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Headline News for March, 2016

March 28, 2016.  New Release from Battlecruiser Kupok, Episode B01-A, "Sanctuary." (7:56).  For more from Potemkin Pictures, see and .


Major Changes Coming to Star Trek Reviewed

I, Barbara Reader, am very ill, and it is likely that, sometime soon I will be unable to maintain Star Trek Reviewed. So many of you have thanked me, well in excess of what I deserve. So I ask, is there any person (or are there any people) who might be willing to carry the website on?

What's fun about doing Star Trek Reviewed? A lot. You get to PM and e-mail with many of the biggest names in Star Trek fan films or their associates. Sometimes you even talk to them on the phone. You get thanked profusely by newbie film makers and audio producers who you are happy to add to STR. Once in a while, you are included in preview showings that are supposed to be ‘donors only’... even when you haven’t donated. But more than that, you know you are providing the fan-film watching and fan-audio listening community with the ability to spend their time watching and listening to fan Trek, not hunting for it. That, in turn, helps build the viewing and listening audience. Seeing that their work is being viewed and listened to often inspires makers to create more.

No one person has to do it all.  Most tasks are not time-dependent, but new release announcements should be done promptly.  As long as I can, I will try to guide any new staff.  I have appointed a Board of Directors. These three persons will help keep STR on track and accessible.  Two are probably well known to those active in the Fan Trek community, James Heaney of Minnesota, USA, (known also for the fan audio series, Star Trek: Excelsior)  and Kirok (Alan) of Australia who has also produced audio Trek and is now working on a fan film.  I have also received help from and empowered eMBee, who has worked on Star Trek Reviewed for a few years, and who is working on watching and archiving all Star Trek Fan Films ever made.

What rules guide STR? No gossip. Not about pro-Trek, not about Fan Trek. No hot tips about what CBS thinks about Paramount, or insinuations about Alec Peters, Vic Magnogna, or any other fan Trek maker... no matter how sure you are that they deserve it. The attitude of STR is that what we say to Fan Trek makers is “Thank you for the Trek.” STR is a listing of Star Trek Fan Films and audio dramas you can actually listen to and view and links to reviews of those films. It is not a discussion of who you like and don’t like or who meets with your approval as a good human being. While I have no doubt that I have exposed my personal preferences from time to time, I have striven to give fair coverage to every fan production. I am asking that you do the same.

Star Trek Reviewed is equally about pro-quality fan Trek and 8-year-olds recording their friends ‘playing’ Star Trek. It excludes only porn.  It includes comedies, dramas, improv, animation, opera, and musical theater.  Fan Trek may be a retread, or it may go where no Trek has gone before, such as productions about characters who are gay, autistic, or deaf.  Star Trek Reviewed covers all of that and everything in between.

If you are interested, please let me and the board members, know.  You can e-mail us at  Or you can post a comment with contact information here:  Nothing posts unless approved, so no comments with contact information will post.

For more background about Star Trek Reviewed, I recommend you read the following:

March 12, 2016MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Starship Farragut, "The Crossing."  View it here: (1:12: 38).  For everything from Starship Farragut and discussions of their work, see

March 9, 2016New Release from New Series, Starship Deimos, from Potemkin Pictures, Season 1 episode A, "The Lucky One." You Tube: (7:05) or Vimeo: (7:06).   For more releases from Potemkin Pictures see and .

March 8, 2016Find No. 77Live at the Improv in Irvine, Calif:  Live action recreation of "Spock's Brain." (8:39).  For more Filmed or Videotaped Star Trek for Live Stage Performance see

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