Friday, September 1, 2017

Headline News for August, 2017

August 31, 2017Major New Release from Starship Excelsior, (Audio Drama) Season 5 Episode 1, "And Miles To Go Before I Sleep," listen or download here:  For links to all previous releases from Starship Excelsior and over four dozen other audio dramas see

August 30, 2017Find, from (costumes, adult fans, late Golden Age, makeup, props, rudimentary sets and green screens) EVERYTHINGISTERRIBLE, a parody, "Jesus Hates Klingons"  For more short comedy and parody, see

August 29, 2017New Release from Potemkin Pictures set aboard the Battlecruiser Kupok, (Adult fans, sets, costumes, location shooting, props, CGI, original music), "The Soul of Honor," on You Tube or on Vimeo,  For prior releases set aboard the Battlecruiser Kupok, and other recent releases from Potemkin Pictures see  For the completed series Project Potemkin see

August 25, 2017New Release from The Bitter IT Guy, (Silver Age, adult fan, green screen, costume, a comedy/parody) "The IT Guy Log,"  For more short comedy and parody see

August 23, 2017Major New Release from StarTrek: The Adventures of Dean France, an audio drama, Episode 1, "Marooned,"  For more than four dozen other audio dramas and comedies, see

August 18, 2017Major New Release from The Federation Files, (adult fans, live action, costumes, props, Golden Age, CGI, location shooting, green screens, sets) "Walking Bear, Running Wolf"  For all of the previous releases from The Federation Files, both animated and live action, see

August 14, 2017New Release from Potemkin Pictures set aboard the Starship Tristan, (Adult fans, sets, costumes, locating shootings, props, CGI, original music) "Seeing Red," on You Tube or Vimeo  For more films about the crew of the Starship Tristan, as well as other recent releases from Potemkin Pictures see  For the completed series Project Potemkin see

August 13, 2017New Release from Innerspace Pictures, "Flight of the  Allegheny,"  (Adult fan, Silver age, costumes, props, green screens, models for special effects) For more short films see

August 12, 2017New Release from Dreadnought DominionStarship Valiant, and Project Defiant, (Golden Age, Live Action, Adult fans, costumes, props, sets, CGI), "Command and Conquer,"  For prior releases from Dreadnought Dominion, see  For prior releases from Starship Valiant see  For prior releases from Project Defiant see

August 11, 2017New release and find from Bob Crikey, two short stop motion Mego films from Australia, both Golden Age. The first, "Star Trek The Mind Meld", was released to YouTube on June 10 (8:35). The second, "Klingons Ahoy" was released on August 6 (13:51). A simple, almost slapstick comedy, this is apparently the producer's first work, achieving a lot considering he is working solo and with free and open source software.

August 9, 2017New Release from Innerspace Pictures, "The Midway Incident," (Adult fans, Silver Age, costumes, props, partial sets, CGI), appears to be an opening scene to a larger story,  For more short films see

August 5, 2017New Release from Vance Major, (Golden age, adult fans, sets, costumes, props, CGI), "Minard,"
A spoiler-free Review:  For other work from Vance Major, see

August 3, 2017Major New Release from first-time fan filmmaker, Star Trek Animation SpecialTMP, (Movie-length animated Star Trek based on TOS and TAS) Star Trek: The Paradise Makers,
Part 1: (1:01:20).
Part 2:   (1:12:05)
The permanent home of Star Trek: The Paradise Makers will be

August 2, 2017Major New Release for Star Trek Fan Filmdom's longest running series with more episodes than any other!  From Gateway Productions, (Silver Age, live action, adult fans, location shooting, costumes, props) England's Star Trek: Unity, Season 6, Episode 13, "Nightfall,"  For links to many of Star Trek Unity's previous episodes, see

August 1, 2017Major New Release from Potemkin Pictures, set aboard the Starship Tristan, (Golden Age, adult fans, professional actors, costumes, props, sets, location shooting), "The Voice of Your Blood,"on You Tube, or on Vimeo:  For more films set aboard the Starship Tristan, as well as other recent releases from Potemkin Pictures see  For the completed series Project Potemkin see

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