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Headline News for February, 2015

February 28, 2015, New Releases, tributes to the late Leonard Nimoy.  German Language: Mr. Spock, Rest in Peace, (1:12), Music: Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015, (0:18)

February 25, 2015New Release from Star Trek Euderion, a German crossover fan film series, has released a short film with English subtitles, "The Price of The Command" (9:52).  For more about Star Trek Eudreion, see

February 23, 2015Major New Release from Star Trek: Ranger, "Reflection": Listen here: (30:53).  For all of Star Trek: Ranger's releases,  as well listening information on four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows, see

February 21, 2015Spooftakular No. 65,  A few Fan Spoofs, mostly about Captain Kirk
A.    Star Trek Bloopers (2:53)
Shatner Roast by E. Adam Thomas (really a Kirk roast) (4:16) (same filmmaker)
B.   Columbus v. Captain Kirk, Epic Rap Battles of History (WARNING: FOUL LANGUAGE) (2:27)
C  Kirk v. The Borg (short taken from 10 minute film not on the web) (1:02)
D.   Teenage Captain Kirk (warning for language, detailed cartoon nudity) (3:04)
For more short parodies and comedies see

February 17, 2015Newly ReleasedThe Deathstar Machine from TrekToons (may be part 1 of several) mash-up, recut, special effects added, (2:49).   For more Franchise Crossover Films, see

February 14, 2015Major New Release, from Audio Drama, Tales From The DMZ, final episode, Episode 8: (37:46)
Links for earlier episodes:
  Tales from the DMZ (audio)
Episode 1: A Choice of Targets: (9:32)
Episode 2: Aftermath, Part 1: (11:11)
Episode 3: Aftermath, Part 2: (14:01)
Episode 4: Escalation: (30:43)
Special Episode:  Tale of Savei: (9:59)
Episode 5: Countermeasures (27:13)
Episode 6: Cold Thought (27:16)
Episode 7: Conflict of Interest (41:27)
For listening information on four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows, or to locate Tales of the DMZ after it's no longer in Headline News, see

Spooftakular No. 64 Space Trek (A Parody Series, Canadian, produced by the Aboriginal People's Network.)  CORRECTION: THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL SET OF SKITS FROM A CANADIAN TV SHOW, "CAUTION: MAY CONTAIN NUTS".  You Tube Channel: Nuts on TV

Episodes, In order of release:
Dec. 19, 2011   Captain's Orders (1:45)
April 17, 2012  Jedi Witness (2:58)
May 1, 2012  Captain Facist (3:17)
September 25, 2012  Random Search (1:37)
October 9, 2012  Squeegee Boy (1:25)
April 10, 2013  The Prime Directive (2:51)
Permanent home: Professional Star Trek Parodies, Comedies, Tributes, Commercials, and Foreign Imitators.

February 10, 2015MAJOR NEW RELEASE from multiple award-winning series, Star Trek Outpost, Silver Age, Episode 66 which is Episode 11 of Season 6, "Life In The Balance." Listen or download here: .
For all previous episodes of Star Trek Outpost as well listening information on four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows, see

February 8, 2015Major New Release, Star Trek: Falkenhorst,  Episode 1, now with English language soundtrack, (24:12).  For other releases from Star Trek: Falkenhorst, see

February 1, 2015Newly ReleasedFan-made Doritos Commercial, Trek Fans v. Wars Fan, (1:28).  For more films about Trek fans, see .

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