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Headline News for August, 2014

August 29, 2014.


 Newly Re-Released by Project Potemkin, (Adult Fans, Golden Age, Professional Actors, sets, costumes, CGI, location shoots) now in final form, Season 2 Episode J, (Film 18) "Closing Time", view it here: (5:28) or here: (5:28) (subtitles will be added to You Tube, not Vimeo) .  For everything Project Potemkin has to offer, go to

Newly Released from Comedy Series, Adult fans, Red Shirts the Series, Episode 205, "Space Interrogation."  Because it contains an "Adult Content" warning, links are posted here:

August 25, 2014.
Spooftacular No. 61 Star Trek: The Muvizu Generation (Animated Comedy)
You Tube Home:
Episode 1: (2:13)
Episode 2: (2:57).  For more short Star Trek Parodies and Comedies, see

Newly released,  Star Trek: Nature's Hunger, (Adult fans, CGI, green screens, costumes) perhaps the quirky-est of all the Star Trek Fan Film series, has released an episode entitled, "I Didn't Join Star Fleet to Become A Babysitter" in their Wizard of Oz/Star Trek crossover series, which you can view here: (2:22).  For more of this one-of-a-kind series, see

August 22, 2014.  Two Recently Released German-language only Mechinima Finds thanks eMBee:

Major Find.  Mechinima based on Star Trek Online (silver age). Star Trek Omega, Pilotfolge,  "Anfänge, Teil 1" (25:56)    You Tube Home:  eMBee speaks German, and watched this.  He commented, "Halfway through watching I was so drawn into the story that I forgot that this was amateur mechinima.  The storytelling was great, well paced with action and suspense.  I can't wait for the next part!" [edited for punctuation.]

Major Find. thanks to eMBee.  Star Trek Online: Columbia (Mechinima).  This series tells the story of the U.S.S. Columbia after the events in Star Trek: Nemesis.  One episode so far, Das Mysterium, (23:33).  Facebook Home: .

For more German-Language Star Trek Fan Films see

August 19, 2014  New Release from Comedy Series, Adult fans, Red Shirts the Series, Season 2, Episode 4, "Space Amazon." Feat.  Meghan Falcone [Star Trek Parody]. (7:15)    For everything the comedy Red Shirts The Series has to offer, see

August 18, 2014.   Spooftaculars Nos. 58, 59 and 60.  and the second annual Geekie Awards!
1)   The Muppet Show - Pigs in Space - The Swinetrek Lands on Koosebane (4:32)
2)   Robot Chicken  See
Star Trek: The Sext Generation (2:21)
3)   Shatner Parodies Himself.  "William Shatner Parody SEVEN" (2:33)
For more professional parodies, tributes, commercials, and educational videos, see

Star Trek Continues has just won the award for Best Web Series from the second annual "Geekie Awards."  Here is information about the "Geekie Awards.": .  For links to all of the releases from Star Trek Continues as well as discussions and reviews, see

August 14, 2014FIND No. 53 and 54,  Teens do Trek
1)  FIND.
  Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Mushroom Incident. (6:04).  High school project by John Akins from 1993.

 2) FIND.   Star Trek: The Mini Series (ultimately, one short episode).  Golden Age, in spite of Scotty being dressed in a TNG costume.  But for a high school effort... great CGI, and some attempt at costumes.  Music and Frantic speed, together with a Khan appearance all seem to be from the JJA films, although the costumes look like TOS costumes... sort of.  The  Mini-Series: (7:14) (posted 2013)  Posted from Feb. 2013 through June 2013 in parts, then put into a single film posted June 13, 2013.  For more Select Star Trek Fan Film School and Church Projects, see
both of these films are permanently classified as School and Church Projects, located at 

August 10, 2014   MAJOR NEW AUDIO RELEASE from multiple award-winning audio series  Star Trek: Outpost, Silver Age, Episode 60, Mending Fences. Episode 5 of Season 6 (1:07:56).  Listen to it or download it here: . For all previous episodes of Star Trek Outpost  as well listening information on four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows, see

August 5, 2014.  New Release from Comedy Series, Adult fans, Red Shirts the Series, Space Weed, (5:11).     For everything the comedy Red Shirts The Series has to offer, see

August 4, 2014MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Starship Farragut (established Fan Filmmaker) (Golden Age, Adult fans, sets, costumes, CGI, good writing and acting) presents, "Conspiracy of Innocence," view it on You Tube: (37:19).  For all of the films from Starship Farragut see

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