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Headline News for April, 2014

April 24, 2014.   Newly Released short Star Trek/Dr. Who CGI crossover: (0:17).  For more crossover fan films, see

April 23, 2014.  News.  Stan Lee, the creator of Spiderman and most of the rest of the 1960s Marvel Comics universe, has agreed to take a major role in the professionally run planned Star Trek Fan Film, Star Trek Equinox.  I don't usually announce casting, but I thought this was of particular interest.  Also starring in Star Trek: Equinox are TOS second pilot guest star Gary Lockwood and VOY guest star John Savage. For a newspaper article about this development, see .  For more about his production, see (E) under

William Shakespeare is 450 years old today.  He was much quoted in TOS.  If you thought Star Trek was long-lasting as it approached it's 50th year, realize that Shakespeare's plays still fill seats in theaters around the world.  Will Trek still be playing 450 years after it was introduced, in the year 2416?

Crossover Films Nos. 6 and 7   The Borg from Star Trek v. The Empire from Star Wars.
No. 6  Borg Cube Destroys everything in Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption (3:17)
No. 7   Borg Attack the Deathstar.   (14:46) Made with Sony Vegas 2 Platinum.
For more franchise crossover films see

April 19, 2014.  Audio Drama Find No. 50 with Newly Released Fourth Episode:
Star Trek: Lost Enterprise.  English production, Silver Age.  Science crew finds evidence that the Enterprise B found it's way to the Gamma Quadrant.  Homepage on You Tube:
Episode 1: The Discovery (25:31) (Feb. 27,. 2014)
Episode 2: From the Shadows  (21:18) (March 10, 2014)
Episode 3: Below Decks  (25:21) (March 21, 2014)
Episode 4: Point of No Return (23:18) (April 19, 2014).  For roughly four dozen more Star Trek Audio Dramas see

 April 15, 2014.  MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Star Trek: Secret Voyage. Recap of Episode 1 and Episode 2 (although I recommend rewatching all of Episode 1).  (Professional actors, location shoots, costumes, make-up, props. Golden Age drama.)
Episode 1 (Released in August, 2012):  (39:29) or You Tube here:  (39:29). (also available with Portuguese subtitles)
5 minute Recap of Episode 1 (Released April 15, 2014) (5:08) or (5:09)
Episode 2: Rise of the Gongdea (Released April 15, 2014.) (35:14) or  (35:09)
For more about Star Trek: Secret Voyage see

April 9, 2014.  Find No. 49.  USS Atlantis.
This appears to be a set of films made for an annual "Banquet" meeting of a fan club.  That fan club is out of Heyburn, Idaho.   You Tube Home:

USS Atlantis 2010 (4:10)
USS Atlantis 2011 (4:55)
USS Atlantis 2012 (15:47)
For the permanent location of these films, See


1.  from Up All Night Productions, Episode 2 of Star Trek Antyllus, "Mindful Matters"  A Vulcan boy holds the key to a terrible secret.  Can he survive long enough to be rescued by the Antyllus and her crew?

Part 1: (24:12)
Part 2: (34:53). For all of the Star Trek Fan Films from Up All Night Productions, see

2.  from Star Trek Outpost, the first episode of Season 6.  Episode 56, "Confrontation." See (56:15).  For all earlier episodes of this multiple-award-winning audio drama, as well as links to about four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows and series, see .

April 1, 2014.  Newly Released.  From Star Trek Dark Armada, (Adult fans, Dutch nationals speaking English) a short film, "Almost Time"  (2:56).  For more about Star Trek Dark Armada, see

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