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Headline News for March, 2015

March 28, 2015.  Spooftacular Nos. 66.  In connection with exploring the older works of SpockBoy (see listing on March 26, 2015) I am drawing your attention to:
(1)  his short 3D animated film, Trektoons, Episode 1. (3:44).
(2)  his spoof, mixing a new insert with a recut, "Rinse of the Archons" (1:20)
(3)  "For Bill and George."  SpockBoy wants Shatner and Takai to stop fighting.  Here he enlists the First Federation to back him up. (3:29)
(4) "The Morphing Enterprise" (0:40)
(5) "Star Trek Torch" (3:00) Collection of shots signifying the passing of the torch to JJATrek, posted on March 17, 2009, before the release of his first movie.
Also posted on his You Tube page are numerous other very short videos (under 1 minute) and gag reels from Star Trek.  This is his You Tube page:
 I am for the time being placing him under "Short Films Not Listed Elsewhere: at (F).

March 27, 2015.  New Release by Project Potemkin, (Adult Fans, Golden Age, Professional Actors, sets, costumes, CGI, location shoots), Season 3 Episode C (Film 23), "The Chair" View it here: (6:15) or here: (6:15).   For everything Project Potemkin has to offer, go to

March 26, 2015New Release from SpockBoy, Sepia Trek, Episode 1, (4:42).  Mixes new special effects, browned footage, and silent movie style dialogue plates to create an interesting film.  I see that SpockBoy has a variety of other short Star Trek Fan films I have missed, so I am for the time being placing him under "Short Films Not Listed Elsewhere: at (F).

March 24, 2015New Release from The Pacific Opera Project, which is apparently under the mistaken impression they originated Star Trek Opera.  How wrong they are!  Nevertheless, here are a commercial for their work as well as the finale, the two parts of their Star Trek themed reworking of Mozart's "Abduction from the Seragilo" which I found posted online.  If anyone has links to more, please let me know!
Commercial: (2:41)
Finale: (8:51)
For more filmed or videotaped Star Trek made from live Stage Proformance, see

Also today, Treklanda has announced their finalists in their new, "Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards."  Read about it here, , or if you are on Facebook, here:

March 22, 2015Major New Release from Audio series, Star Trek: Valkyrie, The first Episode of Season 3, Episode 301, "The Inquiry, Part II" Released 3/22/2015 (29:12).  For all of Star Trek: Valkyrie's releases,  as well listening information on four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows, see

March 21, 2015Spooftakular No. 65, Additions to Pro Trek Comedies, Parodies and Tributes:
Stay Tuned (2:47)
Ten Forward on Trillium Cable 10 Scarborough (Ontario) (3:13)
Unidentified Pro Parody: (1:32)
You Tube home:
Veggie Tales: Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier (1:30)
"Weird Al" Yankovic Rejected Trek Theme song. (6:28)  Same song with an animation: (1:21)
For more professional Star Trek Parodies, Comedies, Commercials, Educational Videos, and Tributes, See

March 18, 2015Major New Release, Comedy Audio Series, The Galaxy Quest Restoration Project from Fictionshed, Episode 1, "Grey is Gray."  Listen or download here: (21:55) or here: (21:55).  For listening information on this, and four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows, see

March 15, 2015New Release by Project Potemkin, (Adult Fans, Golden Age, Professional Actors, sets, costumes, CGI, location shoots), Season 3 Episode F (Film 26), "Frazier's Angels" View it here: (8:07) or here: (8:08)  . For everything Project Potemkin has to offer, go to

March 14, 2015Find 68, a few short films
TNG 999  (6:12).  I'm not certain if this is just poorly done or intended to be a comedy.  At any rate, I classified it as "other short films."
TNG "Star Trek meets Sims 2" Music Video.  I don't usually include music videos, but decided to make an exception here. (4:56)
Star Trek -- Ressurection of the Enterprise (9:50) Mechinima.
Mechinima.  Short story.  Not well done, but I've seen worse.  Star Trek: Destruction of the USS Majestic. (5:16)
Star Trek: The Future Begins.  An introduction to the Kirk/Spock/McCoy etc. crew, using both sets of actors and morphing software.  Interesting. (3:49)
For more "Other Short Films" see

March 11, 2015Find 67, several commercials.
MCI 'Friends and Family" ad with the TOS cast and Frakes... (0:37)
McDonald's Happy Meals (Klingon, 1979) (0:31)
Mego Star Trek Intergalactic Projector. (0:41)
Mego Star Trek Communications Console  (0:30)

March 6, 2015New Release from Star Trek Antyllus, "My Tribute to Leonard Nimoy." (2:21) .  For all other Star Trek Fan Film related work by George Kayaian, see

March 5, 2015Find 66, Star Trek: Bohemia, a Czech Language fanfilm, has provided download links for Episodes 8 and 9, and released Episodes 10 and 11.
Episode 8: Download:
Episode 9: Download:
Episode 10:
Episode 11:
For more about Star Trek Bohemia, see .   For more about other Star Trek Fan Films available in Czech, see

March 3, 2015.  Featured Fan Film Fundraisers have short films which discuss their plans:
Star Trek Anthology (raising awareness of autism):
Starship Valiant:

March 2, 2015.   Two New Releases

Re-Release German now with English SubtitlesStar Trek: Euderion, Episode 5, "The Price of Command," (9:54). For more about Star Trek: Euderion, see  .

New Release from Michael Klubertanz, (Star Trek Secret Voyage) "To the memory of Leonard Nimoy" (3:01)

March 1, 2015New Release from Adam Nimoy, Leonard Nimoy's son, "Leonard Nimoy's Boston" a documentary about Leonard Nimoy's early life. (28:33)

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  4. thank you for your kind words. i would not be able to build my fan-film archive without your work. thanks to your site i have now collected more than 150GB of fan-film material totaling 142 hours in more than 340 episodes.

    considering that an average tv show season is about 14 hours, that means i have collected (and seen) 10 seasons worth of fan films, and i have not even seen everything that's on your site.

    so, yes, thank you for allowing me to find all that great material through your site!

    to another great year!

    greetings, eMBee.

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