Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Headline News for February, 2017

February 24, 2017Major New Release, from Starship Swiftwind, (formerly Star Trek Absolution) (Silver Age, Animation, UK) Episode 3: "Any Port In A Storm,"  For previous episodes of Starship Swiftwind(released as  Star Trek Absolution) as well as Solarbaby's (Caithlin's) extensive work on prior series, see

February 17, 2017Major New ReleaseStar Trek: CATastrophe, (Golden Age, Adult fans, Cats, costumes, props, TOS bridge set, room set up as the planet below, CGI.) Jim and Spock have been transformed into cats who can communicate telepathically.  The powerful creature who transformed them also threatens the Enterprise.  "The Transformation:"  For more about Star Trek: CATastrophe, see

February 14, 2017Two New Releases:

(1)   Major New Release from Star Trek: Outlaws, an audio drama with a slide show, Episode 4, "The Narcissist's Dream,"  For Star Trek: Outlaws' prior releases and more than four dozen other audio dramas, see

(2) New Release from Shadowstorm Studios, a short 'commercial' for Valentine's Day, "VGer for Women,"  For more about planned releases from Shadowstorm Studios, see (B) under

February 13, 2017,  New Release from Starship Republic, their first film, a short film entitled, "Serpent of Yesterday." or  For more about Starship Republic and their permanent home see

February 10, 2017New Release from Potemkin Pictures, "Departures," You Tube:, Vimeo:  a film set aboard the USS Tristan. For prior releases set aboard the USS Tristan and current series by Potemkin Pictures, see  For their first. now complete, series, Project Potemkin, see

Also, Remastered Release from long-completed series, Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, "Old Wounds,"  For the rest of this 50 episode series, see

February 1, 2017Major New Release, One-Shot, "Chance Encounter" (Adult fans, live action, CGI, Silver Age, costumes, props, partial sets, green screens).  On You Tube: (20:42).  For more about Chance Encounter, see its permanent home at