Friday, February 1, 2013

Headline News for January, 2013

January 30, 2013 NEWLY RELEASED MAJOR FILM Star Wreak 2pi Full Twist Now (Adult fans  from Switzerland, live action, Parody, sets, costumes, green screens, CGI.  Available with captions in Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, Swiss French, Swiss German and Italian) has released their film,  (53:37)  This parody is based on the Finnish "Star Wreak," also a parody.  For more on this ambitious project, see

January 29, 2013    Spooftakular No. 27 Star Trek XI Spoof  Sweded  (2:39)  Posted by: .  The name says what it is.  For more short comedies and parodies see

January 25, 2013  Find No. 14Star Trek.  (High School Students, live action school project) has a 2 part Star Trek episode lasting over 10 minutes.  Live Action, Golden Era.  Parody.  Kid Trek.   A school project:
January 18, 2013 Star Trek Dark Armada (Adult fans, live action, costumes,  Netherlands) offers a NEWLY RELEASED short film made up of outtakes from other films, "It's Dark, Get Over It," (4:54).  Available with Dutch, English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish subtitles.  For their efforts which are planned as films and edited, see .

January 17, 2013.  Fem Trekz NEWLY RELEASED BEST EFFORT TO DATE (and I missed) in October, and their first film that qualifies them as a fan film maker that has released a full film:
Fem Trekz: The Power of Life and Death
Part 1 (1:55)
Part 2   (5:17)
Part 3   (5:47)
For more about Fem Trekz, go to

January 12, 2013 Star Trek Eagle (Teen fans, live action, costumes, adult advisors) offers a NEWLY RELEASED short film, "Star Trek: Good Byes," (2:42) which is a prequel to their existing releases, taking place one year before their first release, "Into the Mirror."  For all that Star Trek Eagle has to offer, see

January 9, 2013.   Featured Go! Animators Nos. 39, 40, and 41: 
J Files Graphics

January 2, 2013 .   Improvised Star Trek offers a  NEWLY RELEASED COMEDY, 
TriTricorder Again  (2:07)   Adult fans, live action, improvised.  This will be it's home page, which is a very preliminary work in progress.

January 1, 2013    Spooftakular No. 26  From Professional Parodies of Star Trek, short scenes from
Family Guy (additional links)
Picard and Troy (0:39)
Stewie Tells off Cast of Star Trek: (0:43)
Stewie and Star Trek (You'll get nothing and like it): (1:05)
Will Wheaton (0:29)
Having Tea, TNG v. Star Wars (0:12)
Funeral Parody (0:38)
Sulu Hello (0:49)
For more professional comedies and parodies, including more from Family Guy See   .

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