead Actor or Actress for Todd Haberkorn as “Mr. Spock”

April 25, 2016Major New Release from multiple award-winning Silver Age audio series, Star Trek: Outpost, Episode 71B which is Episode 8 of Season 7, "The Hunt," Listen or download here: (22:02).  For every episode of Star Trek Outpost as well as listening directions for more than four dozen other Star Trek Fan-Made Audio Series, see

April 23, 2016MAJOR NEW RELEASE from new educational series, Starship Grissom (Adult fans, costumes, Starbase Studios sets, CGI).  Their first episode,

Episode 1:  Planet L-197 (15:08).  For the permanent  home of Starship Grissom, see

April 22, 2016,  TWO NEW RELEASES

New Release from  Stalled Trek, an animated parody, Stalled Trek: Prelude to Ax'd-We-Are (6:57).  For an earlier film from Stalled Trek, see

Major New Release from Star Trek Outlaws, (Audio Drama with some pictures)
Episode 3, "Time Enough for Hope," Listen on You Tube, (46:32) or Soundcloud, (44:28).  For previous episodes of Star Trek: Outlaws and more than four dozen other audio dramas, see

April 21, 2016New Release from Starship Deimos, a production of Potemkin Pictures, (live action, professional actors, costumes, make-up, sets, location shoots) Season 1 Episode B, "Aftermath," (6:09) or (6:09)
 For all previous releases of Potemkin Pictures, including Starship DeimosProject Potemkin and episodes from the other three new series, see and .

April 17, 2016, TWO films, a MAJOR NEW RELEASE and a FIND!

MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Project Potemkin, "The Last Child," S03-1 (Season 3, the only full-length episode of Season 3, and the final episode of Season 3), (20:53) or (20:54).  For all previous releases of Potemkin Pictures, including both Project Potemkin and episodes from the four new series, see and .

FINDStar Trek Wars [A Star Wars v. Star Trek Comedy Fan Film] (24:47).   For more Franchise Crossover Films, see

April 10, 2016New Release from Starship Tristan, (Live action, adult fans, sets, costumes, props, CGI, professional actors) a production of Potemkin Pictures, Episode T01-B, "Relics and Regrets," (7:14) or (7:15), with Portuguese subtitles, see (7:14).  For more from Potemkin Pictures, see and .

April 3, 2016TWO Major New Releases:
(1) Major New Release from long-running series, Star Trek: Intrepid (Live Action, costumes, props, location settings, green screens, good writing, partial sets), "Nemo Me Impune Lacessit," on You Tube (11:10), Vimeo, (11:10), Facebook, (11:07), and with Portuguese subtitles, (11:10).  For all previous releases from Star Trek: Intrepid, see

(2) Major New Release from long-running series, Star Trek: Nature's Hunger, (Live Action, CGI, costumes, partial sets) Season 7 Episode 7.2,  "Darkside of Starfleet Justice," (15:42).  For all previous releases from Star Trek: Nature's Hunger, see .

April 2, 2016.   Recently Released film (March 16, 2016) "Red Shirt."  Live Action, adult fans, costumes.  Watch it on You Tube, (24:31) or on Vimeo, . Permanent listing for this series is the new Blog 60.

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