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Headline News for June, 2015.

June 29, 2015Re-Mastered and Re-Released at New Website, Hidden Frontier Season 3, all 9 episodes,

Worst Fears (Parts II and III)
Part II Remastered, (14:09),
Part III (21:35)
Heroes (30:26)
In Memory Of (27:03)
Modus Operandi (28:16)
Santa Q (16:03)
A Review:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Hidden Frontier: ‘Santa Q’

Ashes (27:29)
Voyage of the Defiant (23:28)
Hell's Gate, Part 1 (22:43)

For more information on Hidden Frontier, including the other 41 episodes, see

June 26, 2015Find No. 71, Franchise Crossover Films,
XVII.  Star Trek/Stargate  Videos are a bid to get Stargate Universe back on the air after cancellation.
Save Stargate Universe (A Star Trek Parody) "The Cancellation Effect" (5:39) Oct 26, 2011
The Cancellation Effect 2 Cold Fridge Time Machine (6:04) (Nov 5, 2011)
The Cancellation Effect 3:  Redshirt Guard v. Zombie Apocalyse (7:41) (Nov. 17, 2011)
The Cancellation Effect 4:  Netflix CEO Reed Hastings v. Spacemen (8:05) Nov. 28, 2011
The Cancellation Effect 5:  Andromeda Galaxy vs Network Executive (6:41) Dec. 14, 2011
The Cancellation Effect 6: Robots, Time Travel, and the Menace from Space (9:25) January 1, 2012
The Cancellation Effect 7: Barack Obama vs Alien Invaders! (4:21)  January 17, 2012
The Cancellation Effect 8: Interview with a Starship Captain (4:59) April 11, 2012
The Cancellation Effect 9:  Message from the Afterlife: (2:56)  June 9, 2012
For more Franchise Crossover Films see

June 22, 2015.  With so much expected before the looming end of the month, I am posting the Star Trek Reviewed Annual Mission Statement five days early.  The actual anniversary of the founding of Star Trek Reviewed is June 27.   The essay will be posted permanently here:

Annual Mission Statement, Year 6.

When I wrote my first essay, Why Star Trek Reviewed, this website was an idea.  Judging from the comments I now get, it has become an institution.  It is an honor when somebody who runs a fan film group tells me off.  I may not do what they say, but this busy and creative person bothered to think about my work enough to get angry.  That’s amazing.  I am humbled.

I generally follow certain rules, but I reserve the right to make exceptions when I think it is warranted.  When I break my rules, I often regret that decision.  I still reserve that right.  I generally don’t consider it a Headline when a Star Trek alum gets involved with a fan film group.  If STR had existed in the 1980s, George Takai working for Yorktown: A Time to Heal would have deserved a Headline, because it was a first.  But that film was set aside, and although now in active post-production, is still not out.  During the last year, Stan Lee, the god who created the Marvel Comics universe, got involved with a Star Trek Fan Film.  My Headline of that was not, in my mind, about that group, Star Trek: Equinox, which seemed to me to be unlikely to produce a film (their efforts, however, continue.)   Stan Lee’s involvement spoke to the growing cultural importance of ALL Star Trek fan films.  In the end, he worked with established fan film makers, at Starship Farragut and their offshoot, Star Trek: Isolation.  He appeared in a short Star Trek Fan Film this year.  This followed remarks by Tom Hanks and other major Hollywood voices that they had taken notice of and watched one or more Star Trek Fan Films.  Just last month an interview with some Professional Star Trek Alum writers revealed that they, too, watch Star Trek Fan Films.  Most of what is deemed important at Star Trek Reviewed is just FINDING completed films and audio productions to give my readers easy access to them.  But I am amazed at how this community is being recognized by more and more people of greater and greater status.

There is also the question of access.  There are groups I talk to regularly, and groups I only get whatever information the general public gets.  Axanar has been a case in point.  I had developed an on-line relationship with Alec Peters that went well beyond Star Trek.  I have never met him in person, but he feels like an online friend.  Nevertheless, when he announced his film, I was no more expecting it would actually be produced than anyone else who bothers to help other film groups before trying their own.  (People who help others are more likely to succeed when they do their own film than those who have no film making experience.)   My personal connection with Alec contributed to what some people complained was me giving Axanar unfairly favorable treatment.  There are Axanar fans that were angry that I didn’t cover every important update they released, but I don’t generally do that.  I think those who said I treated them better than others are more likely on point than those who said I didn’t treat them well enough.

Axanar is also a tell-tail of the growth in importance by Star Trek Fan Films.  Alec lives in Hollywood, works on props, and has taken acting lessons from a major Hollywood star for many years, so he had contacts. If the final film is as good as Prelude to Axanar, it would increase traffic, not only to Axanar, but to ALL Star Trek Fan Films.   And if Star Trek Fan Films’ were still laughed at the way they once were, award-winning actors and actresses, and yes, Stan Lee, the creator god of the Marvel Universe, would not be getting involved.  The Star Trek community has existed since NBC canceled the original series.  But in some ways, it is probably a more potent cultural force now than ever before.  The Star Trek community has proven ready to provide those who show vision with the cash to realize that vision on film.  It is interesting that Star Power here counts, but not for everything.  Just as ideas counted in Star Trek, ideas count in raising money from the Star Trek community.  Some proposals with great ideas which demonstrated ability by people no one ever heard of got funded, while some with real actors and actresses who worked on Star Trek got ignored.  Great ideas, though, were not enough.  Two of the best ideas for a fan film series are, in my opinion, poorly executed.  Perhaps somebody who knows more about film will take up one of them and do a better job.

I’ve been riding this train for six years now, and it only gets more exciting every year.   I continue to create new categories for films.  The biggest change this year has been copying the Headline News onto the Star Trek Reviewed page on Facebook.  Reminder to all that unless you ‘like’ Star Trek Reviewed posts from time to time Facebook will stop showing them to you.  I also added links useful to Star Trek Fan Filmmakers to Blog 249, and the first two ‘audio books’ to Star Trek Audio Dramas (although they are listed at the end, not mixed in with the audio dramas, and I do not plan to try to list every one, only those I happen across.)

I’m looking forward to a year with a growing cast of fan films and fan filmmakers.  As Stan Lee would say, Excelsior!

June 17, 2015,  MAJOR NEW RELEASE from long-running British series, Star Trek: Unity, "Right of Statement," (31:38).  For everything Star Trek: Unity has to offer, see

June 16, 2015,  TWO New Releases!
Major New Release from Star Trek: The Romulan Wars, "The Atlas,"  View it here: (12:47).  For everything else from Star Trek: The Romulan Wars, see
Newly Released,  (Animation, comedy.)  Which is Nerdier: Star Wars or Star Trek (2015) (3:03).  For more Franchise Crossover Films see

June 15, 2015Newly ReleasedRonnie Redshirt #2, "Mikey," (4:04)  (Parody, Run by adult fans working with professional actors, costumes), For more Star Trek comedy and parody see

June 14, 2015New Listing Criteria.  I am not collecting Star Trek Audio books or novellas, but if I happen to come across them, I will be adding them to the bottom of my listing of Star Trek Audio dramas and comedies at .  The first added are Two Audio Novels  by Sciguyjeff:

Star Trek: The Paths of Glory
Part 1: (1:13:01)
Part 2: (1:15:45)
Part 3: (1:07:01)
Part 4: (1:29:04)
Part 5: (2:01:24)
Part 6: (2:18:27)
FAQs: (13:18)

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Shadows of the Past
Chapter 1
Part 1: (22:17)
Part 2: (23:34)
Part 3: (20:55)
Part 4: (18:49)
Chapter 2
Part 1: (24:02)
Part 2: (20:38)
Part 3: (32:27)
Part 4: (29:00)
Chapter 3
Part 1: (14:09)
Part 2: (18:57)

June 10, 2015MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Star Trek Valkyrie, an audio drama with slide show, Episode 302 (Season 3 Episode 2), "The Primal Directive", (46:17).  For all previous episodes of Star Trek: Valkyrie as well listening information on four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows, see

June 6, 2015MAJOR NEW RELEASE from from multiple award-winning series, Star Trek Outpost, Silver Age, Episode 67A which is Episode 2 of Season 7, "Ferengi Apprentice."  Listen or download here: (30:05).  For all previous episodes of Star Trek Outpost as well listening information on four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows, see

June 3, 2015.
There are always fan films seeking help funding their efforts.  Among the best fan filmmakers is Star Trek New Voyages.  You can help them create more films for you, here: .  Or you can help any of many new fan filmmakers.  Star Trek Valient still needs help,  If you enjoy fan films, consider contributing to their creation.

Leonard Nimoy's son, Adam Nimoy, is raising money to create a documentary about his life, "For the Love of Spock."  You can donate here:

Less formally.  Randy Lander's Potemkin Pictures which has produced Project Potemkin has run out of funds to build its sets for its four new series at its new location.   You can read about that on Facebook, at Starship Tristan or Starship Deimos or just donate through Paypal at . To donate in another way, e.g., a Lowes Gift Card, contact Randy Landers on Facebook.  Here is a sample about Battlecruiser Kupok, another planned new production from Randy Landers (0:18)

No, I am not consistent about when I put these links up.  No, it's not fair.  Yes, it's my website.

FindRonnie Redshirt No. 1, (Parody, Run by adult fans working with professional actors, costumes), "The Party" (3:57).  For more Star Trek comedy and parody see

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