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Headline News for May, 2014

May 29, 2014  MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Canadian filmmaker (adult fans, sets and green screens and location shoots, CGI, good writing), Star Trek Reliant, Episode 9, "Supply and Demand." (22:23).  For all of Star Trek: Reliant's previous episodes and other relevant links see

May 28, 2014.    New Release from major fan filmmaker Project Potemkin (Adult fans, professional actors, sets and location shoots, costumes, CGI,  live action, Golden Age)  Season 2, short film E (Film 15)  "Beach Towel."  Watch it on You Tube: (5:55). or on Vimeo: (5:55)  For all of Project Potemkin's prior releases and other relevant links, see .

May 27, 2014.  Find No. 52, a collection of short films.
(A.)   Star Trek: The Beginning, a trailer for a Star Trek movie by a fan based on the style of JJA Trek, but not the idea. (1:32), (1:32)
(B.)   Innerspace Pictures Presents: (1) Star Trek: The Ulysses Incident (3:56) and (2) Star Trek" Allegheny (5:54).  Two short silver age dramas with one actor, green screens, CGI.  Both are about a shuttle docking.   Long credits make them appear closer to 10 minutes than they are.
(C.)   Star Trek Achievements (misspellings on both the posting and in the film).  A tribute film, not a story. (4:37).  Reverent.
(D.)   "Star Trek: Academy Training" Home made kids movie 1989. (10:21).  Remake of Ballance of Terror as ad-libbed by 9 year olds on a TOS bridge in TNG uniforms.  If you cut the title and credits, it would be under 10 minutes.  Filmmaker used VHS tape, and gives a lot of details of how this was made.  See also his channel,
(E.)   Mr. Bill visits the Star Trek Enterprise (1:12)  No narration, I'm not sure what was intended.
For more 'other short films' see .  A collection of movie trailers is being organized, and will absorb some of the 'short films.'

May 24, 2014"Lolani". which is Star Trek Continues' second episode has been selected as a Quick Pick Treasure.  It was filmed in late 2013 was released February 8, 2014.  View it here: (50:46) or here: (50:47).  With Portuguese subtitles, here: (50:46).  For their other Quick Pick Treasures see

May 22, 2014.  New Releases from long running series, The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity in honor of elections (in the UFP, apparently on the same day as the EU) (0:54).    Also recently released, a remastered version of Star Trek Rapture, Part 1  (19:32) (remastered release May 11, 2014) and Part 2 (35:44) (remastered release May 15, 2014).  For all of the over 30 episodes which are currently on the internet, as well as links to other related materials, see

May 19, 2014.  Major New ReleaseStar Trek: The Continuing Mission has released their 8th episode, "The Cathedral in the Void."  Find it, and all of the prior releases, here: .
Reviews: , , , , , ,
 For about four dozen other Star Trek Fan Audio drama series, see .

May 16, 2014.  Spooftackular No. 57, A collection of short Trek bits in professional comedy shows:
Beavis and Butthead (0:30)
Bullyparade (German)
"Unser Traumschiff" (Raumschiff is Spaceship, Traumschiff means Dreamship and was the German title to "Loveboat." (1:20) (2:29)
Also discussed here:
The Critic Hew Haw: The Next Generation (0:21)
Fast Forward (2:41)
The Firm (A musical group) "Star Trekkin" original stop action animation film: (3:02)
For more Professionally made Star Trek Comedy, Parody, Tributes, Commercials and Educational videos, see

May 11, 2014.  New Release from major fan filmmaker Project Potemkin (Adult fans, professional actors, sets and location shoots, costumes, CGI,  live action, Golden Age)  Season 2, short film C (Film 13, although they already released film 14)  "Second Contact."  Watch it on You Tube here: (8:02).  Vimeo here: (with warning from my anti-virus software)  With Portuguese subtitles: (8:02) Comment:    For all of Project Potemkin's previous releases and a look at forthcoming titles, see .

Star Trek: Bohemia, by far the biggest "Find" (No. 51) in years. (Czech Language only, adult fans, costumes, green screens, partial sets, props, Silver Age.).
Facebook Page: :

Episode 1
Trailer: Star Trek Bohemia 1x01 Trailer: (1:58)
Episode: Star Trek Bohemia 1x01   (1:19:01)
Bloopers:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x01  (10:57)

Episode 2:
Trailer:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x02 Trailer:  (0:56)
Episode: Star Trek Bohemia 1x02  (40:03)
Bloopers:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x02  (6:12)

Episode 3:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x03   (46:11)
Bloopers:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x03   (11:27)

Episode 4:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x04   (1:03:02)
Bloopers:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x04   (11:49)

Episode 5:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x05   (37:19)
Bloopers:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x05  (8:55) 

Episode 6:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x06   (39:34)
Bloopers:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x06 (4:21)

Episode 7:   Star Trek Bohemia 1x07    (41:21)

Episode 8   Star Trek Bohemia (not available in USA):
Bloopers:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x08  (4:56)

Episode 9:  Star Trek Bohemia (not available in the USA): .

The permanent home of this series will be . For more Czech Language Star Trek Fan Films see .

May 9, 2014.    Spooftakulars Nos. 54, 55, and 56.
No. 54  Let It Snow (parody)  (3:39)
No. 55  Star Trek: Kirk's Blind Date (somewhat off color, discusses female alien body parts) (2:23)
No. 56   Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Parody (0:13)
For more short comedies and parodies, see

May 4, 2014.  MAJOR NEW RELEASE, multiple award-winning audio series  Star Trek: Outpost, Silver Age, Episode 57. "Bishop to Queen Four," Episode 2 of Season 6.  All options (multiple download and live play formats): , live play only, (1:06:48).  For all previous episodes of Star Trek Outpost and listening information about four dozen other Star Trek Audio Drama shows and series, see

May 1, 2014.  MAJOR NEW RELEASE, the most anticipated Star Trek Fan Film in Star Trek Fan Film History, Starship Exeter's second episode (live action, Golden Age, CGI, costumes, sets, professional writer Dennis Bailey wrote TNG's "Tin Man"), The Tressaurian Intersection. (51:47) or directly on You Tube: (51:46)
Comment: and
Trek BBS Review Thread:
For more about Starship Exeter see

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