Friday, December 3, 2010

Headline News for November, 2010

November 30, 2010   One of Our Own probably the last Intrepid/Hidden Frontier crossover film has been made available for viewing on You Tube: (7:44) and Vimeo (7:43)  I broke my own rules and watched this on the Vimeo, it's perfect in writing, acting, and technically, and will get a 5 rating... A Quick Pick Treasure.
OK, as of December 2, 2010, it is also available for download:

November 21, 2010   Keeping Up With the Cardassians  is a Fan Film Series about Trek Fans.  Live action, it's about a family (or a group of families) of Trek fans, set in  present day Astoria, Queens, New York (along with All In the Family?).  I have classified it under "Misc/Trekkers, Trekkies,  and General Fandom." since it's a Fan Film about Fans, not about Trek.  They have released seven "Episodes" Although they are short and feel more like seven segments of a larger episode.  They make the most of New York blase, with the father, a bicycle messenger who wears his Star Trek TNG uniform on the job, regularly running into people who make him look normal by comparison.

(This is not a mistake.  There were no Headlines in October, 2010).

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