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Headline News for March, 2012

March 30, 2012  Featured Go!Animator No. 3,  Commedus , whose work is listed here, has begun a short series. Octillions Children.

March 24, 2012.    Spooftackular No. 12*   ***Strongly recommended***: Star Trek: Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow (9:08) (TNG era Comedy.  MUST WATCH UNTIL THE VERY END.)  One of the best School Project fan films I've seen.  For more School and Church Projects go to Blog 205 ,

March 22, 2012.   Spooftackular No. 11*  Star Trek: Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow (8:52) (T0S era Parody)   For more Short Star Trek comedies and parodies, go to the NEW location of those listing at Blog 208 .
March 21, 2012. Featured Go!Animator No. 2,  Morton Productions has produced several Star Trek Go!Animate series.  (Animated, child Trek)  He mixes sound and speech balloons.  He has completed Star Trek Trilogy and Star Trek TFF, which starts with the episode entitled "The Amulet" and is currently working on "Star Trek: The Adventures"  To watch his work, click on his name, supra.  For other Go!Animators, click on the Go!Animate Table of Contents or Index .

March 12, 2012  Newly Released by Brunoserious, a Go!Animator, Star Trek: The Borg.  Mixes TOS crew and TNG crew and voices from Pro Trek with this TNG challenge.

Part 1:  (4:40)
Part 2: (2:24)
Part 3: (1:54)
Part 4: (1:55)
Part 5: (3:05) (Complete)

If you've never watched a Go!Animate Star Trek Fan Film, Star Trek:The Borg is a great place to start.  It's short enough to watch it through.  This has one of the best uses of extracted voices of any Star Trek Fan Film I've seen.  For more by Brunoserious, click on his name.

RoTV has also completed his series, Reflections of Evil today.  You can watch all 5 parts at Go!Animate, or on You Tube.
Star Trek: Reflectons of Evil
Part 1of 5: (Go!Animate)  (7:54)
Part 1 of 5: (You Tube) (8:05)
Part 2 of 5: (You Tube) (8:55)
Part 2A of 5: (Go!Animate)  (5:17)
Part 2B of 5: (Go!Animate)
Part 3 of 5: (Go! Animate) (5:06) (updated Dec. 20, 2011)
Part 3 of 5: (You Tube): (5:16) (not yet updated)
Chapter 4 of 5:  (Go!Animate) (6:43)
Chapter 4 of 5: (You Tube): (6:44)
Chapter 5 of 5: (Go!Animate) (10:14)
Chapter 5 of 5: (You Tube) (10:25)
A Review: Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: ‘Reflections of Evil’
For more by RoTV  click on his name.  For other work by Go!Animators, go to the dedicated Go!Animate Table of Contents .

March 9, 2012   Featured Go!Animator No. 1, a new feature in which I highlight the work of a Go!Animator who has not had a Headline in a week with no known new releases.  My first is  DMAC6806.  He putting out a new film, Star Trek: Official Record.
Part 1:  (6:52)
Part 2:  (7:06)
goaminateslidercropPart 3:  (5:52)
Part 4:  (6:22)
Part 5:  (7:28)
Part 6:  (7:21)
A Review:
To see the rest of the work of DMAC6808, see this new location :  In the Hollywood awards shows, there is a special prize for film adaption of a prior work.  at Go!Animate, that prize would go to DMAC6808.  Please note that ALL Go!Animators have been moved since last summer, and have new Star Trek Reviewed -Go!Animate addresses.

March 4, 2012  Spooftackular No. 10* Star Trek 11 Cartoon.  (It might be a parody, but I see it as a commentary). (3:41)  An apt commentary on the film.  (See also other work by this filmmaker)   For more Short Star Trek comedies and parodies, go to the NEW location of those listing at Blog 208 .

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