Thursday, March 1, 2012

Headline News for February, 2012

February 24, 2012  Project Potemkin (Live action, Golden Age, drama, adult fans, film students, professional actors, sets, special effects, green screens) has released a short film, "Delivery."  Watch it on You Tube: (5:19) or on Vimeo: (5:19).  "Delivery" is the fifth release from Project Potemkin.  It is best show to date, and definitely worth your time.  For all of their films, and the order to best watch them, and for other links about this film group out of Georgia, USA, go to

February 17, 2012.  Retail Star Trek, a newly released Silver Age spoof by the same folk who created the never completed Star Trek Roddenbury.  (Adult fans, live action, green screens, costumes, decent writing, much improved acting.)  This is Star Trek: First Contact in a world Ayn Rand would love! It is apparently supposed to be a training video for a store in Nottingham, UK.
The Partnership, the A.B.C. Objective
Part 1: (13:03)
Part 2:  (6:03)
Although apparently shot in 2006, it was released on Feb. 17, 2012.  For all the information I have on this, and on Star Trek: Roddenbury, see .

February 12, 2012  Spooftackular No. 9*  Star Trek Spoof: (Golden Age, live action, adult fans, costumes, comedy/adventure)  (5:27).  Posted by The concept is small and narrow, which results in a better film viewing experience  than some spoofs which show more work.  I enjoyed it, although I can't say I found it significantly more goofy than some real TOS shows.  For more Short Star Trek comedies and parodies, go to the NEW location of those listing at Blog 208 .

February 5, 2012.   Spooftackular No. 8*  Clear Channel Video and Fox News produced this parody... commercial?  Not sure.  Star Trek 38: (9:57) Other Professional Parodies, Comedies and Commercials:

*"Spooftackular" refers to comedies, parodies and commercials which are recently found but not recently made.  Therefore, they are headlined during a period in which there have been no new releases for at least a few days, and no more new ones are expected for at least a few more days.

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